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Chapter 83

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Jiu Zhou Jing is the master of Jiu Zhou continent, and the whole Jiu Zhou is under his control .

The moment he coldly yells, the winds rise and the clouds begin to gather all over the Jiu Zhou continent . An unbounded chill springs up . It is a scene that the war is just around the corner .

Definitely the legend of an era . Clouds and rains are all in his hand!

Qin Yi sighs .

Along with the unbounded winds and clouds, nine sacred lamps suddenly emerge from the deepest of nine directions on Jiu Zhou continent .

The old and simple nine sacred lamps have went through countless years, and are mysterious beyond description . They are nine militant souls of Jiu Zhou continent, which are lighting in the core of Jiu Zhou continent and maintaining the whole Jiu Zhou continent .

Each of them has an ancient, immortal legend, which is looked up to by all the creatures .

The nine sacred lamps are darting to the top of Jiu Zhou church . Every sacred lamp has a light on its top, where oil is burning .

The light of oil lamp is quite dim and seems that can goes out at any moment . However, they are actually on for long . No storm or wave can put them out .

They are Jiu Zhou continent’s souls . All the creatures on Jiu Zhou continent are held by them and only with them can living things on Jiu Zhou continent multiply .


All the nine sacred lamps appear above the top of Jiu Zhou church in a second as if they directly break the vacant space . They are slowly revolving around the Meed Mor’s phantom above Jiu Zhou King’s head .

The Meed Mor’s phantom strongly trembles at once . The over-flowing murderous sense directly increases by more than ten times .

Jiu Zhou King’s temperament changes sharply at the same time the nine sacred lamps emerge .

He seemed arrogant before that and even said nothing . However, now the arrogance throughout his body has disappeared, and a flat dignity arises instead .

Quite another man!

But everyone can feel that Jiu Zhou King is far more strong than before, and can rival Emperor Sakura who had dueled with him .

“That is . . . ”

Watching the nine sacred lamps above Jiu Zhou King’s head, Qin Yi is stunned . The nine militant souls of Jiu Zhou continent turns out to be nine sacred lamps .

He did have heard about the legends of the nine sacred lamps of Jiu Zhou continent . They are nine immortal mythologies among people . Yet Jiu Zhou King has integrated them into Meed Mor .

What a great achievement!

The Emperor of Space-time, the Monarch of Sword and the Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon are all looking at the nine sacred lamps and feel hard to calm down .

“Come on!”

Jiu Zhou King bears a handprint, then the Living Creature Platform begins to go up with big noise . It only takes a short moment when it is as long as one hundred zhang and looks like a mainstay .

Qin Yi and others rush up on the Living Creature Platform one by one without hesitation, and stand with Jiu Zhou King .

That strange feeling arises again in Qin Yi’s mind when he steps on the Living Creature Platform . It feels like he has been totally mixed into the Living Creature Platform, and he himself had once stood at here before the endless time .

At that moment Qin Yi senses that he has already broken through the cycle of birth and death and become an immortal figure . It feels like he has undergone ten thousand years in a second and will last forever .


The Living Creature Platform keeps arising until it has a height of one thousand zhang . An invisible momentum emanates from it, bending the vacant space by small degrees .


Jiu Zhou King drives the Living Creature Platform, Jiu Zhou Meed Mor above his head . Qin Yi and others are all taken off and disappear into the horizon .

That day will be recorded in history by the Archaean era in the distant future . People call it Day of Gods’ Chaos before the doomsday . According to historical records, Jiu Zhou King fronted many figures and drove the Living Creature Platform to raise a storm on the whole Jiu Zhou continent at that day . They found and caught all the powerhouses who had been hiding in nooks and corners, and drove them into the army .

Of course, Qin Yi’s name will not exist in those figures who made efforts for the mini doomsday in history .

In face, Qin Yi’s appearance has changed the course of history, which is completely an accident .

Or maybe it is controlled by some powerful figures who are powerful enough to distort the natural law .

Soon the 1000-zhang-long Living Creature Platform takes them to an ancient mountain, which looks strange and is full of peculiar rocks .

