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Chapter 8

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

“The fifth kill of Leopard King—Leopard King’s Laceration!”

Guang Yonggao’s obese body becomes extraordinarily flexible and fierce at the moment when he screams and leaps to Qin Yi, with his hands transformed into claws . The strong wind generated by Guang Yonggao’s move makes Qin Yi’s clothes float up in the air .   

Guang Yonggao has learned the fifth kill which is the best and the highest martial art he can use currently . He intends to defeat Qin Yi with one move by using the fifth kill!

"Fat Guang is really stronger than the last time!"

The surrounding disciples who watch the battle exclaim .

Qin Yi stands still and looks attentively at the leopard-like Fat Guang leaping to him fiercely .

All of a sudden .

"Overlord Boxing!" Qin Yi throws an ordinary punch .

Simple! Direct! Effective!

Qin Yi’s fist simply punches on Fat Guang’s chest no matter how fierce and domineering Guang Yonggao is and no matter how incredible the fifth kill of the Leopard King is .  


Everything is the same as the previous time . The obese body of Guang Yonggao suddenly flies out and crashes into the ground before his fist could reach Qin Yi .  

What happened?

The surrounding disciples who have been watching the battle all keep their mouth wide open and blink their eyes with an unbelievable expression as they look at the dusty Guang Yonggao on the ground .

Fat Guang actually loses the game again within one move!

The point is that the move Qin Yi uses to defeat Guang Yonggao is the basic martial art "Overlord Boxing" .

Standing not far from the training ground, Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue look at Qin Yi surprisingly . Chang Jingxue feels startled a while and says with a smile: "It's useless . The martial arts masters will come and gather at the competition of Lingyumen . Even if the boy can knock down Guang Yonggao with a punch, it doesn’t mean he will not be defeated ruthlessly in the competition . "

Yang Shiqi, the legendary girl, looks at Qin Yi in a short astonishment with her glaze-looking eyes . She is naturally aware of the fact that Qin Yi’s inner cultivation is not very high, but the truth that he did defeat Guang Yonggao with only one punch still arouses her interest .

The disciples on the training ground has witnessed the making of the historical record .

“Sorry, you lose again, still with one move!”

Qin Yi leaves without looking at Guang Yonggao, who is lying on his stomach .

"Shit! Fat Guang, how can you underestimate him again?"

"Yeah, why there are always accidents?"

Everyone comes back to their senses from the battle and exclaims their dissatisfaction with the result .

Since Yang Shiqi’s behavior makes Qin Yi envied and hated by many disciples, who hope that Guang Yonggao can beat Qin Yi bitterly .

But the result is . . . Guang Yonggao is again put down by Qin Yi within one move!

Lying on his stomach, Guang Yonggao could find no place to hide himself for shame . He is very clear that he did not underestimate Qin Yi this time . He learned well from last failure and has hidden the flaws very well .

However, he is still defeated with one move!

It means that Qin Yi has always been hiding his strength and deliberately humiliates Guang .

Thinking of this, Guang Yonggao is extremely angry and he even couldn’t wait to tear Qin Yi apart . The battle with Qin Yi is still not finished!

"Wait, Qin Yi!" A faint voice is heard .

Qin Yi has to stop and looks back, a young man in yellow robe comes into his sight .

The young man in the yellow robe looks at Qin Yi and says: "My name is Chong Feng . I reached the peak of the second level of the Domephase the other day . I want to compare notes with you about martial arts to see how powerful the peak of the second level is . "

"Bravo, good idea!"

The disciples around applaud for the challenge launched by the boy in yellow . Although Qin Yi was not given a good lesson by Guang Yonggao, now the disciple whose cultivation is at the peak of the second-level Domophase will teach him a lesson . It will be exhilarating to see Qin Yi being beaten up by this boy .

The charming girl like Yang Shiqi is almost the dreamlover of all the male disciples in Lingyumen . How can a beautiful flower like Yang Shiqi be stuck in a dunghill like Qin Yi? 

Everyone agrees that this dunghill must be blown up!

“You want to impress other guys only by the peak of the second level? Don’t you feel insolent?"   Qin Yi ignores the applause around and smiles slightly .

His tone is faint, but his words hit the depths of Chong Feng’s heart .

"You . . . " Chong Feng is completely shocked, not expecting that Qin Yi will be so ruthless!

The people around look all eccentric .

Yang Shiqi is very smart, and she knows that Qin Yi means himself as “other guys” . Her cheeks instantly blushes and she cannot help giggling .

Chong Feng laughs out loud and says in a descending tone, "Only the peak of the second level? Haha, I really admire your courage . Don’t be self-contented because you defeated Fat Guang . I will soon let you see the strength of the peak of the second level, smashing your imagination!

He turns to Yang Shiqi, with his eyes full of adoration . He will let Yang Shiqi know that Qin Yi is merely a pile of cow dung .

Feeling the gaze of Chong Feng, Yang Shiqi curls her rosy lips . Compared with Chong Feng, she is more interested in Qin Yi, who is always as cool as a cucumber .

What's more, she hates that boys fight for her favor .

"Don't talk nonsense, come on . "

Qin Yi feels that this competition is quite boring . He is now working hard to prepare for the Martial Arts Assembly, with no desire to fight for a girl’s favor .

"You have guts! But you will regret it soon . Windy Legs of Ghost--"

Chong Feng says these words suddenly in a low volume . His movement is so fast that he rushes up to Qin Yi in the blink of an eye . When one of his legs sweeps Qin Yi’s feet, the fast movement makes the leg fuzzy like a ghost .

