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"Xin'er, what's going on?" Emperor Shang asked unhappily. If he didn't pay attention to how his daughter would fall into the arms of others, he knew that this Yinyin wasn't a good person. If his daughter stayed with her for too long, what would happen if she was schemed against?

Shang Bin could tell from Emperor Shang's expression that he was worrying about him, and explained, "Aunt and this son are very compatible, moreover, this son really likes Auntie Yinyin, and feels that she is like a mother to him!"

"Xin Er!" In the eyes of the emperor, the Mid-Autumn Queen was his most beloved woman and his unintentional mother. Such a position should not have any fluctuation, but hearing his daughter's words, the emperor felt that his daughter had forgotten about his mother.

A look of disappointment flashed across Emperor Shang's eyes. Without a word, he went to his study. She didn't want to argue about things that hadn't happened yet, and she didn't want to offend the king while her position was still unstable. But at the same time, if the emperor really did something that disappointed her, then she would never forgive him.

Emperor Shang didn't know what he did wrong to make his daughter angry. He didn't have any experience with his daughter, so he was momentarily stunned. However, since Emperor Shang had been sitting in a high position for so many years, he was keenly aware of his daughter's disappointment with him. Thinking of this, Emperor Shang was somewhat nervous, afraid that his daughter would not recognize him as her father.

Yinyin was also shocked by the sudden scene. In her opinion, Shang Wuxin was extremely good at controlling his emotions, and Yinyin had often thought that Shang Wuxin was like an old man. Now, seeing Shang Wuxin act as if he was acting out of temper, although Yinyin did not understand the reason, she was sure that Shang Wuxin did not act this way for no reason.

"Emperor Shang, looks like Wuxin is truly hurt!" Yi Yin began to persuade him. After thinking for a while, she said worriedly, "This child is not living an easy life. If Emperor Shang cannot completely trust and love this child, it would be better to just let this child work hard on his own!"

At first, the Shang emperor was unhappy with outsiders interfering in his relationship with his father and daughter, but upon hearing Yiyin's words, he could not help but think deeply. This child had never been by his side since he was young. It was not as if Emperor Shang didn't know that the people behind this child were bullying him. However, in order to let this child grow up safely, he would turn a blind eye. He was also happy when his daughter tried her best, but he found out that her transformation was too thorough. She wasn't a girl or a teenager, and if he didn't know what his daughter looked like, he would have suspected that she had been tricked.

"I understand!" "I think Xin Er likes Madam Ye a lot. If Madam Ye has time, please accompany me more!" Emperor Shang had a rare pleasant expression as he spoke to Yi Yin. One must know that his daughter had never had a mother since she was young. It was likely that she yearned to have a mother as well.

"This humble woman also likes unintentional. To put it bluntly, this humble woman treats unintentional as her own child, so Emperor Shang doesn't need to worry!" Yi Yin said with a profound look. At this point, Yinyin could see that the emperor truly loved Shang Wuxin, even the royal family loved him.

Emperor Shang understood the meaning behind Yi Yin's words. Initially, he was afraid that Yi Yin had ulterior motives. However, thinking about this woman's personality, he dispelled this thought. Furthermore, the wealth behind Yinyin's presence still required the Crown Prince's Palace to do something. It was because he had been in a high position for too long that it was hard for him to do anything.

When Emperor Shang arrived at the study room, he saw Shang Bin sitting there without a care in the world; he did not look at him and did not express anything. This made the always existing Emperor Shang somewhat sad, but he still asked for his daughter's sake, "Xin'er, are you making trouble with royal father?"

Even though there were many children, no child would ever dare to make a fuss over him. However, if this person was unintentional, the Emperor could only accept it. Emperor Shang also knew that his daughter was a bit strange today. No matter how he thought about it, he didn't know what had happened that separated the father and daughter pair.

