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Chapter 70

Proofread by Peter Gong

Everyone becomes more and more frightened after smelling this attractive fragrance .

After seeing each other suspiciously, they follow the fragrance cautiously .

Then they come to the dining hall .

In the dining hall, several tables of delicious dishes are still steaming there such as bear’s paw, shark’s fin, which are all high-grade food . There is even lot of fine wine .

Some of them go up to tease the delicious food and find that it is still very dainty . It doesn’t change at all .

After all these years, these meals are still so delicious!

The dishes in front of them prove once again that time in this ancient castle has indeed solidified . When the ancient chatelain was having a feast, time suddenly solidified .

As for those people who were at the banquet suddenly disappeared together with the solidification of time . No one knows their whereabouts .

Eating the delicious food made by people from ancient times, Qin Yi and other disciples feel nothing but strange .

Everything is so weird . The third floor of the Pavilion in Lingyumen originally contains another Phoenix City . This is absolutely shocking news .

No one knows what happened here in the distant past . The master of the tower, by some means, created another Phoenix City, and then permanently solidified the time in this ancient city at a certain moment, and then wiped out the residents of the city .

There is no way to delve these extremely unimaginable phenomena .

“There must be a pharmacy”

After finding the food in the dining hall, people can’t help but think of this .

The chatelain of Phoenix City in that distant past should be comparable to one powerful force, and there must be many cultivators of Domephase who need elixirs for cultivation .

Without hesitation, they immediately go out of the dining hall and search for the pharmacy .

“Sure enough, there are elixirs!”

On the medicine rack, there are pieces of azure elixirs . Although endless years have passed, the color of the elixirs is still bright and has not expired because of the solidified time .

All the people swarm in and scramble wildly for the azure elixirs on the medicine rack .

The action is Too fast!

When Qin Yi comes back to his senses, the elixirs have been already snatched away, and none of them is left .

“This is Blood Cohering Elixir of lever 2 . I’m lucky . ” Xuan Yangg raises a faint smile and glances at Qin Yi who is slow in the plunderage . His sneer shows between the lines .

Other people such as Xuan Yangjie and Yuan Xingchuan also look at Qin Yi with derisive faces .

Noticing all the people’s ridicule, Yang Shiqi frowns and says: “Qin Yi, I’ve gotten ten Blood Cohering Elixirs . If you don’t mind, I’ll give you six and leave four for myself . ”

Listening to her soft voice, a warm current rushes into Qin Yi’s mind . However, on the other side, Qiu Shaoxian curls his lip .

“Thank you, Sister Yang . Keep these elixirs . I don’t need them . ” Qin Yi’s raises an amicable smile .

He is telling the truth . At this moment, his Qi Recover Spell has already achieved half a step of big success, and his blood and breath are strong enough . He doesn’t need Blood Cohering elixirs to improve himself .

Moreover, the strange feeling becomes stronger and stronger . He can feel that the thing that had been lost in this place for endless years will soon appear .

He has an intuition that it is much more precious than these elixirs .

“Well . . . ”

Yang Shiqi cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss .

However, when the young man gently fixes a strand of messy hair around her ear, a touch of incredible surprise appears in her crystal eyes .

Out of the pharmacy, disciples come to a huge square .

It seems to be a training ground, but there is no one on the training ground . In ancient times, those who practiced here suddenly disappeared and their weapons were scattered on the ground .

When he comes to the training ground, the fantastic feeling in Qin Yi’s mind becomes stronger and stronger .

“Well, I’m getting closer to what I lost, but what is it?”

Qin Yi is full of expectation .


The young master of Yuanxingzong, Yuan Xingchuan’s gaze suddenly sharpened and then he rushes forward .

Weapons left over from ancient times cannot be fluffs .

When other people come back to their senses, they rush up and rob the weapons scattered on the ground .

In the distant past, the chatelain seemed to hold an army . The weapons scattered on the ground are the same: long swords made of white jade . The white jade sword is about one meter long and two fingers wide . On the body of the sword, there is a shadow of a dragon . Obviously, it is a precious weapon .

All the people cannot help but scramble chaotically for the white jade sword .

There are only 12 swords . One can’t snag it if he or she is not quick enough .

