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Chapter 893 - Black Knife has come

The next day.

The god emperor academy's Wind Cloud List was entirely related to Long Fei's' ferocious' achievements from yesterday.

"Disciple of the logistics department, one person against fourteen college of martial arts training!"

"Those who were once rejected by the eighteen matrial halls, now rise out of nowhere and fight against fourteen college of martial arts training s one on one, with complete victory!"

"Goddess of the college of war Martial arts, the third ranked beauty of the god emperor academy, Ao Ya, was conquered by Long Fei, and all of the young men's hearts were broken."

"For the past hundred years, the number one of the Nantian Region s, Long Fei, has proven with his own strength that the Nantian Region is not a useless place."

"Long Fei, Long Fei!"

… ….

Every message crazily refreshed the rankings.

Every single one of these lines caused countless people to discuss about him. The entire god emperor academy was talking about him, some were jealous that Long Fei was able to bring a beauty home, and some were ridiculing his arrogance and conceit, and offended him in public. At that time, he would definitely die miserably.

However …

This storm of events was not the number one on the Wind and Cloud Ranking.

The first place was held by the unified battle alliance of the eighteen great matrial halls!


The true alliance was only a covert alliance in the past, but now it was an open alliance.

The Alliance only had one goal, to stop Long Fei!

they would definitely not give Long Fei the slightest bit of hope to rise to power, and even more so, they would not give him the chance to establish a college of martial arts training.

Of course.

This was pan family's intention.

Only the pan family could form a alliance with the eighteen generations of college of martial arts training.

If you want to play, then play it to the death.

During the god emperor academy's assessment, pan family could be said to have lost miserably. All one hundred elite disciples and several life elders were all killed by Long Fei.

pan family would definitely not give Long Fei even the slightest bit of hope in the academy's tournament this time!

"Yong Master Long, we just received news that the eighteen great matrial halls has formed a Battle Alliance. This time, they are going to take care of us." sun datou hastily ran into the courtyard.

Although he didn't need to go to the other college of martial arts training to clean up, he was still a top-notch expert when it came to finding information.

The sun datou continued to speak, "I have received news that the headmasters of the eighteen great matrial halls have all mysteriously disappeared from the god emperor academy last night."

"pan family!"

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, he was truly guiding Ao Ya with her Insight into Sword Skill. Hearing what the sun datou said, he clenched his fists tightly, and smiled: "Seems like this time, we are not only going to deal with the green dragon matrial hall, the White Tiger Kung Fu Tribe, the eighteen great matrial halls, and the pan family who is controlling us from behind the scenes!"

Ao Ya kept her 'revenge' and said faintly, "I heard that pan family and your Long Family have an irreconcilable feud. This time, will they …"

Long Fei laughed lightly, and said: "Don't worry, I have a lot of enemies.

Was the pan family as strong as he was?

Was he as strong as the western decil territory?

Will there be a future calamity for the Dragon Domain?

Compared to all of these, the pan family was nothing.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "You like to play, right? Let me see how long you can play for."

The god emperor academy Competition this time was different.

Long Fei's Team Ranking Tournament.

Personal Qualifying Fight (No need to register, any disciple of the god emperor academy s can participate).

and there's also the Alchemy Ranking Tournament, so I must take down all three great competitions, and use them as a springboard for Long Fei to ruthlessly suppress pan family's arrogance.

"You want to play with me?"

"Then let's see who can outdo who!"

Long Fei laughed excitedly.

The more difficult it was, the more excited Long Fei became.

The eighteen great matrial halls was very hard to deal with, but now with the incomparably large pan family erected behind the scenes, it could be said that it was practically impossible for Long Fei to achieve any results in the Large Competition.

This was because the strongest disciples of the eighteen great matrial halls would have to snipe his footsteps in every direction to prevent him from obtaining any ranking, let alone obtaining 5000 points to establish the college of martial arts training.


It was as difficult as ascending to heaven!

At this time.

In Long Fei's room, song qianqian walked out, her face still pale white, and said while looking at Long Fei: "Let me join your Arrogant Dragon Squad."

Long Fei turned and look at song qianqian.

Ao Ya was also stunned. She looked at the veil covering her face, but her eyes were filled with shock. It was clear that the person beneath the veil was a peerless beauty. "So beautiful!"

She could not help but say.

One woman was so beautiful that she could make another woman praise her. That was true beauty.

Long Fei said: "You're awake?"

song qianqian said: "Long Fei, let me join your team."

Long Fei replied: "Your identity."

song qianqian smiled faintly and said: "Actually, I have long since been a disciple of god emperor academy, it's just that I have not entered any college of martial arts training s."

As she spoke, she took out a wooden token for the identity of a god emperor academy disciple.

During Long Fei's assessment, she had used her relationship to become a disciple that was accepted by the god emperor academy, but she mysteriously disappeared afterwards and never found her.

However, her identity was always on the record.

Long Fei became excited and said: "From now on, you are a member of the Arrogant Dragon Squad."

He had long since asked song qianqian to join his team. With a valiant powerhouse like song qianqian, the strength of the Arrogant Dragon Squad would increase by a large amount.

It was also at this time.

There stood a person at the entrance of the logistics department.

A person carrying a small bundle who looked like he was running away from home.


Linglong giggled and said: "Senior Brother, can you count me in?"

Ao Ya looked over, and was shocked when she saw Ling Long. "What a cute little girl."

She looked at Long Fei again, and thought to herself: "What sort of charm does he have? can make so many beautiful women want to stay by his side? "

She didn't understand.

At least, she didn't understand now.

Long Fei looked at Ling Long and said, "Little girl, stop messing around."

Ling Long pouted her lips, and walked into logistics department, and said: "I have already been expelled from Elixir Martial Arts Branch, if you don't take me in, I don't have a place to go."

"Senior Brother, you don't want to see me live on the streets, right?"

While she was talking, Linglong revealed a pitiful look with tears in her eyes.

To Long Fei, this was a critical strike.

Long Fei's heart immediately softened as he said: "Alright, I'll count you in."

Linglong immediately jumped up in joy and made a victory gesture with her hand, "Yeah!"

He was beyond blissful!

… ….

In another place.

god emperor city, god's phoenix pavilion.

A middle-aged man carrying a black box on his back and holding a little girl in his hand. A group of fierce looking fugitives followed behind him.

Fu Tianlong frowned, "pan family isn't giving anyone a way out, right? Yet you sent so many people to cause trouble? Do you really think that we are soft persimmon, to pinch and pinch as you please? "

Fu Tianlong's heart was filled with anger.

He walked forward huffily and shouted, "Who sent you here today? Is it the Nine Business Union or your pan family's master?"

The middle-aged man was startled. His head was full of fog as he said faintly: "Um, it was Long Fei who asked us to come to the god's phoenix pavilion. This is the god's phoenix pavilion, right?"

Fu Tianlong's eyes widened and he immediately asked: "Did Yong Master Long let you come?"

The middle-aged uncle said: "My name is Black Knife and we are rushing over from Xi Li desert."

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