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Chapter 67

Proofread by Peter Gong

The third floor of the Pavilion in Lingyumen is quite mysterious, which is said to be a layer of Floating World Tower left by some ancient god on Jiu Zhou mainland .

Because the tower is sacred and mysterious, the high-level of Lingyumen has never been in it before . This time, the high-level of Lingyumen also wants to take advantage of the martial arts assembly to let some elite disciples explore it .

Under the leadership of Guo Wuchen, Qin Yi and the other 13 disciples enter the Pavilion, pass through the first and second floors and go straight to the third floor .

“Ahh, there are quite a lot of martial arts in Lingyumen . ”

Looking at the dense cultivation classics on the first and second floors, Xuan Yangge smacks his lips and sighs .

Other people also show odd faces . Because of Floating World Tower, they actually have a chance to visit the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic in Lingyumen, which is always regarded as the forbidden area of a sect .

“Anyone dare to covet the martial arts of Lingyumen will get rubbed out!”

Guo Wuchen faintly smiles, but suddenly sends out a whiff danger .

Except for the five disciples of Lingyumen, all the other eight people cannot help but take their sight back . Guo Wuchen is definitely at the peak of Domephase Scholar . No one here can survive in front of him within three moves .

After a while .

They come to a stone gate .

The stone gate looks immemorial . There are some reliefs on it . However, due to the long time, the traces of relief cannot be identified .

“The third floor of the Pavilion has indeed existed for endless years . . . ”

Looking at the inscrutable relief on the stone gate, Qin Yi frowns slightly . At this moment, that strange feeling once again occurs . It seems that he has lost something somewhere in the distant past .

Moreover, this feeling is stronger than last time .

“Did I really lose something here? However, it is obvious that the tower has existed for endless years, maybe I’m a man from the ancient times?”

Looking at the ancient stone gate in front of him, it is hard for Qin Yi to calm down .

“Standing in front of this stone gate, I have already felt the extraordinary behind the stone gate . However, it is stipulated in the clan that those who guard the Pavilion are not qualified to participate in all matters in the Pavilion . All I can do is to bring you here . You can solve the future affairs on your own . What you can get in it depends on yourselves . Farewell!”

Guo Wuchen says slowly . After a meaningful glance at Qin Yi, he leaves alone and retreats out of the Pavilion along the way .

He just takes leave without delay!

All people are slightly surprised .

Among this 13 disciples, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Yi Ling are in a group; Qiu Shaoxian and Pu Chang walks together . Ji Shixuan and Jian Piaoling are close to each other . Yue Xianling and He Gui From Qianqiu Pavilion are undoubtedly closer . Yuan Xingchuan, Yuan Xingzhan from Yuanxingzong, Xuan Yangge and Xuan Yangjie from Xuanyang Mansion seem to have reached some kind of agreement in private, who are obviously pinched into a group .

“Well, now that elder Guo has left, the old stone gate in front of us has to be solved by our own strength . ”

As the chief disciple of Lingyumen, Qiu Shaoxian naturally takes some responsibility on the territory of Lingyumen . He glances at Jian Piaoling and says with a smile, “you are the first of the five young talents in Phoenix City . So the task of opening this stone gate should be solved by us . ”

Jian Piaoling comes up silently with a long purple sword on his back .

(Thunder of the moving stone gate)

Qiu Shaoxian and Jian Piaoling do not use all their strength and the ancient stone gate is slowly pushed open .

With the opening of the ancient stone gate, the legendary Floating World Tower has been displayed in front of all people! A breath of incomparable antiquity is coming with it .

It is ancient and mysterious, which makes people lose in reverie .

Everyone’s eyesight becomes sharp, even the silent Jian Piaoling is no exception .

However, after seeing the scene behind the stone gate, everyone is stunned .

Behind the stone gate, there is a piece of earth, and on the earth, there is an old castle!

The old castle is so huge that one can’t see the end of it . It is even comparable to Phoenix City .

The wall is tall and majestic, but it is dilapidated with full of the vicissitudes of time . The air here is filled with an extremely strong ancient atmosphere .

There is no doubt that this is a world belonging to the immortal ancient space-time .

It is inconceivable that the third floor of the Pavilion in Lingyumen is an immortal ancient world!

Qin Yi and the other twelve disciples enter the immortal ancient world by merely opening an ancient stone gate .

There is only a stone gate between the ordinary world and the immortal ancient world!

The whole immortal ancient world is deadly silent . It has been forgotten by the world for a long time . Silence and bleakness are the eternal theme here . Because the years are too long, the whole world here even gives people a feeling on the fringe of collapse .

Looking at the whole immortal ancient world in front of them, Qin Yi and the other disciples are all in a daze .