However, Qin Yi does not take part in their snatching . He stands in his place and his gaze is attracted by a stone statue on the training ground .

The stone statue is very huge which is more than 10 meters high, standing quietly in the center of the training ground, with a faint feeling of outmatching the world .

It is very archaic, which obviously has existed for endless years and many parts have cracked .  It is full of vicissitudes .

What’s more, this stone statue gives people a rather strange feeling, for it is a white board human face, but there are no facial features, and people can’t recognize its appearance .

Even so, Qin Yi still harbors a kind of familiar feeling for it . It seems that he has seen it somewhere . This kind of feeling is too strange . How can a person of later generations feel familiar with a stone statue of endless years ago?

At the same time, the strange feeling before, at this moment, intensifies almost intense to the extreme .

“Is this the thing that I lost in the third floor of the Pavilion in the distant past?”

Qin Yi is a little stunned . He thought it would be something magical, but actually it is a white stone statue!

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(Sound of buzz)

At this time, a slight tremor appears on his left hand, as if it is excited .

What does it mean?

This whiteboard stone statue can excite my left hand!

Qin Yi is almost stupefied, and he makes a judgment in an instant: what he is looking for is this stone statue .

Regardless of other people’s contention for the jade sword, Qin Yi immediately makes a big stride towards the ancient stone statue . At this moment, he even notices that the ancient stone statue is sending out a call to him .

Standing under the ancient stone statue, Qin Yi feels an invisible pressure, which is so heavy that it almost cracks his body .

How powerful it is!

Just a stone statue left over from the ancient times can send out such a heavy pressure . It is hard for Qin Yi to calm down . Now he has reached the peak of the forth level of Domephase . Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods has reached the small success . The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King and Qi Recover Spell have achieved the big success . His body is full of strength .

However, it is still difficult to resist the pressure from the stone statue, and the body instantly reaches the edge of cracking .

Qin Yi holds back the sharp pain that his body is about to crack . He motivates his left hand to feel the mystery of this ancient stone statue .



He is sucked into a strange space by an invisible irresistible force . The surrounding area is almost deserted to the extreme . The earth is dilapidated, the river dries up, and the skeletons pile up everywhere, which makes people feel numb .

Even the slightest vitality cannot be found here . Death and desolation are the eternal theme here .

“In the stone statue, there is a broken ancient time-space and I am sealed in it . . . ”

Standing in the barren land, Qin Yi is totally shocked .

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“Where am I? Why do I feel like I have come to the dilapidated Jiu Zhou? Has Jiu Zhou mainland been broken like this?”

At this moment, he has a strong feeling that he has fallen into Jiu Zhou of the immortal ancient space-time .

“In that distant past, what I lost is not a white stone statue, but a broken piece of Jiu Zhou mainland?”

There are no adjectives to describe Qin Yi’s shock at this time .

Beyond all people’s imagination and cognition, the ancient stone statue contains a broken land!

Qin Yi notices that what he has lost is the broken Jiu Zhou!?

No doubt, here is the immortal ancient space-time!

“The heaven is black and the earth is yellow, the universe is formed in a state of chaos and ignorance; through all the ages long, only I am overweening . The Ancient Emperor Hengyu practicing in heaven and on earth, he became a saint and was able to control everything in the universe . . . ”

At this time, that ancient voice, which is familiar to Qin Yi, suddenly appears again . The voice is as thunderous as a large bell, shaking people’s heart .

With this voice, the huge dark shadow in the void also slowly looms large .

Then, like ghosts, the shadow follows a certain track in the void, and slowly practiced some moves . The speed is incomparable, but at the same time it is extremely abstruse and mysterious . Every movement of the shadow seems to blend into the truth of the world .

“This is the second move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon?”

After only a moment’s stupefaction, Qin Yi comes back to his senses and becomes overjoyed .

He has finally known what lured him to the third floor of the Pavilion to stand in front of the ancient stone statue . It turns out to be the second move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon!

When he got the first move in the Pavilion, Qin Yi once lamented whether he had the chance to get the second in the future . However, at that time he did not expect that the second move is just on the third floor .


Without any hesitation, Qin Yi immediately enters the extremely ethereal state and puts all the moves of the black shadow into his mind .

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