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Yan Hua turns the light on and sees that the man sitting on the sofa without taking off his coat.

"Sorry." Thinking of what she heard yesterday, Yan Hua can't be amiable to him. "Excuse me, I will leave after finding the medicine."

Lang Ruoxian frowns and his voice is a little stuffy: "Are you sick?"

"No, for digestion." Then Yan Hua goes to the kitchen. She remembers that the house maid has placed a bottle of digestion tablets next to the refrigerator.

After she finds the medicine, she turns around and sees Lang Ruoxian standing at the door.

"Please get a cup of water for me."

Yan Hua discovers that something seems to be wrong with him. She doesn't want to do that for him, but it'll be more troublesome to waken others. Therefore, she reluctantly pours a cup of... iced water for him.

"Thank you." Lang Ruoxian gets the water. And Yan Hua smells alcohol from him.

Yan Hua covers her mouth and steps back quickly: "Have you drunk?"

Lang Ruoxian gives no answer, but he also steps back a few steps, getting out of the way: "Go to bed early."

"..." Yan Hua curls her lips. When she walks past Lang Ruoxian, she frowns. In addition to the alcohol, he has a smell of fragrance and... candle?

She thinks that maybe she is wrong. The fragrance can be explained as perfume of a woman, but the smell of the candle...

Yan Hua feels it's like the incense in a temple.

"Madam Hua, are you awake?" The next morning, Yan Hua hears someone knocking at the door just after she opens her eyes.

She opens the door and sees a house maid standing at the door.

"Madam Hua, Childe Ruoxian said that today you will dine out for lunch, so I want to ask for leave to see my little grandson."

Yan Hua certainly doesn't want to dine out with the so-called Childe Ruoxian, but she is too embarrassed to ask the house maid to stay. Chefs and servants of Lang Family used to have a holiday during the Spring Festival. This year a house maid is specially arranged to take care of her because she is pregnant.

"I got it. Don't worry, you can go back. You can stay for two more days if you want."

After the house maid leaves, Yan Hua looks through the App for takeaways and finds that many of the restaurants have already opened. She is not worried because she can order takeaways for two days! A person can always act according to the circumstances.

However, Lang Ruoxian doesn't give her this opportunity. He knocks at her door at 10 o'clock.

"I do not want to go out." Yan Hua says at the door without allowing his coming in.

Lang Ruoxian frowns: "But you have to have lunch."

"I'm not hungry."

"But my nephew is hungry."

Yan Hua coldly looks at him. Lang Ruoxian also looks at her and asks: "Something has been wrong with you since yesterday. What happened on earth?"

"Nothing." Yan Hua thinks about it and says. "Wait for me. I'll change my clothes."

Lang Ruoxian still wants to ask something, but the door is closed instantly.

Yan Hua adjusts her mood while changing her clothes. She wants to have the same attitude to Lang Ruoxian as to Lang Hongyue as soon as possible. There is no much difference between them. She is much too self-righteousness, and now she has to make psychological construction for herself...

"Let's go!" After a few minutes, Yan Hua opens the door and smiles to Lang Ruoxian. "Can we eat Sichuan dishes?"

Lang Ruoxian squints his eyes: "Yes. And I know the Sichuan dishes of a restaurant are not too spicy, it is suitable for you."

Just in a few minutes, the woman's attitude has changed. Lang Ruoxian is sure that she hated him very much yesterday. The disgust in her eyes even could not be concealed. What makes her change her attitude suddenly?

"You don't have to accompany me to have meals tomorrow. I can order takeaways." On their way back, Yan Hua takes the initiative to say.

They have a meal in silence, and Yan Hua's appetite is very good. She stops worrying about troubles of her own imagining.

Lang Ruoxian leans to one side and looks at her after parking the car: "You misunderstood it. The ingredients of the restaurants I brought you to are guaranteed. It doesn't matter to you if you order a takeaway, but I'm afraid it's harmful to my nephew."

"Hehe, I know how to take care of my own son." Yan Hua rolls her eyes to him and pushes the door to get off the car.

Lang Ruoxian gets out of the car and asks her: "Are you interested in making a deal with me?"

"No, I'm not." Yan Hua even doesn't turn around.

"What if I help you find your families and investigate your identity?" She hears the man's voice behind her.

Yan Hua stops her footsteps, and Lang Ruoxian has passed by her: "It's not convenient to talk here. Let's go out to talk about it tomorrow."

"No, thanks." Yan Hua refuses him again.

Lang Ruoxian's expression changes now: "Don't you want to know who you are?"

"I know what you are going to talk about, but I am not interested in that." Says Yan Hua indifferently, "I am not interested in becoming a bargaining chip between Lang families."

She has been controlled by Lang Hongyue already, which is enough to her. She doesn't want to be controlled by another one at the same time.

Lang Ruoxian steps forward to keep her in his shadows, and in the darkness, she can't see his eyes anymore. Yan Hua instinctively retreats but only to come across the door: "You are too close to me."

"You're still so stupid!" Lang Ruoxian ridicules her, "Read more when you're free."

Yan Hua finds that this man gets crazy every time she irritates him. But Yan Hua wants to keep irritating him. He deserves it!

"It's none of your business whether I read or not. Please get away from me. You have reached my abdomen." Says Yan Hua indifferently. She hasn't realized how dubious her words are.

