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Chapter 76

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"Uh……” Qin Yi is dumbfounded .

The Supreme Dragon Emperor in the Immortal Ancient Era actually falls on his shoulder, and Qin Yi blinks his eyes in disbelief and not even dares to breathe .

"Little fellow, it's so weird! Why do I feel a familiar aura on your body, where are you from, and why are you so weak?" The silver dragon says with a rough voice and a puzzled look .

"A familiar aura on my body?" Qin Yi couldn't help but frown .

The left hand!

He thinks of the reason in an instant and his heart is very restless . The master of that mysterious left hand really came from Immortal Ancient Era , and seemed to be an old acquaintance with the silver dragon on his shoulder!

"Where am I from? It seems . . . from the future!" Qin Yi tries to recall, and he only vaguely remembers that he seems to come from the future, but how did he come here, but he couldn't remember it anyway .

"From the future?"

The silver dragon is stunned, it tilts its head and blinks its eyes, looking at Qin Yi incredulously: "Do you enter the past by deranging and reversing space-time? But I don't think you have the ability to do so . Humph, you little boy is a little weird and I will hand you over to the Emperor of Space-Time, let the old man study you carefully, but now, I will take you to a place, do you see the fairy mountain ahead?"

Qin Yi is stunned . The words of the silver dragon reveal some important information to him . People in the future can really enter the past through deranging and reversing space-time, and in this immortal ancient world, there is actually an Emperor of Space-Time .

Before Qin Yi comes back to himself, the silver dragon transforms the its body into a length of two meters, and it carries Qin Yi and flies quickly towards the fairy mountain in front .

Is this . . . the legendary sky-flying?

Qin Yi lies prone on the silver dragon, and he is quite excited that he can experience sky-flying after coming to this immortal ancient world, and he is carried by the Supreme Dragon Emperor!

The silver dragon flies extremely fast .

After a while, Qin Yi and the silver dragon come to the foot of the fairy mountain .

Qin Yi finds out that this fairy mountain is unimaginably huge, with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes .  The rays of light rush into the heaven, and the sky is covered with auspicious and brilliant clouds of various colors .

This is the famous Sword Burying Mountain Villa . The owner is the highly respected Sword Emperor whose majesty is felt throughout the whole Jiu Zhou mainland . Every one-hundred year, Sword Emperor will give lectures on the Taoism in the Sword Burying Mountain Villa for the benefit of the mortal world and to point the right way for the cultivators who have lost themselves on their way of martial art cultivation .

Today is exactly one-hundred-year reincarnation, the day for the Sword Emperor to give lectures on Taoism .

Many cultivators have come here to listen to the Sword Emperor's lectures .

Feeling the breath radiating from the cultivator coming from all directions, Qin Yi couldn't calm down . The lowest cultivation level among them is the peak of Zong Tao! The vast majority have already broken through to The Tao of Emperor .

Qin Yi has slowly integrated into this immortal ancient world unconsciously .

"You are too small and too weak, I will take you to listen to the Sword Emperor's lecture on Taoism, I hope it can be helpful to you, and Tao contains everything in this world, whether you can comprehend it is up to you . "

The silver dragon carries Qin Yi and flies straight to the top of the fairy mountain .

"I really want to know why are you helping me?" Qin Yi says out the doubt in his heart .

"Didn't I tell you, you have the breath of an old friend of mine, maybe there is some connection between you and him . "

Qin Yi and the silver dragon arrive at the top of the fairy mountain while talking .

The top of the fairy mountain seems to have been cut by an overwhelming immortal soldier . It is very flat and forms an extremely large square . There are fairy halls built on the square, with lights of various colors shining around it and celestial voice sounds from the fairy hall .

In the center of the squares stand a lifelike stone statue, beautiful and dignified, with delicate features, just like a living girl standing there .


The stone statue suddenly splits, and a young girl whose body is exquisite and perfect appears in the stone statue, with shining bright all over her body, but she is so holy that no one will entertain a trace of evil thought for her .

The girl has an unparalleled appearance, cold and chaste, pure and delicate, with a little bit of fluorescence surrounding her, looking really like an enlightened eminent fairy .

As soon as she appears on the square, everyone is refreshed with their eyes longing and they are full of awe to her .

The Sword Emperor, a splendid name and a legend on the mainland of Jiuzhou, her reputation is not weaker than that of the King of Jiuzhou .

Qin Yi is shocked . He doesn't expect the legendary Sword Emperor should to be so young, who looks only about seventeen or eighteen years old .

