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Chapter 60

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As the seed of flame burns, Tang Hangan's power instantly doubles, and his entire fists burn with the seed of flame .

Disciples whose cultivation below the early stage of the fifth Domephase will be utterly killed as long as they are hit by this punch of extreme strength!


The wind is howling because of the powerful force of the almost burning fists!

"The first move of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill!"

Looking at the domineering Heaven flame Boxing, Qin Yi condenses all the strength of the internal force of Domephase on his fists, and he shouts suddenly and gives a punch on Tang Hangan .

This punch still looks mediocre, not as gorgeous and domineering as Tang Hangan's shocking Heaven flame Boxing, but it sways the Tao of natural and the surrounding space is slightly twisted .

This punch gives people the illusion that Qin Yin is the master of heaven and earth .

This punch seems to make every move of the boxing submit to the heaven, interpreting the true meaning of boxing and condensing the essence of boxing in the world .

"Crack!" Two punches collide .

It is diamond cut diamond!

The loud crash shocks people and strikes everyone’s eardrum .

Circles of energy waves grow larger and larger between the two punches, which hit Qin Yi and Tang Hangan fiercely .

Qin Yi withdraws a big step, and the majestic force of rebound hits his chest like a violent wave, and the breath and blood is churning in his chest .

Tang Han’s strong body looks so light as if seemingly without any weight, and he flies out of the ring and strikes the ground, with a mouthful of blood spewed out .


The whole practicing ground is deadly silent . Everyone opens their mouths in amazement, looking at Tang Hangan who is directly beaten off the ring and then looking at Qin Yi who stands upright like a javelin on the ring .

QinYi once again punches the third-ranked Tang Hangan and defeats him on the ring!

How come?

All this is as unreal as dreaming!

More than a month ago, that teenager was the target of laughter by all the disciples . Today, more than a month later, he used only one punch to knock the third-ranked Tang Hangan down on the ring!

"Tang Hangan failed, please exchange position, Qin Yi is temporarily ranked third . "

After a long period of silence, Guo Wuchen's vigorous and violent announcement comes suddenly, and he is very excited .

The practicing ground is seething at once, and everyone's eyes show a shocking, incredible, admiring, and amazed look .

"It's incredible, Qin Yi actually defeated Senor Apprentice Tang . " Yang Shiqi sits in the fourth position, a pair of clear eyes flickering with strong shock and surprise .

"Jounior Apprentice Yang, Qin Yi wins Tang Hangan utterly by accident . If he had not suppressed Tang Hangan from the beginning, and Tang Hangan had not suffered internal injuries, I don’t think he can win .  " Qiu Shaoxan turns to Yang Shiqi and analyzes with a smile .  Hearing what he said, everyone is enlightened .

It makes sense!

The fact must be the same as Qiu Shaoxian's analysis, otherwise, how can Qin Yi, who is at the bottom in Lingyumen more than a month ago, defeat the third-ranked Tang Hangan at once, which is not reasonable at all .  We all know that Tang Hangan has the seeds of flames and he is acknowledged as a powerful competitor in this year's Assembly .  

There are also arguments at the referee seat over there .

Chang Fengyang exclaims excitedly: "What did the kid just call that punch? Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, ladies and gentlemen, do we have this martial art at the Lingyu Gate? No! Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo and Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill are not martial arts of our own sect . Huh, I even suspect that this kid has turned to other sect . "

"Chang Fengyang, don't sling mud at that boy!" Guo Wuchen says angrily .

Feeling the majesty of Guo Wuchen, Chang Fengyang couldn't help but keep silent, but he still says stubbornly: "Elder Guo, I know you have always appreciated this kid, but in fact, this kid has indeed betrayed the Lingyument and has turned to other denominations, otherwise last time when he entered the first floor of the Pavilion to choose martial arts, why didn’t he choose other martial arts and but chose a collection that could not be practiced? Because he never wants to learn our the martial arts of Lingyumen at all . "

"This……" Guo Wuchen is speechless for a while, because he himself could not figure out why Qin Yi chose a collection last time!

"All right, stop arguing . "

Cang Songyi's face becomes a bit gloomy: "It's time for the Assembly .  After the Assembly, we will know the truth by asking Qin Yi . If he really betrays Lingyumen, we will never let him off lightly!"

Cang Songyi's face freezes for a while, and he usually feels uncomfortable when he sees Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi getting closer .  He believes that only the outstanding disciples like his adopted son deserve the elite girl, Yang Shiqi .

On the ring, the match continues .

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However, it is clear that the climax has passed, and this round of match is slowly coming to an end . At present, the top five disciples are very strong .  No one dares to challenge Qiu Shaoxian and second-ranked Puchang from beginning to end .

With Tang Hangan's strength, it is no problem for him to fight with Yi Ling and Yang Shiqi, but after the battle with Qin Yi, he suffers internal injuries, misses the top five, and barely enters the sixth place .

"Boy, your strength is good, come and fight with me, what do you think?"

Pu Chang looks at Qin Yi flippantly, and his eyes are filled with warfare . The fight between Qin Yi and Tang Hangan just impressed him . He really wants to know how powerful this suddenly emerging dark horse is .

"I'm not interested . " Qin Yi shakes his head, a light smile lingering on his mouth beautifully .

Now that he has entered the top five, it is unnecessary and meaningless to challenge the disciples in first place and second place .  He does not want to show all his cards .

Not interested in me?

Pu Chang finds Qin Yi’s words sound both funny and annoying, but he never thinks that Qin Yi would actually refuse him so directly and he even said he is not interested in him .

Qiu Shaoxian on the other side of Puchang is also a little stunned by his words . This kid is not reckless, and he knows himself well .

After two hours, the Assembly of Lingwumen completely ends . The disciples ranking top five are:

First place went to Qiu Shaoxian .

Second place: Pu Chang .

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Third place: Qin Yi .

Fourth place: Yang Shiqi .

Fifth place: Yi Ling .

In this year martial arts Assembly, the emergence of the black horse Qin Yi made the whole process of the martial arts reach climax one after another . He won out in every challenge only by using The Overlord Boxing, which also made him a legend of Lingyumen .

When he was confronted with Tang Hangan, the giant golden palm print formed by his fist strength and the last domineering punch impressed all the disciples, which also made Qin Yi assume a layer of mysterious veil .

There is no doubt that Qin Yi has become famous in this year’s martial arts Assembly, and his radiance covers up the first-ranked Qiu Shaoxian .

"Finally, I entered the top five as I wished, and I am eligible to enter the third floor of the Pavilion!"

Qin Yi is relieved, and he wonders what kind of existence the third floor of the Pavilion is, which actually makes him feel strange, and it seems that he has left something behind there .

His intuition tells him that the third floor of the Pavilion is not an ordinary existence .

According to the regulations, as long as one can reach the top fifty in this Assembly, he or she can enter the first floor of the Pavilion and choose three basic and intermediate martial arts and will be rewarded a three-hundred-year-old Ganoderma lucidum . If one can reach top twenty, he or she will be eligible to choose three advanced martial arts on the second floor of the Pavilion and will be rewarded an eight-hundred-year-old Ganoderma lucidum .

For those who have entered the top five, he or she is allowed to enter the third floor of the Pavilion and can get a one-thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum . The Thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum is extremely precious .  We should know that that day Qin Yi only saw three eight-hundred-year-old Ganoderma lucidum in The East Emperor Pharmacy .

We can easiliy see how much Lingyumen has invested for this year’s martial arts Assembly .  The medicinal materials Distribution Office is undoubtedly at the Best wishes Pavilion---the place for medicinal materials collection

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