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Chapter 6

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

It isn't up to thirty minutes yet . Qin Yi sways leisurely on the first floor of the Pavilion and has no intention to choose other cultivation classics . What he has just absorbed is absolutely enough .

Suddenly, a wonderful feeling appears in Qin Yi’s left hand .

With such a feeling, Qin Yi subconsciously glances at one of the wooden shelves as if he were summoned by something .

On the wooden shelf quietly lies a thin, dust-covered book, which has been apparently forgotten by all people .

"What kind of cultivation book is this, it seems that I have a special feeling about it . "

Qin Yi walks over with doubts and picks up this worn-out classic . Four words on the cover come into his view after he dusts it: The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon .

The annotation on the label card reads: The Seven moves of Celestial Demon, an ancient martial art that is the crystaliztion of labor and wisdom of ancient masters . With the book, those who have made small achievements can freely change the bone structure of hands, enlarging the palm instantly and even creating a huge palm of airflow that kills the enemy across space; while those who have made big achievements will have a formidable and majestic momentum able to raze the mountains to the ground and break the void with bare hands, piercing the heavens and the earth . . .

What a great tone!

Qin Yi is stunned and extremely wild with joy . He is so lucky to pick up something unexpectedly valuable . It is estimated that the value of all other cultivation books here added cannot be more than the value of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon .

He holds his fast heartbeat and opens the book .

Just the next minute -

"Oh, how could this be?"

Qin Yi’s enthusiasm is instantly cooled down as if he were poured by cold water, standing there like steel when he finds that The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon is not as clearly written as other cultivation books with detailed practice direction and guidance . Moreover, the lines of the illustration on this book are blurred due to the duration of time .

To make matters worse, judging from the thickness of the book, it is obviously not kept intact, maybe only one of the seven moves is left .

"No wonder no one chooses this domineering classic . "

Qin Yi, disappointed by the fact that the book is an extant fragment, finally realizes why this book is covered with dust .

However, Qin Yi doesn’t give up The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, for he has a strange feeling when he opens the book as if it summoned him .

“How is that possible? A book summons me! It’s absurd, maybe . . . the book and I are destined .

 To say the least, if we are really destined, I still stand a chance to understand and to learn it no matter how obscure and profound this classic is . ”

Thinking of this, Qin Yi takes The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon and steps out of the Pavilion without hesitation .

"Boy, are you sure of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon?"

Outside the Pavilion, Guo Wuchen looks at The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon in Qin Yi’s hand and asks him with an incredible expression .

"Yes . " Qin Yi smiles and nods at Guo Wuchen .

Guo Wuchen sighs and says: "This is a martial art that has been handed down from the ancient times . I think a long time before, it has been a marvelous martial art, but now it is obviously impossible to learn as only one of the seven moves is preserved in the world . Moreover, the action chart illustrated in the book is also quite blurred, very hard to recognize . Several masters had tried to study it, but got nothing in the end . In fact, the book is placed in the Pavilion only as a collection, not as a cultivation book for disciples to learn . "

"What, is it just a collection?" Qin Yi blinks and has no idea what to do next .

Guo Wuchen nods: "Exactly . So you’d better go back and choose another one, grasping the very opportunity of getting into the Pavilion . It’s the first time for you to enter the Pavilion . If you only choose a collection, you will be a laughing stock in Lingyumen . After all, a collection has no practical significance for a disciple’s cultivation . ”

“No practical significance?” Qin Yi frowns .

Perhaps Guo Wuchen is right . He is the Elder of Lingyumen and knows everything here . But somehow, he is quite confused about the exceptional feeling that suddenly overwhelmed him when he found The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . Have I been destined with this martial art classic?

After a short silence, Qin Yi smiles lightly and finally chooses to believe in his sentiment, "Thank you for reminding me, Elder Guo, but I still choose to keep the book . Maybe I can't learn martial art and inner cultivation from it, but I’m happy about keeping it . "

"It's a pity…"

Seeing Qin Yi off, Guo Wuchen shakes his head helplessly . When confirming the boy’s cultivation through his left hand, Guo Wuchen feels keenly that the boy is extraordinary . He did not expect that the boy is confused in choosing martial art classics .

When Qin Yi gets home, he comes to the small courtyard . He sits down, calls up all the cultivation books in his mind and puts them before his eyes . When doing so, Qin Yi can't help but burst into laughter, he is now extremely comfortable both physically and mentally, for he has never imagined that he could possess so many cultivation books at once .

Qin Yi can’t suppose what kind of punishment will be imposed on him if the School knows that he has taken so many books from the Pavalion . However, Qin Yi will never let the School know anything about his secret of keeping so many classics at one time .

It takes a long time for Qin Yi to calm down from the excitement . Then he begins to carefully select the classics that suit him . Half an hour later, he selected three classics: Kua Fu’s Steps, Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King .

Kua Fu’s Steps and Qi Recover Spell have been introduced in the previous episode . The former is a kind of martial art for speed-improving, which is of great value in martial art learning, although only half of the book is preserved . Speed is the vital point of all martial arts .

