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Chapter 69

Proofread by Peter Gong

Location: Floating World Tower, The third floor of the Pavilion in Lingyumen .

Everything here is full of evil and strangeness .

Before the exploration, Qin Yi and the other disciples have never heard of such bizarre situation . How can there be two Phoenix Cities, one in the immortal ancient space-time and one in the ordinary world? And they are exactly the same!

What kind of being is this Phoenix City at the fore? How could it suddenly break free of the shackles of time and keep everything in the city in an eternal posture . Even the rising sun in the East suddenly solidified forever and could not reach the West anymore . How did the residents of the ancient city disappear? Where did they go? Why didn't the whole ancient city leave a clue?

All this seems to be so weird and hard to explain .

“Maybe it is just a Dream?”

Everyone is in a little trance: “Well, why don’t we think of this?”

Xuan Yangge nods: “the words of Yue Xianling really wake us up . Yes, we may have fallen into the same dream collectively . If so, all the things here can be explained, but this dream is just too real . ”

He looks at Yue Xianling with a fiery gaze, in which an obvious sense of ingratiation can be found .

Yue Xianling is the favorite of Qianqiu Pavilion . Among the top five young talents in Phoenix City, Yue Xianling’s strength is also ranked second which is only below Jian Piaoling . If he can ingratiate him with her, he can undoubtedly be the leader here .

However, Yue Xianling, feeling the gaze from Xuan Yangge, slightly snorts with her beautiful nose .

“Whether it is a dream or not, just need a try . ”

Yuan Xingchuan from Yuanxingzong suddenly turns his back and punches Qin Yi . The speed is incredible and the momentum of his fist even makes the space around him slightly distorted .

(Loud whoosh)

Since Qin Yi got the mysterious left hand, his reaction speed has been much faster than that of ordinary people, even if he doesn’t enter the extreme ethereal state . When Yuan Xingchuan’s fist is close to his robe, he shoots out like a meteor .

“Yuan Xingchuan, what are you gonna do?”

Yang Shiqi tries to cry him down and then her delicate body shoots out suddenly to stand in front of Yuan Xingchuan . A homicidal sense can be found in her eyes .

Ji Shixuan from Xianshizong also has a slight frowning . She is obviously annoyed .

“Well, I just want to testify if we are in a dream . ”

Yuan Xingchuan chuckles and shrugs innocently . On the other side, Xuan Yangge, Xuan Yangjie and Yuan Xingzhan, however, raise a wry smile .

Qin Yi frowns slightly but doesn’t speak anymore .

Even a blockhead can notice that Yuan Xingchuan doesn’t do like that to “testify” whether everyone is falling into a dream, but deliberately teasing Qin Yi .

However, Qin Yi doesn’t understand Yuan Xingchuan’s behavior, for he has nothing to do with this young master of Yuanxingzong . Why does he try to make trouble?

“Yuan Xingchuan, if we really fall into a dream, you can’t try it out by giving a fist to see if it hurts, because a person’s pain will also enter the dream . ”

Says Jian Piaoling in a deep voice .

His tone is light, but very deterrent . No one here can ignore it .

The dignity of the top talent in Phoenix City is indeed different . He is not tall, but he has a submissive momentum, even when he is in an optional gesture .

For a long time, Qianqiu Pavilion has been playing a fair and just role among the five forces in Phoenix City . Thus, at this moment, the first beauty of Phoenix City, Yue Xianling, says: “You are right . If you really fall into a dream, you can’t test it out . ”

But Qin Yi knows that this is not a dream but a real existence, because that strange feeling always haunts him .

One cannot lose something in a dream, no matter how real it is .

He doesn’t know the cause of such a feeling .

“It’s not a dream… Everything here is really incredible . ”

Standing in the middle of a clean street, the more you look, the more frightened you feel, and the more you see, the creepier you feel .

In another Phoenix City, time solidified in a moment, the whole city’s residents were wiped away, and the sea of blood behind the sunrise… Everything is so weird!

(A sound of buzz)

Qin Yi secretly motivates his left hand to enter the extreme ethereal state, and his perception reaches the peak .

