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"I'm not sure!"

"The god's water tribe is considered the most mysterious race."

"They are able to combine the powers of heaven and earth into one, and can control the powers of ten thousand water. You saw it earlier, he was able to turn the sea water into a giant monster that can attack. I'm afraid no one can control water better than them." The Yan Huang ancestor said indifferently, "As for the power in his body, I'm not too sure either. He probably hasn't awakened yet."

Long Fei no longer asked.

The thing he was thinking about now was how to subdue Lin Yousheng.

What gave him a headache was …

Lin Yousheng thought that he was gay and kept a distance from.

"Do I look like a gay?" Long Fei was puzzled.

Yan Huang ancestor laughed: "Just now you saw the look in his eyes that is full of vulgarity, he really looks like a gay man."

Long Fei:...

… ….

They didn't say anything along the way.

They travelled for three full days.

Lin Yousheng stopped and looked at a huge island in front of him.

Long Fei looked at the gigantic island in front of him. Rather than calling it an island, it would be more accurate to call it a continent.

Lin Yousheng said slightly, "The Yu Ling Island is the center of the Demon Sea, it is connected to another continent, and is also called the immortal domain."

If you want to enter the immortal domain, you must go through this place. This is the most important place, and most of the people here will come to take a stroll and take a break.

"No one can fly over the Demon Sea nor can they do it with a flying beast. They will definitely pass through Yu Ling Island to rest. It is also because this is how to make this place the most competitive place in the world, more intense than any other place, because everyone in Yu Ling Island wants to enter the immortal domain, and no one is willing to have another competitor in the immortal domain. "

"This place is known as death land. It was rumored that Yu Ling Island wasn't as big as this place originally, but was slowly filled up with corpses later on."

Lin Yousheng slightly said.

At the same time.

He looked at Long Fei and asked: "Now, can you tell me why you came to Yu Ling Island?"

Long Fei did not hide anything, and said: "I am looking for the Feather Spirit."

Lin Yousheng's brows tightened, and asked curiously: "Feather? I've never heard of it. "

"No matter what!"

"Let's go to the island first, the Heavenly Water clan forbids us from going to the Yu Ling Island, now … …" Lin Yousheng smiled bitterly and said: "Let's go."

He was expelled from the god's water tribe.

Lin Yousheng felt very bad in his heart.

Long Fei patted his shoulder and said, "Don't worry, god's water tribe will be proud of you in the future."

Lin Yousheng suddenly took a step back and said: "Brother, it's better if we keep our distance."

Long Fei:...

Lin Yousheng left first. She wanted to cry but at the same time, wanted to laugh, "How can we subdue him this way?"

… ….

"The annual competition for the god emperor academy's qualifications has begun."

"As long as you are strong enough, as long as you dare come, the qualifications to take the test in god emperor academy will be yours.

"Hahaha …"

In the center of Yu Ling Island.

It was a huge colosseum filled with people of all kinds.

All kinds of races.

Humans, demons, devils, and the Buddhist saint.

They were all cheering.

"As long as you become the last person, you will be the champion, and you will be placed in the god emperor academy's assessment. There are no rules here."

"Regardless of life or death!"

In the center of the beast battle arena, a dwarf was shouting excitedly. There was only one circular arena and it was surrounded by seawater.

The Tiger Shark was swimming in the sea, the triangular fin on its back was moving back and forth slowly.

These Tiger Shark were all prehistoric beasts. As long as a drop of their blood flowed down, they would go crazy.

The dwarf shouted again, "There is only an hour left. Who will be this year's champion? Let's look forward to it. "


The dwarf wriggled his butt and walked down to the edge of the ring and fell into the water with a splash.

The dwarf's expression changed. "This is bad!"

Screams rang out from the seats around them.

"Ahh …"

At the same time, the Tiger Shark in the water attacked. In less than half a second, they turned into a ball of blood, with not even a bone remaining.

The entire stands were filled with shock, enough to hear a pin drop.

They were instantly killed.

Aren't those Tiger Shark too strong?

Would you like to reach war emperor realm?

Too terrifying.

If he fell into the water, there would only be one result. He would die!

Just as everyone was shocked, at the only entrance to the stage, the dwarf laughed mischievously and said, "Hahaha …" My big brother was swallowed by the Tiger Shark, now it is my turn to be the host, there is only one hour left, everyone is very enthusiastic about registering and recommending, there is only one god emperor academy left, the only one left! "

Everyone looked over.

He was clearly the same person as the dwarf from before.

But just now …

He just fell into the water?

It was too strange.

Many experts could tell that this dwarf was not simple.

… ….

"It's not as dangerous as you say." Long Fei looked around him. It was a field of silence, filled with the sounds of birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers.

Lin Yousheng also muttered, "Could it be that the legends are all lies?"

After walking for more than ten minutes, he still did not see anyone. He did not sense any dangerous auras, not even a single demon beast.

The two of them relaxed their vigilance by quite a bit.

"There's someone ahead."


Lin Yousheng saw a person standing on the side of the road in front of him. He immediately became excited and said, "I'll go ask around, I'll definitely find out about it."

Long Fei said: "Be careful."

Long Fei looked at the 'man' standing on the side of the road in the distance, and felt that something was amiss, "Why does this look a little like a scarecrow?"

Lin Yousheng ran over and asked: "Excuse me …"


"Why is he a scarecrow? She's dressed so like a person. " Lin Yousheng turned his head to look at the Long Fei in the distance and said: "He's a scarecrow."

Long Fei's eyes shook as he shouted loudly, "Careful!"

Lin Yousheng muttered: "He's just a scarecrow, what is there to be afraid of?"

At the same time.

His expression also changed abruptly, as he looked at Long Fei and shouted out, "Be careful!"

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The scarecrow moved, its two eyes flashed with a strange light, and a stream of power was released from its hands, enveloping Lin Yousheng in a black mist.

The sky darkened and Lin Yousheng simply did not have enough time to defend, so he was directly hit.

He fell unconscious.

At the same time.

Just as Long Fei was worrying over Lin Yousheng, a towering ancient tree next to him moved. Baidu Search: Half a Float


Long Fei's back was hit, and his entire person was sent flying.

The towering tree moved, and the branches rolled up, binding Long Fei. It let out a strange laugh.

The scarecrow also laughed strangely at Lin Yousheng, "Hahaha … This time, I can buy some money. "

Chapter IV

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