"Father, is it that this son will support anything he wants to do?" Shang was not in the mood to put down his brush, placing both of his hands under his chin to support his head. It was obvious that his daughter was acting like a spoiled child, but to Shang, it was more aggressive.

Emperor Shang didn't understand why his daughter would ask such a boring question today, but he still said seriously, "Of course, you are my daughter. Whatever you want to do, we won't support you!" Xin'er, is there something you want to do? "It's fine, go and do it!"

The smile disappeared so quickly that even the Emperor of Shang did not notice it.

"What if I want to burn down Ning Xuemo Palace?" If one were to look closely, one would be able to see the seriousness and trust in the Shang clan and the Emperor's patience. Even the hand placed under his chin was slightly clenched.

For a moment, Shang Guan thought that he misheard her, but when he looked at his daughter, he knew that what he heard was true. He suddenly stood up from his chair, scolding her in a low voice, "What nonsense!" Xin'er, do you know what you're saying? "

Emperor Shang could tolerate his daughter doing whatever she wanted, but Empress Qiu was very important in his heart. Perhaps he loved Shang Wuxin from the start because of Empress Qiu, then how could he let her burn him down if he couldn't even bear to destroy a single blade of grass in Peace Palace!

"What is it? royal father doesn't support it? " Shang Wuxin did not seem to notice the emperor's anger, she still maintained her cool demeanor, even though she did not get up to face the emperor's accusation, but the depths of her eyes were getting colder and colder.

"Do you know that the Peace Palace is your mother's sleeping quarters? Why do you want to burn it?" Xin'er, I won't stop you from whatever you want to do, but I won't agree to this matter! " Emperor Shang said without any discussion.

"So that's how it is!" Shang Wuxin gave a long sigh, would she really burn down the whole of Peace Palace? No, of course not. Since she held the title of Crown Prince, she wouldn't do something so unfavorable to herself. She was only testing the strength of Emperor Shang, but the result was unsatisfactory.

"Xin'er, what's wrong? royal father, why do you seem to be acting a little strange these days?! " Although his daughter was not very close to him in the past, she still went to the palace to visit him whenever she had the time. But this time, her daughter rarely visited the royal study, and she rarely even went to court, which was why he had sneakily come to the crown prince's mansion to visit his daughter today. He did not expect that the two of them had met with mishap, and that their father-daughter relationship had also suffered a setback.

With regards to Emperor Shang's worries, Shang Guan was not in the mood to deny them. A trace of sarcasm flashed across Shang Bin's eyes, "Royal father, this son is only relying on the favor and support of the Emperor. If I were to lose this premise one day, I will be able to rely on the fact that I am Empress Qiu's child. In royal father's heart, Empress Qiu is much more important than this son. This is the problem between this son and royal father, I wonder how royal father will resolve this problem? "

After Emperor Shang heard what Shang had said, he burst into laughter. "Xin'er, are you jealous of your mother or are you jealous of her?" Emperor Shang had not worried about his daughter's early intelligence, but now that he heard the words from Shang, he felt that his daughter was insecure and that his fatherly love was not enough. He immediately felt that his daughter was just a child.

Shang Wuxin was angry at the Emperor's reaction. She had broken her heart and wanted to have a good talk with the Emperor, but she was questioned. Shang Wuxin was truly angry now. He pointed to the study door and said, "Father, it's time to go. Your son will not send you off!"

Since when did Emperor Shang receive such treatment? Even Empress Qiu had never treated him in such a manner. He had tolerated Shang mot once or twice, but now he was truly angered by the fact that he was chased away by the Emperor, "Shang mou mou mou, is this your way of filial piety?" Is this how you treat royal father? "

"Someone, come!" The fearless and fearless Shang Wuxin walked into the study, and upon seeing the angry expression of the crown prince, both of them knew that something must have happened to the father and daughter pair.

"Send the emperor out!" Shang Wuxin immediately gave the order, fearless and fearless of the slightest bit of fear from the Emperor's aura. He came directly to the Emperor's side, bowing his head fearlessly and saying respectfully, "Your Majesty, please!"