For a moment, he feels a murderous sense, which is very weak and it cannot be felt at all under ordinary circumstances, but it really permeates the air in the whole ancient castle .

“It seems that there is something fierce in front of us . ”

Qin Yi frowns . He has an uncertain feeling that what he once lost here is in front of him, which seems to be related to that existence of the fierce .

So Qin Yi strides forward . The purpose to enter the top 5 in the Assembly is to enter the third floor of the Pavilion and find the thing that continuously brings him a fantastic feeling .

Without hesitation, the other disciples follow the depth of Qin Yi . This is the tower left by the immortal ancient gods . No one knows if there will be any powerful treasures ahead .

After the duration of a burning joss stick…

Qin Yi and the other people have already stood in front of a magnificent mansion .

All the people are completely stunned . The mansion in front of them is just like the residence of the chatelain of Phoenix City . Although it is not as magnificent as the one in the ordinary world, most of the buildings are exactly the same except for some minor differences .

Most people in Phoenix City are familiar with the place where the chatelain lives .

“This…this is really the mansion of the chatelain . How could this be?”

Looking at the familiar palace in front of her, Yang Shiqi’s ruddy mouth opens in amazement . For a long time, she cannot close it . How can there be a similar mansion in this ancient castle?

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She is entirely confounded .

“Qiu Shaoxian, aren’t we running into a ghost?” Said by Pu Chang casually, but his face is full of astonishment .

Calm down, calm down!

Qin Yi shakes his head and tries to calm himself down . He feels that his mind is in a state of chaos .

After a few deep breaths, Qin Yi frowns and speaks in a slowly: “Maybe The structure of the chatelain mansion has been similar since ancient times . Well, I mean, it is only a coincidence . Let’s go inside and have a look . ”

Without hesitation, they enters the big mansion .

Unfortunately, after entering the mansion, they are surprised to find that the furnishings in the mansion are exactly the same as those in the ordinary world and even the positions of the tables, chairs, screens, paintings and ancient artifacts .

“If these are just two similar mansions, then they are too similar . . . ” Yi Ling stands in the center of the hall, looks around and mumbles to himself .

The rest of the them are also stunned by the scene here .

“Dream, it’s definitely a dream, all of us, have fallen asleep and fallen into the same dream . ” Xuan Yangge sighs .

“It’s not a dream, it’s reality . ”

Qin Yi shakes his head .


People look at Qin Yi in disbelief, and their gazes gradually become hot . Maybe this guy finds something they don’t know .

Ignoring all the people’s attention, Qin Yi frowns and says, “this ancient castle, may… be the previous existence of Phoenix City… I don’t know if it’s right . I don’t know where the residents of Phoenix City have gone? All the residents disappeared without a clue… But I bet it’s not a dream . ”

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Qin Yi’s mind is filled with intractability as if it is going to be exploded .

It is so confused!

Everything here is bizarre!

“Brother Qin, why are you so sure? Do you have any findings?”

Qiu Shaoxian looks at Qin Yi with scorching eyes . At the same time, there is a sense of malice spreading from him . If Qin Yi has found any valuable treasure, he doesn’t mind offending him openly to loot it .

Feeling Qiu Shaoxian’s insidious intention, Qin Yi raises an eyebrow disdainfully . Although his cultivation is not as good as his, he has already mastered the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . He has absolute confidence to be invincible in the fight .

Qin Yi says faintly, “I feel a murderous sense here, though it is slight . ”

“A murderous sense?”

Qiu Shaoxian is stunned .

The other people, too, are stunned and a look of horror appears on their faces .

A strange mansion filled with a murderous sense cannot be a good situation .

In fact, Qin Yi not only feels the faint sense which comes from the mansion . At this time, the wonderful feeling also reaches the peak .

What was once lost is in this mansion of the chatelain!

Qin Yi cannot restrain a burst of excitement in his heart . He ignores all the people’s astonishing looks and looks at the hall slowly, looking for what he has been left behind in the ancient years .

This feeling is too strange, and is he really from the ancient times?

All of a sudden, an attractive fragrance appears .

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