Lang Ruoxian looks down and finds his lower abdomen is very close to Yan Hua's abdomen. He feels a burning fire coming up from his heart. He turns around, pushes the door and goes into the villa. And Yan Hua looks at his back.

"..." She feels he leaves as if he is defeated and flees.

She thought this was over. But the next day Lang Ruoxian asks for lunch from the hotel of the Lang Consortium and throws her a book, without asking her to go out with him.

"Kangxi the Great?" Yan Hua looks at the name of the book. It's so thick...

Lang Ruoxian is putting on his coat. It's obvious that he is going out alone: "I have something to deal with today. Just read the book to kill time, or you will be bored at home!"

"Hehe! What Childe Ruoxian said is right." Uncle Lee agrees with him. "Don't always watch soap operas. It's not good for prenatal education."

Lang Ruoxian looks delicate and handsome. He says to Yan Hua: "Ask Uncle Lee for help or call me if needed."

If you dare to talk to me with the insane expression, I will listen to you. Yan Hua laughs to herself and wants to throw the book on the head of this hypocritical man before her.

"What the hell..." After getting in her bedroom, Yan Hua throws the book on the carpet. Lying in the soft duvet, she is in a daze. After a while she picks up the book and flips through several pages.

Strictly speaking, this is not a history book. At best, it is privately compiled history. Therefore, some plots are quite attractive. She keeps reading it unwittingly and finds it's already dark outside.

Yan Hua yawns and stretches. When she touches her abdomen, she glances at the book she has left on the bed.

Why did Lang Ruoxian ask her to read such a book? Now she thinks about it. The man will never do anything without purpose, so there must be his reasons to do this.

Yan Hua is so confused, so she is absent-minded when she is having dinner. The house maid who cooks has come back in the afternoon, and is discussing something with Uncle Lee at the kitchen door.

"Alas, my relative by marriage is so pitiful. His two sons don't want to support him, but they ask the old man to live with them because they want to get his house. Now his second son has died in an accident, but his eldest son refuses to support the old man."

Says Uncle Lee with sympathy: "The eldest son didn't want to take care of his father. He was afraid that he couldn't get the house. Now he is the only son left, so he is not afraid anymore."

"That's why it's better to have two children..."

Yan Hua is suddenly stunned by the two old people's long-winded chitchat.

"Two children... Two children..." She stands up suddenly. Uncle Lee and the house maid are shocked by her. They horridly run over to find out what happened to her.

Yan Hua waves her hand: "I'm fine. And I'm full!"

"Are you really all right?" Uncle Lee looks her up and down.

"It just occurred to me that one of my favorite variety shows was about to start." Yan Hua smiles. "I'll go to my room to watch it."

Uncle Lee looks at her leaving and keeps saying: "Slow down. Slow down. Be careful of your abdomen..."

Yan Hua returns to her room and reads Kangxi the Great again. After a while, she slowly put down the book and her eyes become so bright.

"Hello, Lang Ruoxian?"

Lang Ruoxian has just taken a shower in his apartment, and his hair is dripping water. He is not surprised to hear the familiar voice over the phone.

"What… Have you figured it out? "

Yan Hua on the other side of the phone is silent for a moment, then says with a firm tone: "Let's find a place to talk."

"I'm going back now. Don't lock the door."

Yan Hua is obviously scared: "What... What did you say?"

"I said we can talk in your room and that I'm going back now."

"No, we can make it in the day time and I..."


The phone is hung up by him.

Yan Hua throws her mobile phone away. She keeps angry for a long time.

"Leave the door unlocked for you? I'm not stupid." She locks the door of her bedroom and then takes a bath. She used to soak a while in the bath, but today she hurries to towel off and gets out. She puts on her home dress, and then dries her hair with the hair dryer.

Just after she finishes it, the door is opened up.

"I thought you would lock the door." Lang Ruoxian comes in.

Yan Hua: I will never tell you that I just opened it...

"Don't imagine that I will do something bad to you." Lang Ruoxian takes off his coat and sits down on the sofa.

He directly comes here even without returning to his bedroom.

Yan Hua finds a place farthest away from him to sit down: "I agree to cooperate with you."

"You are not too stupid." Lang Ruoxian's hand plays a few times on his leg. "I like to cooperate with smart person. If you are not smart, then just obey me, and don't be a drag on me."

"But I want to make sure one thing." Yan Hua stares at him. "Were the two thieves appointed by you?"

Lang Ruoxian raises his good-looking eyes: "Of course not. Why do you think I did that?"

"I have heard what you said to the baby-faced man."

"So you were dissatisfied with me because you think I wanted to get the two thieves out of the police station?" Lang Ruoxian snorts. "Do you think it will be better to keep them in prison?"

Yan Hua nods her head and then shakes her head again: "I think the penalty to them is not enough. They should be kept in prison for thirty or fifty years. However… They will be released now only after a few months."

"I am not coming to discuss the two thieves with you." Lang Ruoxian leans on the sofa. "But don't worry. They definitely prefer to go back to the prison now."

Yan Hua opens her mouth and finally compromises: "Okay, I'll believe you once."

"Then we can talk about our cooperation now." Lang Ruoxian looks at her with a spurious smile, "Tell me what you want."

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