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Chapter 85

Proofread by Peter Gong

The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountain . Jiu Zhou continent is surging with uneasiness and turbulence .

The only madman of the world, Jiu Zhou King, leads the Emperor of Space-times, the Monarch of Sword, the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon and drives the Living Creature Platform to rummage every corner of Jiu Zhou continent . He has integrated nine militant souls of Jiu Zhou continent into the Meed Mor, which is floating above his head . Now he is going to find out and catch all the peak powerhouses .

Quite a few of powerhouses who understand the situation will come out to welcome them . Yet many matchless powerhouses don’t want to join the war . However, it is unwise to challenge the strongest Jiu Zhou King and three unparalleled powerhouses, who are the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon, the Monarch of Sword and the Emperor of Space-times . So they have to step into the militant way regardless of unwillingness .

“Xing Tian King, please!”

The headless Xing Tian King’s 10000-zhang-high body enters the militant way without looking back .

“Cyan Dragon, please!”


Cyan Dragon’s huge body rushes into the militant way .

“Kua Fu, please!”

Kua Fu?

Watching the topless 30-zhang-high man, Qin Yi cannot keep calm . He came from the Archaean era and has been cultivating an advanced internal force called Kua Fu’s Steps . He doesn’t expect that he cam meet Kua Fu’s Steps’ creator at the Hadean era .

According to the legend, Kua Fu created the Kua Fu’s Steps for the aim of running after the sun .

Kua Fu steps into the militant way without speaking .

“Qin Wizard, please!”

“I have been cultivating for hundreds of thousands of years in preparation for this day!”

Qin Wizard resolutely rushes into the militant way, the pitch-dark Qin above his head .

“ . . . . . . ”

Matchless powerhouses are invited in the militant way one after another by Jiu Zhou King, who is still as calm as a dry well . Standing on the 1000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform, Jiu Zhou King is like a dry well from beginning to end . His voice is so cold that people feel chill the moment they hear it,

At the same time the three unparalleled powerhouses, the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon, the Monarch of Sword and the Emperor of Space-times also calmly stand on the 000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform . Recondite breath emanates from their bodies .

“Jiu Zhou King, why should I listen to you? I will not enter the militant way . ”

In front of the four men and a dragon is a huge frog like a mountain . Qin Yi is shocked and dumbfounded . A huge frog like this can never be found at the Archaean era .

“It is not me that ask you to enter the militant way, but all the creatures . ”

Jiu Zhou King’s voice is cold as well without any mood .

“Ask me to get killed! It’s impossible!” The Huge Frog roars, It’s so loud that even the earth shakes .

“Then, I have to force you into it!”

The 10-zhang-long Meed Mor’s phantom above his head suddenly come down, and the Huge Frog is nearly cut in to by only one move .

The Huge Frog is shocked and angry . He has to enter the militant way unwillingly with brutal words .

However, this unprecedented war is about all the creatures . People’s own thoughts are already of no account . It is impossible to retreat even they know they are doomed

“You damned madman, Jiu Zhou King! How could you force other people to be killed?” An greybeard in rages scolds . He stands on a big rock with barefoot and crutch,

Facing with his anger, Jiu Zhou King indifferently says, “Ageless Greybeard, you have bean living for countless years . It’s enough . Come in . I do not want to appeal to arms . ”

The Ageless Greybeard looks at Jiu Zhou King, the Monarch of Sword, the Emperor of Space-times and the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon, and enters the militant way unwillingly in the end .

The war is around the corner . Besides Jiu Zhou continent, another continent continent in the plane of Archaean, which is Yulan continent, is also in turbulence and many peak powerhouses join the war .

At continents in other planes like the plane of Barren sect and the plane of Domephase sect, powerhouses are also gathering in preparation for the final war .

It is unimaginable how grand and immense the final war is .

It is unimaginable how powerful the enemy of all the creatures is . And what on earth is it?

“Let’s go to Yulan continent . ”

Go to Yulan continent?

Qin Yi blinks . He is shocked that Jiu Zhou King is really arrogant to extreme . He is going to Yulan continent and force powerhouses at there to enter the militant way .

Doesn’t he think he asks too much?

Yulan continent naturally has its master, Yulan King, and its own order, culture and so on . It is quite different from Jiu Zhou continent, and even some of its ways of cultivation cannot fit Jiu Zhou continent .

However, Qin Yi is also curious about this strange continent . What’s more he has ever seen Yulan King’s name in history in the Archaean era .

According to history at the Archaean era, Yulan King and Jiu Zhou King are mortal enemies . They once fought fiercely for the master of Archaean continent and ended in a lose-lose situation .

The master of Archaean continent is still vacant till now .

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Yulan continent is not as mountainous as Jiu Zhou continent . The land at there is flat and bloody, and even the sky is bloody, which feels desolate and fierce as if the whole continent is immersed in all the creatures’ blood .

A continent like this is out of Qin Yi’s expectation .

“Jiu Zhou King, you needn’t bring so many accompanies even though you are going to continue the duel between us 100000 years ago . ”

Yulan King stands loftily on bloody land . A kind of perfect breath emanates from his body .

He looks like a middle-aged man with average appearance . His nose is prominent and his body is about 30 zhang . Long black hair is blowing in the wind . A simple spear is in his hands .

Looking at Yulan King, Qin Yi frowns secretly . He has a feeling that Yulan King must be a madman like Jiu Zhou King .

“I remember I have torn your arms up with my silver spear in the duel 100000years ago . So why they are intact now? It’s impossible . My spear is the Spear of All Evils . It is refined by all the evil ideas so the wound must be eternal . ”

Watching the intact Jiu Zhou King, Yulan King cannot keep calm .

Refine a spear by all the evil ideas?

Sure enough he is an extremely madman like Jiu Zhou King!

Qin Yi gasps secretly .

At the same time, the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon beside him laboriously explains to Qin Yi .

Yulan King has another name, which is the Everlasting Bloody Monarch . He is even more mad than Jiu Zhou King . He once rushed to foreign world and killed millions of creatures to collect evil ideas in order to refine the Spear of All Evils .

The land and sky in Yulan continent were not bloody before Yulan King refined the Spear of All Evils . They were dyed by evil ideas . The name “the Everlasting Bloody Monarch” also came from this .

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He killed millions of creatures!

Qin Yi feels chill in mind . He is really mad to extreme!

“Maybe your Spear of All Evils can leave eternal wounds on other people, but probably I’m different . My past and present have been combined and can be circulated arbitrarily . ” Jiu Zhou King says flatly .

“What? You have refined your past and present and broken through the cycle of birth and death!”

Jiu Zhou King, on the contrary, is still steady like a dry well . “Everlasting Bloody Monarch, you narrowly won me in the duel 100000 years ago because you had the Spear of All Evils . However, this time I have refined my past and present, and have mastered the essence of the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, and have broken through the ninth of The Nine Piece of Meed Mor . Do you want to fight with me again? If not, enter the militant way dutifully . ”

He bears a handprint sharply . The gate of space rises from the Living Creature Platform again and is levitating in the vacant space .


The gate of space opens . A way of blood is shown in Yulan King’s plane . A smell of blood emanates from it .

“Is this the militant way? It is refined by you, the madman, isn’t it?”

Yulan King looks up to the bloody militant way .

“Yes . ” Jiu Zhou King coldly nods .


Yulan King suddenly laughs, “Jiu Zhou King, you are far more mad than me . You have refined the militant way! How long have you prepared for this war?”

“Countless years . ” Jiu Zhou King is unperturbed . “All the creatures have come to a heyday, and a big shuffle must be around the corner . Why not start a war on our own initiative?”

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