Astonished, shocked, unbelievable!

After a long time, this thirteen people gather their wits together . Xuan Yangge sigh with emotion: “I can’t believe that the so-called Floating World Tower is an immortal ancient world . In this way, there may be some miracles in it . ”

His face gradually becomes feverish .

In the immortal ancient world, there is an ancient castle, which is magnificent and full of vicissitudes .

It doesn't look special from the outside of the castle . However, they become dumbfounded when they enters it through wrecked gate . The rising sun-glow and bright morning sunlight suddenly shine on them .

For a moment, all people here cannot help but feeling a sense of fear with a creepy feeling, as if they were stepping into a city of eternal evil .

The whole ancient city is deadly silent . The rising sung-glow brings no warmth which even has no temperature but an absolutely gloomy feeling .

This ancient city is weird, absolutely weird!

Standing at the gate of the ancient city, Qin Yi and the other people look at each other for a moment, and a sense of uncertainty arises .

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After a little meditation, Qin Yi speaks in a slow voice: “I remember that when we entered the Pavilion, it was noon . Why did the morning sun rise here? Is there a time difference, too?”

With that, he tries to withdraw from the ancient city . As a result, the morning sun disappears and the creepy feeling also disappears .

Qin Yi is stunned . He walks into the city again . The morning sun suddenly shines on him again . The creepy feeling also reappears .

Qin Yi is stupefied and the shock in his mind is difficult to describe!

Step forward and the lost immortal ancient world appears . Step back and the ordinary world returns!

It is dawn in immortal ancient world when the morning sun rises, and it is noon in the ordinary world!

Everything here is so incredible!

“It’s incredible! Here is really a world unto itself, which has nothing to do with our world, and this broken gate is the boundary between immortal ancient world and the ordinary world . ”

All people feel as if they are dreaming!

“Qin Yi . . . ”

Yang Liuqi’s eyes are charming with a reliant sense . This place is so weird that she cannot help but getting gooseflesh .

“Sister Yang, it will be all right . ”

Qin Yi raises a warm smile and pats her on the shoulder . Although everything here seems so weird and gives people a creepy feeling, Qin Yi has a kind of intuition that he may have an adventure here!

“Well . ”

Looking at the warm smile on Qin Yi's face, Yang Shiqi is inexplicably relieved .

“Brother Qin . ”

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Here comes a light voice from Qiu Shaoxian who stands behind . Qin Yi turns back and finds Qiu Shaoxian looking at himself calmly . In his eyes, however, a glance of fighting intention appears: “after going back, if I have a chance, I would like to have a good competition with you . I wonder if you are willing to?”

In this case, the meaning of Qiu Shaoxian’s words is quite obvious, which is to warn Qin Yi not to be too intimate with Yang Shiqi . Now he believes that he knows well of Qin Yi so he is confident to defeat Qin Yi with one punch .

“Brother Qiu, you are the chief disciple on the top . Now you want to challenge me who just ranks the third?” Qin Yi is slightly surprised, but he then raises a faint smile, “OK, if you want a fight, I will fight with you!”

As soon as Qin Yi stops speaking, the other people are in a deadly silence .

Did Qin Yi just accept the challenge of Qiu Shaoxian?

Qiu Shaoxian is also slightly stunned and smiles immediately: “Very good! That’s settled . ”

“This guy actually agreed . Well, then you will be painfully defeated in front of Sister Yang . At that time she will never be enamored of this poor guy after watching my greatness . ” Thinks Qiu Shaoxian .

Pu Chang, who is beside Qiu Shaoxian, shakes his head sympathetically toward Qin Yi . This boy must not know that Qiu Shaoxian has already cultivated his Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .

“I’m not interested in the competition between the disciples of Lingyumen . I just think that it's really strange here . It seems that behind the sunrise, there is a sea of blood which is taken from trillions of living beings . . . ”

Yue Xianling who has been silent for a long time, suddenly speaks with her shallow eyebrows slightly frowned .

“You are right, I have the same feel . ”

Yi Ling, who ranks the fifth in Lingyumen, is also staring at the sunrise with her eyes, as if she wanted to find what is hidden behind the it .

"In fact, it is really unimaginably queer . ”

Here comes the deep voice of Jian Piaoling: “We are standing here for a duration of a burning joss stick, but the morning sun is still just rising . According to common sense, it should be as high as a pole at this time . ”

After listening to him, all people find that the sun is really still .

The time in this castle seems to suddenly become fixed in that distant past, which no longer elapses, and the sun also fixes in the moment of sunrise which will never go down below the western horizon . Finding this fact, all people here include Qin Yi are shocked .

What kind of castle is this? Unexpectedly, even time is eternally solidified in a moment!

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