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Chapter 84

Proofread by Peter Gong

The Fengdu Mountain in eastern legends .

The invincible Monarch of Sword cut the Immortal King of Ghost in two, but was disregard by him for he is immortal .

“It may be true that we cannot kill you, but it doesn’t mean we cannot deal with you . ”

The Emperor of Space-time slowly shakes his head, and then lightly yells, “Past and present, nothing is left!”

The two parts of the Immortal King of Ghost are placed in two different time axes at once . Of course, they are the past and the present which are evolved by the Emperor of Space-time .

The two time axes are crossing while the two parts of skeleton can never be combined .

That is . . .

Qin Yi keeps blinking and opens his mouth with astonishment for a long time .

That is the rule of space and time . How terrifying!

“Damn! Pervert! Space-time, stop the vicious rule and fight with me in person if you are not a coward!”

The Immortal King of Ghost rages . His two part keep crossing in two different time axes, but can never combine .

“As your wish . So what?”

The Emperor of Space-times sneers, and abruptly launches another rule . “Oh dear Equinox flower, just living Orion and Acrab . No matter how far extended . NEVER could you be together!”

The left half of the Immortal King of Ghost suddenly disappears, and only the right half left . Then in the blink of an eye, the left half of skeleton appears and the right half disappears .

The two parts of the Immortal King of Ghost are now just like Equinox flowers’ blossoms and leaves by the Lethe . When the left half appears, the right half must have disappeared, and vice versa .

Qin Yi looks at the Emperor of Space-times strangely with astonishment . The Emperor of Space-times’ name is already well-known in the Archaean era .

Now he comes back to his own time and witnesses his abilities, realizing that this kind elder is really unimaginable strong and powerful . He could dally with the Immortal King of Ghost .

“Leave him alone . Let his two parts maintain the status . Let’s go!”

Ignored the Immortal King of Ghost, Jiu Zhou King waves and is about to drive the Living Creature Platform away .

“Damned Space-time! OK, I will go to the militant way!”

The Immortal King of Ghost gives in .

He is frightened . It would be better to die if his two parts maintain the status like Equinox flowers’ blossoms and leaves by the Lethe .

The Emperor of Space-times throws a print without any word . The Immortal King of Ghost’s two parts appears in unison, and then combine into one complete skeleton .

At the same time, a gate of space emerges on the Living Creature Platform .

Qin Yi glances at the gate, and feels his blood freezes at once .

Behind the gate of space is an old way, which is extremely abnormal . Beside the endless way are flowing bloods .

“Definitively . . . a way of blood!”

Qin Yi sighs in mind .

The 100-zhang-tall Immortal King of Ghost soars into the sky and steps into the militant way of blood . He keeps scolding before entering the gate, “Damn, you madmen screwed up my cultivation . I will settle accounts with you after the war . ”


The militant way is closed .

The Immortal King of Ghost is sealed in the militant way .

Sanding on the Living Creature Platform, Qin Yi is lost in thought . He knows exactly that the Immortal King of Ghost could never come back and settle accounts with them . All the gods and devils will be finished in this war .

A long pause .

Jiu Zhou King flatly says, “Let’s go to invite the Emperor of Invariant Universe . ”

These powerhouses in the Hadean era actually have been preparing for the final war for infinite years . Now the final war is finally coming . The whole Jiu Zhou continent is surging with uneasiness and turbulence .

“Qin Yi!”

On the Living Creature Platform, Jiu Zhou King suddenly turns to Qin Yi . “You are still too weak, so I will let the Emperor of Space-times send you back to the Archaean era before the full-scale breakout of the war . However, here and now I want you to remember such scenes, and our hostility . We are doomed to be defeated in the war this time, but we will never give in . Our war towards alien race is not over . ”

Qin Yi silently nods . Somehow he has an unreasoning sense of kindness on Jiu Zhou King .

And what he means by these words is that the war towards alien race will be extended to the Archaean era?

All the creatures’ enemy . What on earth is it?

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Qin Yi feels extremely puzzled .

“Jiu Zhou King, I have been waiting for you for a long time . ”

The Emperor of Invariant Universe appears on the top of the Holy Mountain of Invariant Universe to welcome Jiu Zhou King and his accompanies . His voice is very calm without mood swings .

The Emperor of Invariant Universe is also a earthshaking name in Jiu Zhou continent, which can be seen in history books at the Archaean era .

It seems that his whole body has entered the natural way, so he looks ambiguous as if he is separated by another space and time .

“It’s very king of you . ”

Jiu Zhou King slowly nods . “The Emperor of Invariant Universe, you are respectable indeed so I really don’t want to offend you openly . ”

The Emperor of Invariant Universe is much older than Jiu Zhou King . He has been living in the Holy Mountain of Invariant Universe in seclusion, but can be compared with Jiu Zhou King in public opinions .

Jiu Zhou King bears a handprint sharply, taking out the gate of space to the militant way from the Living Creature Platform . It is levitating in the vacant space .


The gate of space opens, showing the way of blood to everyone .


Standing on the 1000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform, Jiu Zhou King indifferently makes a gesture without any word .

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“I’m going first, Jiu Zhou King . I will wait for you and your powerhouses at there!”

The Emperor of Invariant Universe firmly shrinks and steps forward on the Holy Mountain of Invariant Universe . He enters the militant way, after which the gate of space and time closes and goes back to the Living Creature Platform .

“Let’s go . We are going to the deepest of Jiu Zhou continent and invite the King of Reincarnation . ”

Conducting the Monarch of Sword, the Emperor of Space-times, the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon and Qin Yi, Jiu Zhou King drives the 1000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform straight to the deepest of Jiu Zhou continent .

The King of Reincarnation, another big fella!

Qin Yi secretly put his tongue out . He has known a little bit about the King of Reincarnation at the Archaean era . It is said that she controls the six ways of Jiu Zhou continent, and her creation calls “The Six Great Divisions in the Wheel of Karma” makes everyone panic-stricken .

The King of Reincarnation has another name, which calls the Human Monarch . She is even much older than Jiu Zhou King .

Surprisingly, the King of Reincarnation is a woman in white . Now she is standing at the deep of Jiu Zhou continent . Her dark hair is winging and her white dress is floating as if she is about to go with wind .

Adjectives like beautiful of charming are not enough to describe her unmatched face . A light shine is emanating from her body, which makes her looks extremely holy and pure .

“The King of Reincarnation, I will not say too much here . Please!”

Jiu Zhou King firmly makes a gesture to her,

Without any words, the King of Reincarnation lifts her slender tender legs and vanishes into the terrifying militant way .

Watching the fading beauty, Qin Yi is in a trance and cannot help sighing with emotion . The Immortal Human Monarch has devoted herself to the militant way . She will never come back, and is doomed to sacrifice at foreign land .

But there is no choice . They know well the tragic ending, but they have to accept it . That is the fate of gods in the Hadean era .

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