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"Say, Brother-in-law, you'd better be careful. Xu Xiu Ran also changed route to the mystery realm, and he let out word that he'd handle you. You'd best slow down a few days before moving." Li Feng Yu soon appeared before Ling Han, and the result of his talking cheap was being glared at by his sister and disliked by Hu Niu and Zhu Xuan Er.

Ling Han waved his hand, and said, "First of all, I'm not your sister's husband, and second, why should I go around that Xu Xiu Ran? Are you that unconfident in me?"

Li Feng Yu raised his fists, and said, "No, not unconfident, but when two tigers are fighting each other, one will definitely be hurt. I'm just being considerate for you, Brother-in-law. Wait till our strength suppresses his in the future, then we'll give that guy a sound thrashing!"

Ling Han sighed, and said, "In the future, don't say that I know a craven and cowardly guy like you!"

"What, how am I cowardly?" Li Feng Yu hurriedly cried out, aggrieved. "At the time of facing Yuan Cheng He, wasn't it I who charged out first?"

"Alright, a real man doesn't boast about his past glory. You do have some courage," Ling Han said with a smile. "I truly want to see this Xu Xiu Ran's strength." In the same tier, he still hadn't encountered a rival, and truly hoped this Xu Xiu Ran could give him some appetite for a challenge.

Li Feng Yu couldn't help but be gloomy. He was obviously advising Ling Han not to get into a conflict with Xu Xiu Ran, so why did it become his fanning flames instead?

"Dong Ling'er and Yao Hui Yue can't be underestimated, either," Zhu Xuan Er said seriously. "These few days, I've asked around about them. Dong Ling'er is Cloud Phoenix Sect's current generation's most exceptional genius, but acts very low-key. If it weren't for someone trying to harass her when she was out training, drawing out a Spiritual Infant Tier elite who was beheaded by her instead, it's possible that no one would know of her name even now."

"Killing a Spiritual Infant Tier?" Ling Han said. Seemed like nothing rare.

"Yes, at the time she was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, and that Spiritual Infant Tier warrior was a veteran elite that was already known for over a hundred years, and surely already reached the peak stage of the Spiritual Infant Tier," Zhu Xuan Er said seriously.

Another super genius who could battle surpassing tiers, and one who could cross a great tier at that.

"And Yao Hui Yue? He doesn't seem that freakish, right?" Ling Han said with a smile.

He doesn't indeed, but Heaven's Sword Sect's number one genius isn't Yao Hui Yue, but a freak who hasn't stepped out of the sect gates and is rumored to be constantly focused on cultivating in Heaven's Sword Sect's Sword Bathing Spring, just like Xu Xiu Ran," Zhu Xuan Er said.

She didn't have freakish martial arts talent like Hu Niu, but she displayed her powerful charisma and discovered many secrets, helping Ling Han in this way.

Ling Han became interested, and said, "What's his name?"

"Zhang Mo, people call him Small Sword Emperor," Zhu Xuan Er said.

Small Sword Emperor?

Ling Han was slightly shocked. Being able to be called Small Sword Emperor was a rare honor. Ten millennia ago, there was a Sword Emperor who indeed was an exceptional genius, comprehending the Sword Heart at the Heaven Tier… while according to Feng Po Yun's statement, Sword Heart could only be formed at the Shattering Void Tier.

Of course, there were also exceptions. For example, Ling Han's teacher at Hu Yang Academy who was called the great good-for-nothing had never experienced the two stages of Sword Qi and Sword Ray, but was one step away from Sword Heart.

Apparently, Sword Emperor was also an exception, and grasped the Sword Heart at the Heaven Tier, and possibly even earlier, having extremely shocking talent.

The Heaven's Sword Sect was also had numerous talents. Yao Hui Yue claimed to be the world's second best sword, while Zhang Mo was the Small Sword Emperor. He hadn't seen Zhang Mo yet, but Yao Hui Yue was indeed exceptionally talented; if Zhang Mo was more freakish than him, than Zhang Mo would be a formidable adversary.

"The Heaven's Sword Sect, the Absolute Saber Sect, and the Cloud Phoenix Sect all have superb disciples; it's best to believe that the Earth Dragon Sect and the Azure Thunder Sect also have them. The time of settling accounts after ten millennia is about to arrive, and martial arts also welcomed a great era of prosperity, with geniuses appearing in large numbers," Ling Han said.

"As for the Earth Dragon Sect, their super genius is called Jia Ming. He is an extremely bloodthirsty person said to be cultivating in remote mountains," Zhu Xuan Er said.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "I've heard of this name." Back when Wenren Qian Qian appeared, everyone discussed animatedly, bringing up Jia Ming, whom everyone feared greatly.

"A person in the Azure Thunder Sect claims to be the Son of Thunder, who's true name is unknown, but they are rumored to be more talented than Lang Ya Tian," Zhu Xuan Er went on.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, "Compared to the five great sect's deep roots, these things are all minor!" At the period when the martial arts environment was fading, Shattering Void Tier elites could still emerge from the five great sects, and those would definitely be ones who were superbly talented.

Ten millennia's accumulation on top of the Time Liquid, their deep roots were unimaginable.

"No fear, Niu can defeat them all!" Hu Niu said in a sweet voice.

Everyone laughed, but Ling Han nodded. When Hu Niu reached the Shattering Void Tier… with this little girl's freakishness, she really could sweep the elites of all paths.

After more than ten days, they arrived at Wisp City. This was where the Purple Moon Empire and the five great sects stood opposite each other, and both parties fought several fierce battles outside the city. Purple Moon Empire's army was powerful, while the five great sects had countless elites and had advantage in individual strength, at last blocking Purple Moon Empire's army here.

The Purple Moon Empire still had four kings that hadn't been "excavated," but the five great sects might not have unleashed their true deep-rooted powers.

Now, Wisp City still belonged to the five great sects, while Purple Moon Empire's army was stationed outside the city. This great army belonged to Flame King, but Flame King and several high-level generals already entered the historic site, where the five great sects also had sent large amounts of experts.

In the outside world, the four kings that came into the world could currently use power of the nation to greatly increase their own battle prowess, but it might not be the case inside the historic site; that wasn't Purple Moon Empire's territory, so power of the nation couldn't come into effect.

Ling Han stood on top the city and watched, seeing that the historic site was a great lake… or rather had once been a great lake, but now it had become a massive pit, unfathomably deep.

Purple Moon Empire's great army was stationed ten miles around the massive pit. Although the king that had kept watch already left, the entire army was still serious and without any signs of disorder.

Inside the city were many martial artists from all over the world. They were forming parties at the moment, searching for people with roughly the same strength to enter the historic site together. Those who were too strong couldn't do, since if any treasures were really found, they'd be doing the work, and those who were too weak wouldn't be of any help.

Ling Han's group obviously didn't need to form a party. When they arrived at the massive pit, they saw another group of people that just happened to arrive at the same time, headed precisely by the graceful Wenren Qian Qian.

"It's Brother Ling!" Wenren Qian Qian greeted by lowering her stance.

"Fairy Qian Qian, I'm Li Feng Yu, and I've spoken to you thirty-seven times at the academy, and you've responded three times." Li Feng Yu immediately approached, appearing extremely eager.

Wenren Qian Qian simply kept a reserved manner as she was obviously completely uninterested in LI Feng Yu, and said, "Brother Ling, let's explore the historic site together?"

"Alright, alright!" Li Feng Yu immediately responded, and glanced at Ling Han with a hopeful gaze, pitiful and imploring.

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