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How Could This Be? (1)

Before Gu Yezhi had married her, he had been in T State, where he had had his own career. He had established BG Group, whose headquarters was in T State. The group operated all over the world.

Back then, Bai Qingyan was deeply in love with Gu Hang, so she believed Gu Hang’s story. She thought that as long as she helped Gu Hang get Gu Yezhi's assets they would elope and live happily ever after.

So she had proposed to Gu Yezhi that they get married and insisted that they move to Z State and live there. She did not want to leave Z State because she would not be able to see Gu Hang after her marriage.

Although Gu Yezhi had promised, her father-in-law demanded that he take over the branch of the Gu's business which was the GT Entertainment.

Gu Yezhi’s eldest brother was Gu Hang’s father, who was in charge of the other industries under the Gu Family.

A man who was never content was like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. Not only did their family desire everything Gu Yezhi had, but they also craved for BG Group — the corporation Gu Yezhi had founded.

In the end, with Bai Qingyan's help, Gu Hang had gotten everything he wanted and had even killed Gu Yezhi.


After recollecting these things that had happened in her previous life, Bai Qingyan felt bad, then she slapped herself hard.

Gu Yezhi had poured out his heart to her, yet she had been heartless and ungrateful to him.

Bai Qingyan bit her lip.

She had vowed that in this life, she would never hurt Gu Yezhi again!

Bai Qingyan took in a deep breath and walked inside the building.

However, before she arrived, someone was already inside the president’s office.

GT entertainment industry's popular actress, Ji Sijie.
She was wearing a red V-neck dress, and her long hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was incredibly beautiful.

“President Gu,” she said softly

Ji Sijie swayed her slender hips as she walked in front of Gu Yezhi. "President Gu, thank you very much for choosing me as the female lead in this drama. I won’t let you down. “

Her voice caused goosebumps to sprout all over Xue Yun, who was standing by the side. She reached out to touch her own hair, which was big and curly, and her expression was one of disgust.

Gu Yezhi sat in the boss's chair. He was wearing a black shirt, and the buttons on it went all the way to the top. His handsome face was devoid of any expressions, and his eyebrows were raised. His countenance was as cold as an ice sculpture.

Although he had heard what Ji Sijie said, he remained quiet.
Ji Sijie had been drooling over Gu Yezhi’s good looks for a long time. It had been hard for her to get a chance to get close to him, but today that chance had come; she had to utilize it well.

As she looked at Gu Yezhi's face, her fingers tapped the table, and she slowly got closer to Gu Yezhi. However, she was unsteady on her feet and slipped, falling right into Gu Yezhi's arms.

“Ouch! President Gu, I’m sorry; I think I may have sprained my foot!"


Xue Yun laughed a little and prayed inwardly for Ji Sijie in her heart.

Gu Yezhi had an uncontrollable obsession with cleanliness. Xue Yun had followed him for ten years, but she had not dared to get close to him, always keeping a distance of one meter between them.

It appeared that Ji Sijie would suffer miserably.

Xue Ying suddenly came into the office and said, “Sir, Madam has come”, with a respectful bow.

The moment Ji Sijie fell into his arms, the smell of her perfume almost made Gu Yezhi nauseous. He was about to throw Ji Sijie when Xue Ying came in. When he heard what she had said, his lips curled into a mysterious smile.

And, he replied, “Let her in!”

Xue Yun and Xue Ying were momentarily shocked at the reply, they secretly agreed not to ask more.

They had followed Gu Yezhi for ten years, thus they understood his personality; he was a man of his word, so they did not dare question him.

“Yes!” Xue Ying nodded.


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