“This mountain is weird!” Qin Yi frowns, feeling his four limbs are getting cold .

“Of course . It is Fengdu Mountain . ” The Monarch of Sword beside slowly says .

Qin Yi winces . As a young oriental, he has heard about Fengdu Mountain for a long time . In a word, it is a mountain of ghost . It is said that the entrance of hell is here .

He comes to the entrance of hell!

Qin Yi gasps secretly .

“It looks tranquil, but in fact a big guy is hidden in here . Now we are going to find him out . ” Jiu Zhou King, who is steady like a dry well, slowly says .

The Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon has soared into the sky . His body grows to thousands of zhang, which is supremely mighty .

“Yelp! The Immortal KIng of Ghost, you are so calm . We have made our way to your home, but you still give no response . ”

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The Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon roars, “If you keep staying in your den, I will raze the Fengdu Mountain to the ground!”

The roar just fell, the floating Supreme Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon rolls his huge body hard towards the Fengdu Mountain under him . A gust of wind is set off .


The Fengdu Mouhtain sharply trembles as if it is about to collapse .

So wild!

Standing on the Living Creature Platform, Qin Yi blinks with astonishment .

After the shock, the whole Fengdu Mountain falls silent briefly . Then a crack begins to ring, which sounds like the grind of bones .

Qin Yi gazes at there, seeing a skeleton standing on the Fengdu Mountain sometime .

It senses quite weird . The skeleton seems to have come from nothingness . No one has ever passed through there .

The skeleton is about one hundred zhangs high . Black air emanates from it . All the joints of the skeleton is twisting, which sounds very horrible .

Along with its appearance, it seems that the whole Fengdu Mountain falls into hell . Endless dead air fills up all the space . The Fengdu Mountain’s landform is also changed . Many sites which looks like carters emerging and are spouting black air .

“These carter-like sites seemingly lead to hell!”

Qin Yi instinctively thinks . This guy who comes from the Archaean era is already shocked to the extreme . He has seen the entrance of hell!

The Hadean era is extremely mysterious and terrifying for real .

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There is no doubt that the skeleton on the top of Fengdu Mountain is the Immortal King of Ghost .

“I haven’t make any appearance for hundreds of thousands of years, and have restrained all of my breath . Jiu Zhou King, how could you feel my existence?”

The Immortal King of Ghost’s two big dark orbitas face still at Jiu Zhou King, which sense very weird as if the soul will be inhaled in a look .

“The Living Creature Platform . ” Jiu Zhou King flatly says .

“The Living Creature Platform?”

The Immortal King of Ghost winces . “The Living Creature Platform is refined by numerous creatures, and the power of perception can cover the whole Jiu Zhou continent . . . ”

“Immortal King of Ghost, we don’t want to appeal to arms . Go to the militant way willingly . ” JJiu Zhou King stands at the 1000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform and looks down at the Immortal King of Ghost, still like a dry well .

“The militant way? Are you going to attack that macabre race?”

The Immortal King of Ghost mutters to himself . He has been remaining in the Fengdu Mountain for hundreds of thousands of years, so it seems that he is confused facing the outside world .

“Damn! I have nearly finished the refinement of all the eighteen levels of hell . Jiu Zhou King, Monarch of Sword, Space-time, Heaven Monarch of Big Dragon, you suddenly break in and drag me go to your militant way and to attack that macabre race!”

The Immortal King of Ghost suddenly roars . “I REJECT! What can you do to me? Remember, I AM IMMORTAL . You are unable to kill me!”

“It’s true that we cannot kill you . ” The Monarch of Sword slightly frowns . “But . . . ”

A bloody sword suddenly appears in her pure, slim hand . She optionally waves on the 1000-zhang-high Living Creature Platform, then a huge wave of bloody sword spirit is launched with over-floating murderous sense .


The unstoppable bloody sword spirit directly cut the Immortal King of Ghost in two .

“Stop vain trying . I have just told you that I am immortal . You are unable to kill me . ” The two piece of skeleton both say .

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