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Chapter 7

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Qin Yi stands still when he sees Rou Qin coming . Qin Yi doesn’t feel good when Rou Qin tries to persuade him to surrender to Chang Jingxue .

He knows that Rou Qin more or less cares about him, but she cares more about drawing the disciples with potentials over to Chang Jingxue’s side .

Rou Qin comes to Qin Yi and is about to talk to him, but a sudden uproar around them stops her .

"Haha, look, it is Qin Yi, the prat!"

"What happened?"

"Shit, haven't you heard that he has finally broken through the second level of domephase and has got a chance to enter the pavilion to choose martial arts classics? Guess what? This idiot picked up a collection which can’t be learned from . Hahaha!"

"Ha haha ha . . . "

A large group of disciples quickly gather around, laughing at Qin Yi .

"A bad thing has wings . How does everyone know it in such a short time?"

Qin Yi blinks and has no idea about what to do with the teasing . But does The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon really can't be cultivated?

It’s hard to say…

More and more disciples are gathering around Qin Yi, as if they were watching a wonderful circus . Qin Yi’s eyes helplessly sweep the disciples around him before they are caught by a beautiful view .

Is she . . . the legendary girl, Yang Shiqi?

In a short distance from the throng of disciples gracefully stands a young girl in a white robe .

The girl’s complexion is as white as snow and her pale eyebrows are like a crescent moon, which can set the boys’ hearts aflutter . Under the arched eyebrows is a pair of beautiful eyes as clear as coloured glaze, which renders Qin Yi a feeling of slight suffocation .

The girl in the white robe smiles at him as an answer to his attention . The smile indicates no sign of laughing at him for doing stupid things, but it just serves for innocent fun .

"Qin Yi, see what you have done! You’ve wasted the precious chance of getting into the Pavilion . Why don’t you stand on Chang Jingxue’s side? He said he can give you another chance as long as you can go to the Magical Wind Mountain to hunt a panacea to honor him . ”

Rou Qin’s cheeks are somewhat rosy because she is trying her best to hide her laughing at Qin Yi’s wrong choice of a collection in the Pavilion .

"To the Magical Wind Mountain? To Hunt a panacea?" Qin Yi frowns .

Panacea which is believed to have an auxiliary effect on cultivation grows in the body of the spirit beast . It can be sold on the market at a good price .

"Yes . " Rou Qin nods, "Although you may take a risk of hunting the spirit beast, but . . . "

"Enough, I won’t do that!" Qin Yi refuses her directly .

Rou Qin is stunned by his rejection, and a look of annoyance slowly comes over her beautiful face, “Qin Yi, you are absolutely an idiot . No wonder you chose a collection in the Pavilion . Humph! You are completely a joke, I hope you know what you get yourself into!" Rou Qin says coldly and comes to the side of Chang Jingxue angrily .

To be honest, Rou Qin feels guilty at the bottom of her heart for her keeping Qin Yi at a distance while falls in love with Chang Jingxue . But now she doesn’t feel guilty any more!

She even thinks that she is fortunate for she has made such a wise choice at the beginning, or else she has no idea what would happen to her at Lingyumen if she still goes with the idiot Qin Yi .

"Ha haha, Qin Yi, you are really an idiot . If you had promised Rou Qin to stand on Chang Jingxue’s side, I would not dare to do anything to you . But you idiot actually refused the protection provided for you . Then don't blame me for being unkind!"

A fat body comes out of the crowd, standing before Qin Yi with hands on his hips and looking at Qin Yi with a condescending attitude .

"Guang Yonggao?" Qin Yi is shocked .

"Why this humpty dumpty is always against me?" He thinks .

"Haha, Fat Guang comes again!"

"Hey, Fat Guang, you were defeated by Qin Yi within one move last time . Have more guts this time!"

Quickly recognizing GuangYonggao, the crowd teases Guang Yonggao, bursting into laughter .

"Last time was just an accident . This time I will never let the accident happen again . "

GuangYonggao has a firm confidence in his strength . His obese body shows a strong power . He points a finger straight up, "One move, an eye for eye and a tooth for tooth . This time I will defeat Qin Yi with one move to avenge the insult of last time!"

This time, he will not underestimate his opponent . He is confident to defeat Qin Yi within just one move, for he is now in the middle of the second level of Domephase and he knows how to use the Seven Kills of the Leopard King .

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The presence of Guang Yonggao stops Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue who are about to leave . They look at Qin Yi gloatingly and wait to see the quick retribution incurred by refusing to stand on their side .


A girl in the white robe comes to the practice field when a soft and beautiful voice comes out . She looks straightly at Guang Yonggao with her coloured glaze-like beautiful eyes and says, “Guang Yonggao, it’s obvious that Qin Yi is not your match in inner cultivation, and actually you are bullying him . I think you should have a competition with the one who matches you in ability . "

Yang Shiqi!

The legendary genius girl is right here . The disciples’ whispering about the girl is the evidence of her infinite charm .

They look at Qin Yi with a hint of jealousy .

It is true that fortune favours fools!


Rou Qin’s lips move slightly but she finally swallows her words when she watches the scene that Yang Shiqi protects Qin Yi behind her .

Qin Yi has noticed Yang Shiqi, but he doesn’t expect that Yang Shiqi would stand out to stop Guang Yonggao from bullying him . In fact he never thinks sentimentally that Yang Shiqi, the genius girl of legend, fancies him, and she did this just out of her sense of justice .

He can feel the powerful strength of Yang Shiqi and feel it is really safe to be protected by such a powerful genius girl of Lingyumen .

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However, he is not a man who likes to hide behind women .

"Thank you, but since Fat Guang wants to take revenge, come on . " Qin Yi pushes Yang Shiqi away gently .

As he is completely entangled by Guang, he must settle down the enmity between them once and for all, otherwise, Guang will still get him in trouble next time .

"You are . . . "

Yang Shiqi looks at Qin Yi with a surprise . Now she even doubts that he is really a dick-head, if not, why does he still choose to fight with Guang even when he knows that he might be defeated and insulted by Guang?   

The practice field is shrouded in a short silence . Everyone is shocked to look at Qin Yi . Rou Qin, standing not far away from Qin Yi, shakes her head gently, “He is really hopeless!"

"Haha, Yang Shiqi, you see it . He asks for what he deserves, so please get out of my way . " Guang Yonggao gloats . The unexpected appearance of Yang Shiqi puts him in a dilemma, but now it is a good opportunity for him to take revenge since Qin Yi has refused the protection of Yang Shiqi .

Yang Shiqi finds that Qin Yi is quite clam, and she can do nothing but make way for Fat Guang with a helpless sigh .

"One move, as I said earlier, this time I will defeat you with only one move . Don't hold on to luck . Luck will not stand on your side for the second time . You can’t be saved by chance this time . "

Guang Yonggao puts his hand on his waist after rubbing them excitedly and looks at Qin Yi in a condescending manner . The fat body faintly sends out a breath of overlord . He will definitely not underestimate the enemy this time . He must defeat Qin Yi with one move .

He believes that when he beats Qin Yi down, the disciples around will clap their hands and praise his overwhelming strength, which may even make Yang Shiqi keep her eyes polished .

Qin Yi looks at Guang Yonggao calmly and doesn’t bother to talk to him .

He infuses a trace of ancient breath into his left hand, as his left hand sways slightly he enters the vacant state, in which any subtlety of Guang Yonggao’s move could not escape his sight .

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