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Published at 2nd of February 2021 09:30:29 AM

Chapter 68

Proofread by Peter Gong

Qin Yi's gaze sweeps the city vigilantly .

There is no doubt that this is a lifeless place .

All of a sudden, he feels a chill on his back, for he finds a well at the door of a nearby house, by which the overflowing water is still wet and shining under the sun and the well rope is still gently shaking there .

In the well, there is even a sound of water-dripping, which is magnified in this dead ancient city . It sounds gloomy and terrible that it can even make people feel that their blood is solidifying .

It is unmistakable that the time of this ancient city suddenly disappeared and solidified in a moment . Everything here keeps the moment of time-freezing .

And this kind of situation has remained for endless years!

Isn’t this the Floating World Tower?

What kind of being is this tower?

What happened in this ancient city in the distant past? Did the whole city’s residents suddenly disappear in a flash? Where did they go?

Why the time here suddenly solidified? In other words, how could this ancient city suddenly fall out of the track of time and broke free from the shackles of time?

All the people are standing there blankly . They are the elite from the five forces in Phoenix City, but at this moment everyone here cannot help but feel frightened .

“This damned city actually let me feel scared, I don’t like this feeling!”

Yuan Xingchuan of Yuanxingzong suddenly calls out .

He is the young master of Yuanxingzong who is a big man with purple hair like Tang Hangan . He is one of the top five young talents in Phoenix City who is full of momentum without any flaws .

He is a hot-tempered man so he immediately speaks to all people around him: “You wait here and I’ll go ahead to see what the mystery is in this dead city . ”

As he says that, he goes forward alone . In a loose black robe, he looks like a big eagle .

Not a moment later .

He rushes back as if he has seen a ghost and he can’t even speak clearly: “This, this, this is Phoenix City!”

Brave as he is scared like this!

“Yuan Xingchuan, what are you talking about, what Phoenix City?” Xuan Yangge says, “Don’t panic . What did you find?”

Qin Yi and other people also look at him in confusion, and a sense of premonition appears in their mind .

For a long time, Yuan Xingchuan finally calms down from his loss of wits . However, his face was still very pale, and his eyes are filled with shock: “I saw the familiar street . This city is Phoenix City!”


Here is Phoenix City?!

Everyone is stunned, even that composed Jian Piaoling opens his mouth in amazement . Yi Ling is even more scared to scream out and subconsciously pulls out her blue sword .

“Let’s go and have a look . ” Qin Yi is very decisive . He then takes the lead and strides forward .

Because at this moment, that strange feeling in his heart became stronger . It seems that he has lost something at the fore in ancient times .

But there is still a problem is…Is he really a man from ancient times?

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Whether he is or not, his feeling at this moment is so strong .

Seeing him like this, all the people do not hesitate anymore . They go straight to the depths of the ancient city . At this moment, everyone has taken out their weapons, and their spirit is also tight . As long as there is something abnormal, they are ready to give a full blow at any time .

The huge old castle is filled with an eternal stillness . Everything in the city suddenly solidified forever at a certain moment, maintaining the state of the moment when time disappeared .

Soon, a neat street appears in front of them .

Standing in the middle of the street, all the people are stunned as if they are numbed in soul .

Every street here and even every pawn shop is exactly the same as the present Phoenix City . The only difference is that this one in front of them is much more primitive than that of the ordinary world . Many walls have been aged and cracks are everywhere . Even the stone lions in front of the big gate have been seriously weathered .

So there are two Phoenix City which are exactly the same?

What is stranger is that all the residents in the city seem to disappear at the moment when time disappeared, leaving no clue . No one knows how they disappeared, and no one knows where they went . It seems that they have been erased directly .

But the crux is who has such power to wipe out all the residents of the city in a moment?

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At the very least, even if someone can do it, is there any necessity? In the distant past, most of the people living here should be ordinary people .

“In ancient times, the master of the tower must be a celestial being . Did he or she obliterate the residents of the city in a flash?” Says Xuan Yangge, who also cannot be at ease .

“It’s impossible . ”

Qiu Shaoxian immediately shakes his head and says: “My adoptive father has talked with me about the legend of the Floating World Tower . It is said that the master of the tower is not a ferocious man but a highly respected ancient god . It is absolutely impossible for him to do like this . ”

Gathering her wits together, the beauty Yue Xianlin sighs: “Everything here is too strange . Why is there another Phoenix City? Moreover, this Phoenix City seems to be out of the track of time, and the residents here also disappeared together . All these things are beyond our explanation . It’s so incredible . I want to remind you that . . . ”

Her beautiful eyes slowly flick from face to face: “Are we in a dream now? The so-called Floating World is not the existence of an entity, but a dream? Did we enter a dream after stepping into the old stone gate?”

A Dream?

The hearts of all the people skip a beat . For a moment, they stand there, looking at each other blankly .

It’s a very real possibility .

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