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Chapter 2269 - 2269 Superior Sacred Tools (1)

2269 Superior Sacred Tools (1)

After a large wave of alchemists was thrown into the lotus pond to fill it, Shen Yanxiao finally got peace.

Gege Lu was fuming with anger. He didn’t understand why these bastards were so shameless. Were they still the cute dwarves of their guild?

Shen Yanxiao got her own metal rod. The body of the metal rod was made of precious wood, which Gege Lu had personally selected for Shen Yanxiao. The thickness of the metal rod was only as thick as a finger, and the top was made of abyss mithril.

Of the remaining four metal rods, Shen Yanxiao took out two and gave them to Gege Lu and Pipi Ka, thanking them for their constant care, while the other two were handed over to Gege Lu for him to choose his own alchemists worthy of using metal rods.

With five metal rods and a large sum of money from Shen Yanxiao, the Puko Alchemist Guild could be said to be full of blood. All the alchemists were immersed in an intense session of alchemy, praying that they could win glory for their guild at the upcoming convention.


Shen Yanxiao took her metal rod and went straight into the laboratory. She completely forgot about some miserable quack in the corner.

Looking at the row of rare metals in front of her, Shen Yanxiao slowly stroked the bracelet on her wrist. The fire elemental spirit sleeping in the multi element furnace felt Shen Yanxiao’s call and immediately lit its own flame.

A blazing flame ignited in Shen Yanxiao’s palm. In one breath, Shen Yanxiao placed the first piece of rare metal on the flame to quench it.

The first, second, and third pieces. Shen Yanxiao constantly placed the rare metals needed to make sacred tools in the flame to smelt them. At this moment, her mind was highly focused.

When pieces of rare metal were smelted together, Shen Yanxiao began to integrate them.

The integration process was rather slow. Shen Yanxiao was very careful with every step. The previous failures occurred during the integration process. Could she reverse the defeat this time?

When the fused metals converged into one, Shen Yanxiao clearly felt several powerful spiritual forces constantly colliding. She suddenly picked up the metal rod on one side and held her breath. The moment the chaos reached its peak, she gently pressed the metal rod against the fused metal.

In an instant, all the chaos disappeared without a trace. The restless spiritual force from a moment ago calmed down at this moment.

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes flickered with excitement.

It worked!!

After stabilizing the soul of the integrated metal, Shen Yanxiao could finally begin the final step.

In order to make it easier to carry, Shen Yanxiao directly made the first sacred tool into the shape of a ring, which could be freely adjusted according to the thickness of the wearer’s finger.

Looking at a silver ring on her finger, Shen Yanxiao’s mouth raised a smile. She bit her fingertip and dripped a drop of blood into the sacred tool.

A resplendent light blossomed between her fingers and a strong airflow engulfed the entire room.

With the blood of Shen Yanxiao as the guide, this sacred tool had recognized its master!

Shen Yanxiao’s mind was directly linked to the sacred tool. She could clearly feel that the powerful spiritual force was waiting to be summoned inside the sacred tool.

“It finally worked!!!” Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help shouting. After such a long time of effort, she finally made her first superior sacred tool!

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