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Chapter 1427 - Taiyi Sect's Decision


Jiang Chen stood up from his chair, and at the same time, smacked his own sandalwood chair. This sturdy chair had directly turned into dust.

"You, you said, Wang Jun is dead."

Jiang Chen trembled.

His first disciple.

The disciple he had painstakingly raised was actually dead.

"Who killed him? Who?"

Jiang Chen was about to go crazy.

One had to know, it was extremely difficult to cultivate such an outstanding disciple.

He had a total of four apprentices, all of them talented.

Among them, Song Xiaomeng had married Yin Yanpeng for the sake of the Taikoo City.

Although the talent of his third disciple, Su Rui, was not bad, it was a pity that she was a girl, and couldn't accept his legacy.

As for Xiao Pan, his little disciple, he was too playful and did not have any intention of cultivating.

The only thing he could hope for was his own disciple, Wang Jun.

Wang Jun was a true cultivation prodigy that he had gone to the mountains and gone to the countryside, and he had finally found with great difficulty.

In the end, he died just like that.

He, he could not accept it.

"You, where is your senior's Nascent Soul?"


Su Rui could not bear to keep bringing it up, and she herself was also feeling extremely uncomfortable.

He'd thought that this mission would be no different from taking a stroll in the garden.

Who would have thought that he would become a part of the heavens?

"Dammit! Who killed my eldest disciple?!"

Jiang Chen's eyes flashed with a furious light, as if he could ignite flames that could burn through everything.

"It's the Rakshasa School's Sect Leader, Qin Chao."

Su Rui immediately said hatefully, "He tried to do it face to face and said that he would let us go, but in the end he sent people to stab us from behind. He even had to destroy his own Nascent Soul in order to protect me and let me escape … …"


After Jiang Chen heard this, his entire body could not help but tremble.

"How could the head of the Rakshasa School, Qin Chao, a mere Rakshasa School, be so capable? How many people did they send to beat you two back?"

"Just, just one …"

Su Rui was a little flustered.

"What? One …"

Jiang Chen's tiger body shook again, "You're not mistaken."

"No... Only Qin Chao himself acted, and killed me, Senior Brother … And Shenyu Sect's disciple Zhang Zeyang, they were all defeated … "

"Impossible, you are all the elite disciples of our Taiyi Sect!"

Jiang Chen was extremely shocked, he was now both shocked and angry, "How could he alone defeat the two of you, and a disciple of the Shenyu Sect, could it be that he is already a Golden Immortal?"

"No, Master …" He is just a flesh god. "

Su Rui felt that even she would not believe what she had said.

But this was a fact that he had witnessed with his own eyes.

"How is this possible …"

Jiang Chen simply could not believe it, "A mere flesh god, even if he were to reach the peak of the flesh god, it would still be impossible for him to beat the combined efforts of you and your senior. Furthermore, with the Shenyu Sect's disciple here, wouldn't he himself be unable to withstand heavy injuries?"

"No... Master... "He's not hurt …"

Su Rui thought about it, his face still had fear, "He defeated us, and everyone only used one move … …"

"What did you say?"

Jiang Chen's eyes widened once again.

Putting aside the Shenyu Sect disciple Zhang Zeyang, he was well aware of the standards of these two prized disciples of his.

He had actually beaten the two of them into such a sorry state.

One of them had only used one move.

What level of expert was the opponent at?

flesh god Stage.

Absolutely impossible.

"The opponent must be a great expert of the Golden Immortal Stage!"

Jiang Chen analyzed, "I only know a few methods to conceal my presence, and make myself seem like a flesh god. Acting like a pig and eating the tiger, detestable, you actually killed my beloved disciple.

His eyes were red.

The loss of his eldest disciple was painful to the core.

"Master... "My condolences..."

Su Rui himself felt very upset, but what had happened was still happening.

Eldest Senior Brother, don't worry, I, Su Rui, will definitely take revenge for you.

The woman who killed you and Qin Chao, I will definitely kill them myself.

"Oh right, that Xiao Pan over there, why didn't he come back with you?"

Jiang Chen suddenly thought of his own disciple, and his heart tightened, "Could it be that something happened to him too?"

"H-he's fine …" "It's very safe."

Su Rui muttered in his heart, this matter, should he tell his master?

But if he hid it, how long would he have to hide it?

She didn't know how to hide it either.

Damn it, how did things turn out like this?

It was all's fault, if not for him coming to the Taiyi Sect to find his master for help, his own senior brother wouldn't have died, and his junior brother wouldn't have betrayed him.

Damn it.

As expected, the secular world and all that sort of thing was hateful.

Why not become a pure and pure cultivator?

It didn't matter what happened in the world. He just needed to focus on his cultivation.

"Su Rui, speak."

Jiang Chen felt that something was amiss more and more.

