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Chapter 1427 - Gigantic Ice Snakes

The tower question of god was the service organization of the Gods.

Provide fresh blood for ancient holy battlefield.

Once the disciple they offered receives an outstanding battle achievement or merit point, then the disciple may also receive a divine spark as a reward for reaching the Divine Ascendant level.


They can also get more of God's reward.

After ten thousand years.

Zhan Wushuang was the one who had the best talent in the Chaos Realm, and was most likely to create merits in the ancient holy battlefield.

To tower question of god, he was a treasure!

More than half of the elders of the tower question of god had their eyes on him, adding his illustrious identity, Nine Secret Warrior Family was a dragon amongst men.

Train him with all your might.

All he needed to do was say it out loud and someone would take care of it.

Just like this time, the Ice and Snow Plain exit.

Destroy the Secret World's exit in front of the Yi Seng.


Yi Seng was beaten half to death.

Without giving any reason at all, not even a hundred people could be compared to Zhan Wushuang alone.

Inside the tower question of god.

wang shishi was being suppressed, and he did not even have the qualifications to speak.

Since the Third Elder had been suppressed, he had no real power now.

Yi Seng had already become crippled, and deprived of the position of examination elder, becoming a cripple.


It was as if all of this had never happened!

No explanation was given.

Just with a single sentence, he had to give way to Zhan Wushuang. It was just this overbearing and barbaric!

This was the method.

He made all the people who were optimistic about Long Fei give up at once!

He had to say it.

Zhan Wushuang was very smart. He knew how to make use of his advantage and strength, or he would never make a move and would destroy the world the moment he made a move. He would never give you another chance to recover.

At the same time.

beast city, the gathering of the Hell's Army, had encircled the beast city so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out!

… ….

In the Ice and Snow Plain.

Long Fei, Nangong Yan, and Ye Jingyun were walking together, and did not follow another group of people.

"Yong Master Long, I can't see the end of it at all."

"Where's the Ice & Snow City?" Ye Jingyun said slightly.

There was no stopping the heavy snow at all. The entire land was covered in a vast expanse of whiteness. There was no end to be seen and no presence could be felt.

It was like a forgotten world.

Long Fei was also wondering in his heart, "Is there really a Ice & Snow City here?"

The system will not make any errors.

The Ice & Snow City must be on this Ice and Snow Plain.

Nangong Yan said slightly: "Long Fei, if the snow doesn't stop falling, even a city built on top of a tall mountain would be covered by the snow."

Ye Jingyun was startled for a moment, and said: "That's right, could it be frozen under the layer of snow?"

Long Fei shook his head and said, "Let's talk after the ice and lightning return."

The Ice Thunder Bird was not afraid of the cold, he was sent out by Long Fei to search for the Ice & Snow City, and if it could not find them, then the three of them were even worse.

"Ice & Snow City?"

"I know about the Ice Snow Festival, this Ice & Snow City …" Long Fei muttered in his heart, the Goddess Tear's mission was SSS Class super difficult, it was impossible to complete it so easily.

Long Fei knew this too.

He could only wait for the ice thunder to return.


There was still another assassin hiding in Ice and Snow Plain, Long Fei had to be careful.

His Holy Source had been completely used up again.

Half an hour later.

The Ice Thunder Bird landed and said: "No, there isn't any city, could there be a mistake? I've been flying tens of thousands of kilometers and I haven't even seen a single one. "

"Not to mention any cities."

Long Fei frowned.

Ye Jingyun secretly clicked his tongue, "We couldn't even find it tens of thousands of kilometers? "Damn, if we were to go find him, his body would probably be frozen stiff, right?"

Nangong Yan looked at Long Fei, and said: "Why do you have to find the Ice & Snow City, is there something important?"

Long Fei did not answer, but asked, "Is there anything special about it, or should I say, special about it?"

There was no mistake when the system issued a quest.

It was just hard to find.

The Ice Thunder Bird thought for a moment and said: "There's a place that's rather high. I went down to take a look and I think it's a hill. This is the only special place, there's nothing else."


Long Fei pondered for a moment, then said: "Bring us there."

Long Fei jumped up.

Ye Jingyun said: "Yong Master Long, what's so good about this hill? Let's find a place to avoid the heavy snow. If this goes on, we will freeze to death here."

Nangong Yan jumped up, "Are you going or not?"

Ye Jingyun immediately said: "Go!"

Ten minutes later.

The Ice Thunder Bird descended and said: "I'm going back to the war pet space."

There was a time limit for warbeasts.

Long Fei did not stop them as the Ice Thunder Bird entered Long Fei's Space Ring.

Long Fei looked at the hill and said slightly: "This should be the spine of the mountain."

The Sleeping Beauty seemed to have woken up at an unknown time. She giggled and said: "Master, don't you have a Long Yang Marrow on you?"

"You just need to activate its power."


Long Fei was slightly taken aback, and said: "Is it useful?"

The Sleeping Beauty said with a smile, "You'll know once you give it a try."

Long Fei did not hesitate to do as he was told. Holding the Long Yang Marrow in his hand, he released a ball of warm air and a dense Qi followed suit.

Long Yang Marrow.

Chaos Realm's power of the earth sun.

An incomparably thick heat.

Ye Jingyun was startled, and said: "Long Yang Marrow can heat up, why didn't I think of that?"

"It's too comfortable."

Long Fei carefully looked at the Long Yang Marrow, and could clearly feel the change in the Long Yang Marrow, and he also felt something moving underground.

"Did you find anything?" Long Fei asked.

Ye Jingyun had a satisfied face, and said: "What's up?"

Nangong Yan also shook his head.

"How strange!"

"Am I the only one who can feel it?" Long Fei muttered as he felt something was approaching them from the ground. This feeling became stronger and stronger.


Without waiting for Long Fei to react, he shouted, "Boom!"

With a loud noise, a snake-like monster rushed out of the layer of snow. Its two crystalline eyes stared fixedly at Long Fei, and both of Long Fei's eyes shook slightly.

Nangong Yan and Ye Jingyun were both stunned, "What kind of divine horse is this?"

It was incomparably huge.

He was carrying Xuna Bai's power and aura.

Just like a divine beast, it was glittering with golden light, a characteristic of a super BOSS.

Long Fei yelled, "Be careful!"

The giant snake stared at the Long Yang Marrow in Long Fei's hands and rolled its body.


He crawled under the layer of snow and moved about crazily.

The three of them did not have any Holy Source to support them, so they could only watch on in a daze.

The giant ice serpents were frantically spinning under their feet, just like a millstone.


Long Fei's eyes darkened, and shouted, "Crap!"


Before they could finish their sentence, the layer of snow beneath their feet suddenly sank and fell into a huge hole in the ice. The moment they fell, the huge snake on the ground opened its bloody mouth and chased after them.

"Yong Master Long, we are finished!"

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