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Lengmei was really jealous and even getting mad. How could Tang Xia gain Chu Tiankuo's love? She could only stay aside, but could do nothing.

The next day, when finding the weather was good, Tang Xia came to the garden and planned to make some flower cakes for Chu Tiankuo. However, she found she was unlucky to meet Lengmei when she arrived at the garden.

Lengmei was the person she disliked most, but the former rushed towards her in a hurry and did not give her a chance to leave. Lengmei wore a pink robe, setting her figure glamorous and bringing a sense of cool beauty.

However, compared with Tang Xia, she was still inferior too much. Tang Xia wore a white long dress, setting her face more tender. Her appearance was beautiful enough to conquer the whole city or country. Besides, her slim waist could attract all the people's attention.

There was only a white ribbon tied her black hair. She was like an extraordinary fairy who came to the earth accidentally. She was like the goddess in the ninth-level heaven, showing out a sense of mystery and coolness. She would remind people of the snow lotus on the iceberg.

Even Lengmei had to admit her appearance was excellent. The more outstanding Tang Xia was, the harsher Lengmei would treat her. If Tang Xia died, her master would see her someday!

"Yue Ji, have you ever said that you would never come near to the emperor? Well, you change your mind now?" Lengmei's words were obviously aggressive, while the content made Tang Xia speechless.

When thinking of this, Tang Xia opened her mouth. "It's none of your business about what I will do. Why are you always playing tricks on me? If you're boring, why not find our emperor and beg for his love for you? Then, you could win his favor back!"

She was not a soft persimmon that Lengmei could play casually. In the past, she did not hope to fight against her. But since she repeatedly tried to harm her, Tang Xia could not bear to be bullied as she liked!

When she did not resist her attack, did Lengmei really think she was weak? In the past, she just dismissed to fight against her. However, Lengmei looked for death for this time. If Tang Xia did not regain her authority, she must be provoked again and again.

Since she was going to join this battle, Tang Xia would naturally play with her. "Let's see who would be tougher in this harem!"

"You... Tang Xia, don't be too proud of yourself. Our emperor just feels fresh of you. However, you even dare to send yourself to him deliberately. You have promised that you would have no contact with our emperor anymore. But now, you even come to him directly. You're really shameless."

Lengmei changed her usually coolness, but screamed at Tang Xia angrily. Even Tang Xia hoped to kill her.

Tang Xia looked down upon her and said word by word, "You must care too much. It's none of your business whether I violate my promise or not. If you dare to say something more, I will let you taste my anger, ah?"

Lengmei was stunned for a while, but she quickly recovered her consciousness. She reputed immediately, "What would you do to me? It seems that you always have bad intentions. You must have some other ideas to stay with our emperor!"

"You... are you a spy from another country?" Hearing Lengmei words, Tang Xia thought her ideas were too rich. How could she mention another irrelative thing without any hesitation? She was really imaginative.

Tang Xia speechlessly rolled her eyes and decided not to care about this unreasonable woman. Otherwise, if she was inherited from her low IQ, what should she do if she was abandoned by her friends?

When finding Tang Xia stopped talking, Lengmei thought that she had guessed out Tang Xia's purposes. She must be guilty, or else she must refute her words!

"As long as you leave the palace, I will not reveal your secret to our emperor. How do you like my suggestion?" Lengmei said proudly. She thought Tang Xia would be grateful, but the latter ignored her directly.

Since she did not listen to her persuasion, Lengmei planned to take action. However, Tang Xia noticed her movement as soon as she started. Tang Xia avoided her attack quickly, while Lengmei's attack was in vain. She fell down on the ground and seemed to be very embarrassed.

"I think you must have epilepsy and would bite anyone you meet. If you hit me again, I don't mind to help you to loosen your bones!" When she was talking, Tang Xia really activated her hands, which frightened Lengmei pale and trembling.

Lengmei said something to provoke Tang Xia, "Don't be too proud of yourself. You lost your power, so you're always under my control. I will not let you go easily. Tang Xia, you must be careful about the following days. Otherwise, you might die someday!"

Tang Xia looked through Lengmei and said disdainfully, "You really think you can hurt me by yourself? You really think that I too weak to refute you?"

She did not understand how Chu Tiankuo could fall in love with Lengmei, a Virgin Mary and a bitch. She should be educated for her low IQ. She was even out of mind and said Tang Xia was a spy.

"Come on, a spy... could a spy be as beautiful as her?" Tang Xia was silently narcissistic in her mind. When she was thinking of this, she thought it was reasonable and nodded her head.