"You!" Emperor Shang looked at Shang Xin and realized that he had already sat down to read the paper. His anger immediately rose to the top of his head, "Shang Wuxin, I am your father, are you not afraid of me demeaning you as the crown prince?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Emperor Shang was filled with regret. He was only angered by his daughter's sudden estrangement and filial piety to the point where he fainted from anger. But because he was the emperor, he didn't show any apologetic expression even though he knew he had said the wrong thing.

Shang Xin's gaze became colder and colder. At this time, the study room's owner, Huan Mo Che, walked in. Huan Mo Che could tell that something was wrong with the two servant girls' eyes and hurriedly said, "Hun Xin, it's time to eat!"

"Your majesty, the Crown Prince is in a bad mood these days. If you have any deficiencies, please forgive me!" Even though he did not know what was going on, but no matter what happened, he would always be standing on Shang Wuxin's side.

Huan Mo Che gave Emperor Shang a way out, of course Emperor Shang went down the steps, he was not really angry at his daughter, it was just that he had been the emperor for a long time, he was just a little irritable, Emperor Shang tried to make his face look more amiable, "I did not eat, I will eat at the crown prince's mansion!"

Shang had no intention to reject, but Huan Mo Che came to Shang Wuxin's side and held his hand, his intention obvious. The corners of Illusory Mo Che's mouth curled up into a smile as he pulled Shang Wuxin's hand and fearlessly walked towards the main hall.

The people who were eating were none other than Emperor Shang, Huan Mo Che, Emperor Shang and Yi Yin. However, one could feel that the atmosphere at the dining table wasn't very good. Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that Emperor Shang's displeasure, alienation, and coldness were all there.

Yinyin looked at the emperor with a puzzled expression. Wasn't this person supposed to coax Shang out of his wits? Why did the atmosphere become even worse when the two of them came out of the study? Even the emperor himself did not understand what was going on. Even until now, he was still confused, and the look in his eyes when he looked at Yi Yin was even more helpless.

After the four of them finished their meal without a word, the Emperor did not wait for a word to persuade them to stay. Without a word, the Emperor left the mansion fuming, thinking about how he had provoked his daughter.

Shang was in no mood to return to his room and lie down, his mind was in a state of chaos. She was an extremely selfish person, whether it was her subordinates, lovers or relatives, what she needed was 100% trust and affection. The men beside her had done it, Dreadnought Sea and the others did it, even Yiyin did it, but Shang Tong did not expect much from the Emperor. When she first came to this world, she immediately got close to Emperor Shang. She considered herself to be in no mood to manage this father-daughter relationship, enjoying this fatherly love. But now that everything was torn apart, she realized that she still didn't see everything clearly enough.

Hearing the sound of someone entering the chamber, Shang Wuxin did not open his eyes, as he was still lying on the soft couch comfortably dressed in his clothes. Not long later, he felt a man sitting on the ground beside the soft couch and smelled the scent of books.

Shang Tong was not in the mood to open his eyes, only to see Huan Mo Che casually sitting on the ground. He turned his head slightly and saw Huan Mo Che's face; unlike Han Xuan Hao, he wasn't squeezed on the same soft couch with him.

"Not in a good mood?" He did not need to ask Shang what had happened in the past.

Initially, Shang Wuxin had no intention of paying attention to Huanmo Che, but seeing the man sitting on the floor beside him, he nodded his head, and then saw the man bring over a zither from the bedroom. This zither was a very famous guqin, and even though Shang Wuxin liked it, he didn't play it in the bedroom.

The moment the zither sounded, Shang Wuxin closed his eyes. The zither music flowed between the tips of his fingers, like a quiet stream dripping with fresh spring water; it was extremely delicate and clear. Shang Wuqing was completely relaxed listening to it until he fell asleep.

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