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Chapter 2375 - 2375 A Free Man (3)

2375 A Free Man (3)

There were also many captured teenagers there. Many of them might have come from Saint Laurent Academy, but Shen Yanxiao had never seen them before.

So many young lives had been erased just like that…

“I’ve asked Vermilion Bird to burn everything there. I hope the dead can rest in peace.” Shen Yanxiao sincerely prayed for those lost lives. Similarly, her hatred for the racial integration experiment deepened.

Shen Yanxiao did not intend to tell Tang Nazhi about Lin Xuan. With his personality, he would probably be more depressed if he knew about it.


“Then what are your plans for the future?” Tang Nazhi asked.

“I’m going to find the merfolks.” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Merfolks? I’m afraid it’s not easy to find them.” Tang Nazhi scratched his head. The place where merfolks lived was completely different from that of other races. Whether it was humans, elves, dragons, undead or dwarves, they would look for a continent suitable for their survival, but merfolks were completely different. They lived in the boundless ocean. In this world, the area of the ocean was much larger than that of the continents. Everyone only knew that merfolk lived in the ocean, but no one knew where their capital was.

Merfolks could be found all over the ocean and could be found on the coasts of many continents.

It could be said that the ocean was the continent of the merfolk, but the area of this continent was too vast.

Even if you added up all the continents Shen Yanxiao had been to before, they were not even half the size of the ocean. It was not easy to find the leader of the merfolk in such a range and discuss the alliance with him.

“I once saw merfolks in the Hidden Dragon Continent,” Shen Yanxiao said.

The Dragon God suddenly said, “That is not the main capital of the merfolks. I know the group of merfolks you are talking about. They do not belong to the core group of merfolks. Not to mention the coast of the Hidden Dragon Continent, even on the coast of the Storm Continent, you can find merfolks, but none of them are your goal.”

Before the start of the last war between gods and devils, the relationship between the various races was not as bad as it was now. The Dragon God had also had some contact with the merfolks on the coast of the Hidden Dragon Continent, but as far as he knew, the merfolks on the coast of the Hidden Dragon Continent were just a small merfolk tribe that had nothing to do with the ruler of the merfolks.

Ordinary merfolk tribes generally did not know where their leader was. Only when the Merfolk King was in danger would he use sound waves to send a signal in the ocean, gathering the merfolks scattered all over the ocean. In the last war between gods and devils, the leader of the merfolks gathered all his people in this way. Thus, it was impossible for ordinary merfolk to know the real location of the leader.

After all, in terms of numbers, there were twice as many merfolks as there were humans!

“I know where the leader of the merfolk is.” Mo Yuxun suddenly opened his mouth.

“You know?” The Dragon God looked at Mo Yuxun in surprise.

Mo Yuxun nodded.

“Lord Ouyang once captured the child of the Merfolk King. I’ve been there.”

Captured the child of the Merfolk King…

Everyone was speechless.

When Ouyang Huanyu captured the child of the Merfolk King, he must have used it for experiments. However, they did not expect that Ouyang Huanyu’s demonic claws could reach into the ocean.

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