"Youngest junior brother, little brother he …"

Su Rui was sad in his heart. He really didn't want to say those words because he was afraid that his master wouldn't be able to take it.

"What's wrong with him? Tell me, do you want me to die in a hurry?"

"He, he betrayed the Taiyi Sect and joined Qin Chao's side."

"Evil creature!"

Jiang Chen was so angry that his entire body started to tremble, a large wave of Immortal Energy started to spread out from his body, rolling onto the ground, causing the ground to shake uncontrollably, and many cracks appeared.

"Master, master, please calm your anger..."

Su Rui was extremely frightened, thinking that his Master was really furious.

Even Senior Brother Wang Jun was extremely angry, let alone his own master.

"This evil creature, I've recognized the wrong person, the wrong person."

Jiang Chen was so angry that his eyes turned red, and his teeth were about to break.


Su Rui's eyes were also red. He and his fellow apprentices, who were originally fine, had now fallen to such a state.

"Rakshasa School, you killed my disciple and stole my disciple. This kind of enmity, I, Jiang Chen, will definitely repay you."

The Immortal Energy on Jiang Chen's body exploded. It seemed that he was extremely angry.

"Su Rui, you go down and rest first. I need to talk to my fellow apprentices."

Jiang Chen felt that since he was an expert of the Golden Immortal Stage, then if he came by himself, he probably wouldn't be able to do anything to the Taikoo City.

He only needed to beg his fellow brothers.

"Yes, Master …"

Su Rui nodded and left.

Jiang Chen walked out of his room and directly rushed to the great hall in front of him.

In the middle of the majestic Taiyi Sect Main Hall, there was a huge crafting furnace that seemed to be of extraordinary quality.

Surrounding it were a few Daoists. They were all focused on cultivating and cultivating.

"Junior brother Jiang Chen, why have you come so quickly?"

Just as Jiang Chen stepped into the doorway, a middle-aged Spirit Dao cultivator dressed in black and white robes asked without even opening his eyes.

"Senior brother, head senior brother, you must avenge me this time …"

Jiang Chen walked in and immediately said anxiously: "I, I, am so angry that I, too, am …"

"It's not too late for junior brother to adjust the Immortal Energy and calm down before we speak."

That Taiyi Sect Sect Leader lightly said.

"Senior brother, I … I can't calm down …"

"That Rakshasa School's Clan Master, Qin Chao, has killed my head disciple Wang Jun and taken away my little disciple Xiao Pan. Head senior brother, your junior brother's bloodline is about to be severed, ah."


When the few Daoists sitting around the hall heard this, they couldn't help but open their eyes and look at Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, from what I know, your senior disciple Wang Jun is very handsome!"

A Daoist Priest who seemed to be Senior Brother Jiang Chen said, "Among the young generation of Taiyi Sect, he can be considered an expert. He went to find trouble with a small sect, how could he be killed?


Jiang Chen trembled in anger, "I also did not expect that Rakshasa School's Sect Leader, Qin Chao, would actually be a great expert of the Golden Immortal Stage, he alone used his strength to defeat the combined efforts of my first and third disciples, and even the disciple of Shenyu Sect, Zhang Zeyang, was beaten to a sorry state as he escaped. Senior brother, Sect Leader, Senior brother, you said that with such cultivation, even I, Jiang Chen, would need to be cautious to take revenge, but my strength is lacking."

"Junior brother, I have long since advised you."

When Han Yuze heard this, he could not help but shake his head and mutter: "Back then when you married Xiao Meng, I told you that you had better not meddle in the affairs of the mortal world.

"Head senior brother, you can't say that."

When Jiang Chen heard this, he was unhappy, "The origin of our Taiyi Sect's income is mostly from selling magic tools in the Taikoo City, if this Taikoo City is taken over by us, it will be greatly beneficial to our economy. Right now, your sect's disciples are all wearing tight clothing, and don't even have enough materials for refining, if this goes on, the economy of the Taiyi Sect will collapse."

"Junior brother, how many times have I told you this? You've all fallen into a strange situation where you're borrowing the strength of an external force."

Han Yuze said, "The Taiyi Sect's cultivation tools are not based on the raw materials, but on the individual's cultivation and his creativity. As a disciple, what he is relying on now, are all pure high grade materials, the refined tools, and abilities are not even three tenths of the raw materials. If this goes on, the Taiyi Sect will truly collapse, and in my opinion, Xiao Pan is the real genius of the Taiyi Sect, even if it is the abandoned materials of other disciples, he can still cultivate some mysterious tools, it's hard to come by looking at them."

"Hmph, he is now a member of the Rakshasa School. He does not have much to do with us, the Taiyi Sect."

Jiang Chen could not help but snort coldly.

"Sect Leader, this matter is related to the honor of the Taiyi Sect, I think we should take the initiative to attack, at least let the Rakshasa School's Sect Leader hand over the traitor to our Taiyi Sect."

A Daoist Priest suddenly said,

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