"What do you mean? Have you always pretended to be stupid? Your purpose is to take away the emperor's favor, or that you have been lying to me!" Lengmei considered herself as a victim.

Tang Xia just sighed that Lengmei's IQ was finally on the line, but when she heard Lengmei's last sentence, she felt that there were more than 10,000 Alpacas rushing by. She was curious about how rich Lengmei's ideas would be.

"I don't want to talk with you. I still need to pick up the petals, so I don't have time to chat with you. When the next time you meet me, remember you should find another way to go. Otherwise, you will affect my IQ." Though Lengmei did not know her real meaning, she could tell Tang Xia was saying she was stupid.

Lengmei was too angry that her face turned gloomy. Then, she found that Tang Xia went back again. The latter leaned forwards and said by Lengmei's ear at a low voice, "I know you like to attack others with animals. Are you looking at yourself as an animal, either?"

Tang Xia even considered her as an animal and even suggested that she liked to stay with animals. Lengmei was angry, but she could not make things difficult in public. She could only secretly focus on this eyesore and find time to kill her.

However, Tang Xia's smile showed out her satisfaction, but dod not know Lengmei was planning a trick for her. She was originally upset, but turned good after countering Lengmei.

Lengmei left the garden and returned to her palace. When she came back, she wiped out all the things like dressing box on her dresser. The sound of things falling on the ground turned up.

The two maids were trembling and dared not say something. Even when they were hurt by the crack, they dare not make out any sound. They were afraid that they would be more miserable if they made Lengmei angry. Now she just kicked at them, which was better than being lynched!

"You, take the wolfberry soup to me," Lengmei arrogantly pointed at a maid kneeling on the ground and said indifferently.

The maid heard her words and went to complete this duty. However, the remaining maid was not that lucky. She became Lengmei's punching bag. She was kicked for a few times and even was slapped by Lengmei.

The little maid handed the soup to Lengmei, standing beside and saying nothing. Lengmei took the wolfberry soup and took a sip slowly. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and a piece of gloomy light passed by her eyes.

"You, come near to me," Lengmei pointed to the little maid who was holding the soup and said to her.

Lengmei whispered by her ear, but the little maid was trembling. Lengmei saw her behavior and threatened her coldly. " If you don't follow my order, you'll become a corpse soon!"

The little maid nodded her head with fear and kowtowed on the ground. "I will do whatever you asked, Your Grace. Please spare my life!"

"Listen to me. Only if you follow what I have told you, I will treat you well." Lengmei's voice was soft, but made the two maids scared. They nodded their heads to show their loyalty.

They were afraid that if they responded too slowly, they might become two corpses who could not talk. That meant they were lifeless.

Lengmei burst into weird laughter, but all the maids here dared not make out any sound. Listening to her orders, they dared not say anything.

Next day, Lengmei used somewhat method to ask her maid to create wind by the principle of ice to wind. The maids followed Lengmei's method and made a trapped in Tang Xia's palace.

However, Tang Xia did not know what they had done, but to study how to make better flower cakes. When she was thinking of it, she wrote the way to make flower cakes on the paper.

Tang Xia did not know the reason why she felt a little uncomfortable these days. She went to the yard to breath fresh air. The cold wind pierced her skin and forced her to hold her shoulders tightly. It was autumn already, so it was not weird to feel cold. However, the cold wind passed by from the window making her trembling.

Tang Xia did not think that Lengmei would play a trick to make her sick that she added some bad things into her medicines when Tang Xia got a cold. She thought Lengmei would be unobstructed temporally. But she did not know she was trying to trap her all the time.

Things went on as Lengmei's plan. Tang Xia was finally sick and had a cold indeed.

On the next day, Tang Xia was lying on the bed. The imperial doctor felt her pulse and asked Tang Xia's maid to get the medicines as he ordered in the Imperial Drug Institution. The maid came to there to get a few medicines to heal cold.

She also asked the chef to watch out the medicine making. Lengmei heard that Tang Xia was sick and asked her maid to do the secret thing.

Tang Xia woke up after 6 hours and stretched her body. She felt achy and a little dizzy. She thought the cold wind could help her clear.

Tang Xia stood up but felt her body a little weak. It seemed that her body was OK, but just out of strength. She looked at the falling leaves out of the window and wore a lonely smile. Then, she heard the sound of footsteps.

Tang Xia turned around, and found Lyuyou came back with a bowl of medicine. She found Tang Xia was standing by the window, so she took a cloak for her and stood by her side. She said, "Your Grace, you should wear more cloth."

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