In the next moment, a white figure zooms towards Qin Yi and easily defuses the Windy Legs of Ghost by lifting his leg and gently kicking on Chong Feng’s leg .


Looking at the girl in the white dress who is in front of Qin Yi, everyone is stunned . They blink their eyes, only to find that it is the legendary girl of Lingyumen who just takes a shot!

Before then, they just heard about how powerful this legendary girl is .

Seeing her shot today, a phantom shot, they know exactly how powerful and incredible Yang Shiqi’s cultivation is!

"Shi Qi, what do you mean by this?"

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Chong Feng’ lips twitch violently and his heart seems to be pierced by millions of arrows as he finds out that the unperturbed legendary girl, his dreamlover, defends Qin Yi .

"Chong Feng, you are a disciple at the peak of the second level of Domephase . Why do you think it is interesting to fight with Qin Yi, a disciple who has just broken through the second level? If you want to fight, try me!" Yang Shiqi curves up the corners of her mouth, on which is a beautiful smile .

To fight with you?

"Shi Qi, you are kidding me on purpose . Everyone knows you are a genius, and I'm no match for you . "

Chong Feng’s face looks pale, his heart throbbing painfully, and his leg dully aching . His leg should have been broken if Yang Shiqi did not show mercy!

Yang Shiqi smiles without saying a word .

What a boring competition it is!

Qin Yi speaks to Yang Shiqi with a gentle smile: "Thank you for your help . See you!"

He doesn’t want to waste any more time here, for he must lose no time to resume the cultivation and practice . He is struck that the legendary girl, Yang Shiqi, is really powerful and strong in cultivation . He estimates that it is impossible for him to attempt three moves at her, given his strength now . So he has to go home and practice harder!

"Qin Yi, a minute please!"

At Qin Yi’s departure, Yang Shiqi says suddenly after a short dullness .

Qin Yi has to stop and turns around, looking at the breathtaking genius beauty in front of him: "What?"

Am I not attractive enough?

Yang Shiqi is surprised by Qin Yi's calmness . Since an early age, it is the first time for her to meet someone who could show composure and presence of mind in front of her .

"Ah, I am wondering if it is possible to invite you to my house . Would you like to come?” Yang Shiqi’s glaze-looking eyes glance at Qin Yi . Her face is a fatal attraction .

The disciples who enter Lingyu Gate are allowed to bring their families with them, just like Qin Yi’s parents, who come from Qingshui Town with Qin Yi to Lingyumen .

Certainly, in the School of Lingyumen, the treatment received by the families of the celebrities like Yang Shiqi are naturally much better than that of Qin Yi’s parents .

"To your house? Thank you for your kind invitation, but I don't think I have time . " Qin Yi refuses Yang Shiqi gently .

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Qin Yi’s rejection immediately arouses an uproar on the training ground .

"My Heaven, I'm sure Qin Yi is an absolute dick-head . "

"He refused Yang Shiqi's invitation with no hesitation . Am I dreaming?"


Besides the demonstrated beauty of Yang Shiqi, her amazing gifted talent is enviable enough in Lingyumen . The boys would become excited all day long if Yang Shiqi gives them a look . But Qin Yi refused this extremely attractive girl with no hesitation .

Chong Feng is so ashamed . He took great pains to catch Yang Shiqi's attention and he did it, however, in a way beyond his expectation . She challenges him in order to protect Qin Yi!

Chong Feng thinks that his dreamlover tries to please others, but being rejected by others without hesitation, which really drives him mad .

“It seems that this boy’s head must have been caught by the door, otherwise how can he be so indifferent to me?” Yang Shiqi thinks to herself, not confident of her charm for the first time .

She smiles lightly and suddenly takes up Qin Yi’s arm and says, “Why do you refuse me?”

Qin Yi is puzzled by Yang Shiqi’s coquettish behaviour and says: "What are you . . . "

"Don't you want to be like this?"

Yang Shiqi looks at Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue who stands not very far away from her, putting on a twinkling smile on her face .  

When Yang Shiqi holds up Qin Yi’s arm, his rebellious impulse somehow suddenly disappears at the sight of Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue .

Looking at the intimate relationship between Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, Rou Qin can't tell what it is in her heart . When she was enrolled by Lingyumen, she gave up Qin Yi and fell into the arms of Chang Jingxue . But now the talented girl Yang Shiqi gives herself to Qin Yi in front of the disciples of Lingyumen .

What an irony!

"Obviously, Yang Shiqi means to upset you, Qinn . Qin Yi's unexpected performance makes it easier to impress the girls . But Yang Shiqi must want to achieve her own purpose by pleasing him . "

Chang Jingxue grabs Rou Qin's shoulder and says coldly: "Qinn, you can be rest assured, and I promise you that I will cripple Qin Yi with three moves on the Assembly . Just wait and see . And, I also heard that Qiu Shaoxian, the adopted son of the headmaster of Lingyumen, has long been adoring Yang Shiqi . As long as I spread the rumor that Yang Shiqi and Qin Yi fall in love, we can imagine what would happen to Qin Yi . Don’t forget that Qiu Shaoxian ranks first among all young disciples . He has a hundred ways to give Qin Yi a death-like lesson . "

Although Qin Yi’s performance was very amazing, Chang Jingxue, who is about to break through the fourth level of the Domephase, has confidence in crippling Qin Yi with three moves .

He is determined to show no mercy to Qin Yi on the Assembly . He will show Qin Yi an evidence that anyone who refuses to surrender to him must end up in misery!

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