Qi Recover Spell is an auxiliary martial art that can help one do the self-healing and restore qi and blood . Although it is an auxiliary martial art, its value in martial arts should be recognized correctly . While it is normal that one gets wounded in a battle, with Qi Recover Spell can one greatly shorten the time of healing and can even improve one’s anti-strike ability if he can learn it very well .

The real highlight is The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King .  This martial art is a bit fantastic because it focuses on the cultivation of an invisible imposing inner power . Once a warrior has this power, his ability in attack, speed and defense will all be improved . This imposing inner power is formed by the qi emitted from inside, while qi is formed by strong blood and bone marrow, which is the foundation of internal strength . Therefore, by learning The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King, one is actually laying the foundations for the cultivation of qi . To put it in a simple way, The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King is martial art that can improve one’s ability in cultivation all-round . The abilities of good learners can be double improved in all aspects as if he has been possessed by tigers and elephants .

"The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King is clearly a basic course for becoming a Domephase scholar!" Qin Yi thinks in delight .

Afterwards, Qin Yi stays at home and rarely come out, focusing on learning and practicing these martial arts .

Sometimes speed is the key to succeed in a battle, so the first book he chose is Kua Fu’s Steps .

Sitting cross-legged on the ground and closing his eyes, Qin Yi lets in the cultivation method of Kua Fu’s Steps automatically . Qin Yi carefully mobilizes the ancient breath wandering around in his body in accordance with the cultivation method of Kua Fu’s Steps .

Qin Yi is unskilled at the very beginning, but he can do it expertly after four hours’ learning and practice .

The next morning, after getting up and learning for a while, Qin Yi feels that he seems to have lost a lot of weight and his legs are more flexible .

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"I made it?"

Being amazed, Qin Yi opens his eyes and stands up the moment he feels the change of his body . He casts his sight at a sapling not far away and thinks: "I used to take a breath for three times before reaching the sapling . How long does it take now?"

In a fiery flash, Qin Yi rushes out and runs toward the sapling . In the blink of an eye, he is standing in front of it .

"I breathed twice!" Qin Yi could not restrain his excitement when he realizes he has learned the Kua Fu’s steps, which improves his speed by one-third!

“One day, I learned the Kua Fu’s steps in one day . I’m a super genius!”

Qin Yi is proud of his intelligence and the ability to learn fast .

"With my present strength and my left hand, I should be able to defeat the disciples in the middle of the second of Domephase! But my current strength is unable to withstand one move of Chang Jingxue in the martial arts competition!"

There are still over twenty days before the martial arts Assembly . Qin Yi has to instantly cool himself down and analyze his combat effectiveness .

"Yes, I must work harder!"

Qin Yi knows that he must seize the day, so he sits cross-legged on the ground again to meditate and cultivate .

This time, he decides to learn both Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King at the same time .

Qi Recover Spell enhances qi and blood, while bone marrow constitutes one’s inner power . The two martial arts are in fact complementary to each other . Day and night Qin Yi works very hard without eating and drinking . He sits cross-legged on the ground motionlessly as if he has passed away like a Buddhist monk .

On the third day, Qin Yi finally slowly opens his eyes and withdraws from the cultivation state .

He feels that the blood in his body is surging and the ability in all aspects of his body has been improved . It seems that        Qin Yi’s inner power shows its sign even when he stands here .

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"Good, I have got into the Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King . "

Qin Yi is somewhat happy and he immediately makes an analysis of his combat effectiveness: "With my present combat power and the power of my left hand, I should be able to fight with the disciples who are at the top of second level of Domephase! But Chang Jingxue, just like the legendary girl Yang Shiqi, has at least reached the peak of the third level of Domephase . I’m not powerful enough to fight against Chang Jingxue at the Assembly! ""

Next, he tries to figure out the ancient martial arts The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, but only to find that this ancient martial art is really marvelous . His left hand seems to have felt the power sealed in the worn-out books .

Qin Yi is surprised by his discovery .

His unusual left hand can capture this imperceptible power . For the one who has no special left hand, it will be very hard to feel it .

"Elder Guo said that some masters had got nothing from The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon; perhaps that has something to do with the sealed power in it . They did not conceive of the power . "

Qin Yi frowns and he feels that he has found out a treasure . . .

Several days of learning and cultivation have exhausted Qin Yi so much that he is unable to make deeper and further explorations .

Qin Yin closes the book and decides to go out for a walk .

"Qin Yi!"

The moment Qin Yi arrives at the training ground, a familiar voice is heard from behind .

Qin Yi sighs and turns . The scene is the same as last time . Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue are standing not far away behind him .

Rou Qin whispers a few words in the ear of Chang Jingxue, who snorts contemptuously: "Well, I can give him another chance, but he must go to the Mountain of Magical Wind to hunt a panacea for me . Otherwise, there is no way out, even if he is your fellow countryman . "

Rou Qin responds as she nods, "He is just a little bit stubborn . He will eventually recognize his situation . " Then she immediately walks to Qin Yi .

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