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Long Fei and Long Xueyao sat down at the table. This table was also bought by Shen Yanxiao. It was a huge round table. It was not a problem, having more than a dozen people sitting together. Even if they added the Long father and daughter pair, it would still not feel crowded.


The people who were here were not strangers to Long Fei and Long Xueyao. Both sides had a good impression of each other and there was no restriction.


"Lord Long, it seems that today's banquet ended on a sour note?" Shen Yanxiao propped up her chin as she said with a smile. She didn’t have any guilty conscience, not even just a bit.


Long Fei smiled and answered, "Lord Shen is really intelligent. Also, please don't call me Lord. Listening to it is awkward. If you don't mind, you can call me big brother." Long Fei was a mercenary, and he was rather not pleased with these unnecessary and over-elaborated formalities.


"That is fine, then the big brother Long can also call me Little Xiao." Shen Yanxiao was also not pretentious and directly complied.


Meanwhile, Long Xueyao on one side had a very complicated expression. If her father and Shen Yanxiao treated each other as big brother and little sister, then, did she need to call Shen Yanxiao... Aunt?


When she recalled her heartfelt thoughts about Shen Yanxiao when she was disguised as a man, Long Xueyao felt ashamed and wanted to crawl into a hole.


"Very well." Long Fei laughed. He deemed Shen Yanxiao very pleasing to the eye ever since the beginning, so he also accepted Shen Yanxiao’s kindness and naturally did not think that there was anything wrong with it.


On the other hand, Du Lang's expression was very shocked. Long Fei was a legend in the mercenary world; not only was he the City Lord of Blizzard City, he was also one of the five powers of the Divine Wind Alliance. To think that Shen Yanxiao actually had a brother and sister relationship with him...


"Little Xiao really did things quite beautifully today. It really draws admiration. I’ll be honest, I was so eager to come tonight because there are some things I have to tell you personally." Long Fei grimly said.


"What is the matter?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


"Little Xiao, with your cleverness, you should have already felt that since your team entered the Twilight City, the arrangement of Twilight City toward you are unjust in all aspects, right? You have been placed in such a remote place, and people had deliberately delayed sending you the invitation." Long Fei said.


Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.


"In fact, the thing I have to say is about this. Nowadays, it’s not Duan Hen who manages Twilight City." Long Fei said as he knitted his brows into a frown.


"Is it that old man?" Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow.


"Exactly." Long Fei nodded, "That elder is one of the seven elders of the Seven Kingdoms’ Elders Council. He is an old-fashioned and pedantic person who attaches great importance to the relationship between juniors and seniors. The Twilight City was once controlled by Duan Hen’s father. Later, after Duan Wuya’s death, Duan Hen had to rely on the Elders Council because of his young age. As a result, the Elders Council has basically taken over the Twilight City. It is actually Elder Wen’s idea to make things difficult for you these days."


"I don't seem to have provoked him, though." Shen Yanxiao was curious. She had very little contact with Twilight City. For what reason did this Elder Wen aim at her, though he had never seen her face before?


She now also finally understood the reason behind the large attitude gap between the Twilight City before and the Twilight City now. She was afraid that the friendliness of the Twilight City before was due to Duan Hen. But now, the Twilight City was in the control of that Elder Wen.


Long Fei answered, "Because of Geng Di."


Shen Yanxiao immediately frowned; this fellow was her old rival.


"Geng Di's father and Elder Wen have a good relationship. He knew that you would come here for the tournament, and said a lot of bad things about you to Elder Wen in advance. That’s why Elders Wen dislikes you." The unfair treatment that Shen Yanxiao received was all thanks to Geng Di.

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