"The Tao exists between the heaven and the earth, and everything in the heaven and the earth cannot be separated from the Tao, things carry the Tao, the Tao carries the things, a grain of sand has its own Tao to exist in this world and a drop of water also has its own Tao . . . "

The voice of Sword Emperor sounds like the sound of nature and comes slowly, seeming to blend into the Tao of nature . Her voice is not big, but everyone in the room can hear her clearly .

Everyone is overjoyed and hurriedly closes their eyes and listens to the Sword Emperor, feeling essence of the lecture with their hearts .

"Tao is order, Tao is the world, to see a world in a wild flower, to see the vicissitude from the birth and death of the grass, this is Tao . . . "

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It’s really abstruse .

Qin Yi is puzzled by these words, but he still closes his eyes lightly, trying to understand the profound meaning of the lecture . “This is the cultivation experience of peak cultivator gained in the Immortal Ancient Era, which is many times stronger than that of those powerful cultivators in later generations . It will benefit me lifelong as long as I can learn a little bit . ”

"Hum . . . "

Qin Yi's left hand trembles slightly, and his whole body enters directly into an ethereal state . The Sword Emperor’s lecture on Tao sounds in his ears, and Qin Yi feels that it is the holy voice . He feels that a certain door that has been sealed in dust opens slowly in a sudden, the flashing holy glory coming out and illuminating his heart .

The flashing holy glory flees in a moment, which is extremely difficult to grasp, but he feels refreshed .

At this moment, Qin Yi's mind and body are rippling in the sound of the sword emperor's lecture, feeling that he has entered a wonderful world . He feels the world contained in a flower, and hears the voice of grass’ growth and withering up .

"This is the Tao?" Qin Yi feels the meaning with his heart and he is happy .

He closes his eyes lightly, and it seems that he has become an enlightenment monk, standing there motionless . This is the first time he has come into contact with the so-called Tao of nature, he feels that it is extremely mysterious .

“If Tao is integrated into cultivation, my explosive power is definitely not as simple as doubling . ”

Qin Yi suddenly realizes that the legendary powerful cultivators who have the ability to destroy the heaven and the earth are absolutely impossible to possess the terrifying power only by cultivation . They must have integrated Tao in their cultivation, and the power of Tao is the order of heaven and earth and the power of the law of nature .

The Space-time Emperor that the silver dragon said before can derange and reverse space-time, and even can open up different time and space . There is no doubt that it is also because the Space-time Emperor has mastered the law of time and space .

Qin Yi is overjoyed by these enlightenment . It is a blessing in disguise that he is sealed into the Immortal Ancient Era and comes across the Sword Emperor’s lecture on Taoism . He believes that listening to the Tao this time can definitely help him go further on the road of cultivation .

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In today's Hongmeng Era, it is absolutely impossible to find an existence like the Sword Emperor, and it is even more impossible to hear the lecture on Taoism .

Since Qin Yi is in an ethereal state while listening to the Sword Emperor's lecture on Taoism, all the scenes of the lecture have been branded in his mind . As long as he is willing, he can retrieve it from his mind and listen to it repeatedly .

In the future, as long as he earnestly comprehends the Sword Emperor's lecture on Taoism and combines which with cultivation, then his speed of cultivation will surely increase by leaps and bounds and the combat effectiveness will certainly be able to make a qualitative leap .

No one knows how long it takes before Qin Yi finally retreats from the wonderful lecture, and he slowly opens his eyes .

"Um, this is . . . "

Qin Yi discovers that the people on the big square have gone without trace . The silver dragon and the Sword Emperor are standing in front of him, both of them show an incredible expression .

"Fifteen days, little fellow, do you know that you have stood here for fifteen days!" The silver dragon says with his tongue hanging in its mouth .

"Fifteen days?" Qin Yi himself is also stunned . “I have comprehended the Sword Emperor’s lecture here for fifteen days . No wonder everyone on the square has gone .

"You can actually comprehend my lecture with such a weak cultivation . Your talent is completely comparable to that of the King of Jiuzhou back then . " The Sword Emperor says with her soft voice .

Qin Yi is moved . In this Immortal Ancient world, he hears the name of King of Jiuzhou for the first time .

He knows that the King of Jiuzhou is a figure in the Immortal Ancient Era .

The Sword Emperor walks slowly towards Qin Yi, and her step is gentle, and her graceful slender figure looks like a fairy descending from the heaven .

When she comes to Qin Yi, she looks at Qin Yi with her eternal young eyes, which are as clear as a gem, and she lightly nods at Qin Yi: "Good, there will be such a genius in the future world . "

"Oh, by the way, I suddenly thought of something . The mad King of Jiuzhou seems to be doing a crazy big thing, and he tries to set a trap for the whole world and acts against the heaven, it will not be . . . "

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