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Chapter 86

Proofread by Peter Gong

Watching the bloody militant way above his head, Yulan King is shocked and cannot keep calm in mind .

Suddenly .

The Everlasting Bloody Monarch stares at Jiu Zhou King . His eyes are so bright as if they are about to burn . “I’m clear, Jiu Zhou King . You have been conquering for 100000 years . Powerhouses in every planes have ever been challenged by you . And finally you got the appellation ‘The Grand Madman of the World’ . You have been declaring that you were born for war and had been growing up in war . In face, ‘born for war and had been growing up in war’ is just your mask . You are collecting fighting wills and gods’ blood to refine the militant way!”

The Everlasting Bloody Monarch’s statement shocks Qin Yi immediately . History in the Archaean era also records some legends that Jiu Zhou King challenged gods madly .

It turns out that these endless challenges are Jiu Zhou King’s plan for the militant way .

Such means can only be taken out by a madman like Jiu Zhou King in the world .

“You are right . ”

Jiu Zhou King slowly nods, and frankly says, “Your blood and fighting will are also included in the militant way . ”

“So . . . ”

Yulan King winces unnaturally .

A short pause .

Yulan King suddenly laughs, showing his madness thoroughly . “You are interesting, Jiu Zhou King . Of course I will lead gods of our Yulan continent to the militant way . However, it seems that you are much stronger than 100000 years before . I want to duel with you again before I lead gods of our Yulan continent to the militant way!”

He slowly lifts his simple Spear of All Evils with one hand when speaking, and holds it to Jiu Zhou King on the Living Creature Platform . A strong fighting will emerges in his eyes .

“If you want . ”

Jiu Zhou King directly jumps down the Living Creature Platform without any hesitation . The Meed Mor’s phantom is above Jiu Zhou King’s head, releasing the over-flowing murderous sense . The nine sacred lamps are floating on there, ancient and mysterious .

That is a golden opportunity!

Without hesitation, Qin Yi launches his left hand and enters the extremely ethereal state .

The duel between Jiu Zhou King and Yulan King, who are both peak existences, is absolutely only once in ten thousand years . He is going to carve it into his brain and study it well when he comes back to the Archaean era .

“Haha, that’s good . So, come on! All the evil ideas launch--”

Yulan King roars wildly!

Immediately a sense of violence emanates from his body .

“Ah . . . !”

Yulan King looks up and screams . His black hair is fluttering . All the evil ideas corrode his soul, making his face distorted . He looks extremely painful and horrible .

His 30-zhang-high body is also distorted and deformed sharply, and is releasing strong breath .

He proudly stands in the sky, the strange Spear of All Evils in his hand . It looks really grand .


Quickly his mad eyes begin to burn . Weird fires are dancing . It looks so horrible that Qin Yi feels freezing and cannot help trembling .

He still remembers Yuan Xingchuan’s eyes also burnt when he got the fake Meed Mor . Now Yulan King’s eyes are burning, which is dozen of times more horrible than Yuan Xingchuan .

Looking at Yulan King’s extremely weird eyes, Qin Yi even has the thought that he has been sunk in hell .

At present Yulan King’s whole body is bloody red as if he is the bloody evil who just has fought in hell .

The appellation “ the Everlasting Bloody Monarch” comes from that .

At that moment, the Everlasting Bloody Monarch is the Spear of All Evils, and the Spear of All Evils is the Everlasting Bloody Monarch . His own cultivation is increased by countless times .

“Only three moves!”

The Everlasting Bloody Monarch is suffering from extreme pain because all the evil ideas are corroding his soul . Wild killing wills gradually emerge in his mind .

He stands there like an iron tower, with the bloody Spear of All Evils in his hand . Weird flames are dancing in his eyes, showing strange and wild fighting will . “Jiu Zhou King, my Spear of All Evils has only three moves, but it is enough to defeat you!”

Yulan King’s voice is so cold as if it has been freezing for ten thousand years .

“Yulan King is a madman of time as well!”

Looking at Yulan King who has become evil thoroughly, the Monarch of Sword, the Emperor of Space-times and the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon are all shocked .

He had rushed into foreign world and killed millions of creatures to collect evil ideas, which alone cannot be matched all over the world except for Jiu Zhou King .

They are both absolutely madmen . No wonder they have become mortal enemies!

Qin Yi, who came from the Archaean era, is quite excited and expect to witness the duel between two madmen of time . It is lucky that he was sealed into the Hadean era by the magic qin .

He can witness the duel between the peak Spear of All Evils and the peak Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, which is absolutely only once in ten thousand years!

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“Come on!”

Jiu Zhou King doesn’t say many words . Since the nine sacred lamps of Jiu Zhou emerged, he became steady like a dry well and is indifferent to any people or affairs .

“The Spear of All Evils . The first move . All Evils Matter!”

Yulan King shouts and thrusts sharply at Jiu Zhou King, who has Jiu Zhou Meed Mor above his head, with Spear of All Evils in one hand .

Immediately, a light of blood bursts out on the Spear of All Evils . The whole sky is colored and a bloody breath is rolling .

At that moment everyone has a illusion that they are in an ancient slaughterhouse .

The murderous spirit is too strong!

“The first move of The Nine Piece of Meed Mor!”

Jiu Zhou King’s voice is cold and flat as if it comes from the deepest of hell and can freeze people’s blood in a second .

As soon as he said this, the 10-zhang-long Meed Mor’s phantom above his head is launched silently against Yulan King’s Spear of All Evils .


The two unparalleled fierce arms clash .

Jiu Zhou King has taken out the nine sacred lamps, so the The Nine Piece of Meed Mor’s power iss more than double that when he dueled with Emperor Sakura . Giant loops of ripples are sweeping like freak waves . Both Jiu Zhou King and Yulan King back off because they cannot resist .

Yet they rush up again the next moment .

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Not only Jiu Zhou Meed Mor but also Spear of All Evils cannot stop once launched .

“Crash . . . ”

Jiu Zhou King is regurgitated by Jiu Zhou Meed Mor’s breath . He spits blood abruptly and his figure becomes slightly faint as if he is about to fade into the vacant space .

The second Meed Mor’s phantom begins to gather slowly above his head . This time it is as long as 100 zhang with over-floating murderous sense between sky and earth .

The nine sacred lamps of the deepest of Jiu Zhou continent are silently floating beside it .

Looking at Jiu Zhou King’s faint figure, the Emperor of Space-times, the Monarch of Sword and the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon are all worried but don’t say anything .

“Jiu Zhou Meed Mor’s power is increased by many times when its shackle has been broken, and your move is extremely resolute . Jiu Zhou King, you are genius for real!”

Looking at the gathering Meed Mor’s phantom above Jiu Zhou King’s head, Yulan King cannot keep calm .

The most powerful Meed Mor in the world is its essence . Meed Mor’s entity is limited, but its essence is infinite and can even fill up the world .

Yulan King’s Spear of All Evils cannot stop as well while speaking .

It looks like his whole body is burning from the inside . His soul is wildly corroded by all the evil ideas . Weird flame is dancing in his eyes, which is extremely strange .

Evil ideas are saturated immediately for the second move of Spear of All Evils .

He has to launch the second move at once, otherwise he will be controlled by evil ideas forever and become a bloody evil!

In fact, Spear of All Evils is just like Jiu Zhou Meed Mor . Once it is launched, it is not human that is moving, but the arm is controlling human .

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