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Chapter 59

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With Qin Yi's giant golden palm print falling down, all the people in the practicing ground could not help shaking, as if the palm print fell on them .

"How could this be?"

Tang Hangan aches all over, and he doesn’t expect that before his full prepared punch falls on Qin Yi, he is knocked down by Qin Yi’s giant golden palm print .

He never dreams that Qin Yi's giant golden palm print can be used in succession .

"You are asking for death!"

Tang Hangan shouts furiously, and a more violent heat wave is surging up in his body . His arms even burn in a flash, and his firm body dives violently towards Qin Yi .

This time he has used all his strength . As long as he hits Qin Yi, the latter could definitely be seriously injured .

However, at the moment he jumps up, Qin Yi shakes his left hand and shouts lightly , “The heaven destroys all beings!” 


With a roaring sound of breaking the sky, a giant golden palm print once again falls down from the air .  Qin Yi knocks Tang Hangan down afresh on the ring, and the entire ring seems unable to bear the power of his golden palm print, shaking endlessly .

“I must destroy you!”

Tang Hangan feels so wronged that his heart is broken . He has domineering and unique martial arts and extraordinary seeds of flames, and such a fighting power is perfect .

But now, no matter how powerful his attacking power is, he is absolutely suppressed by the fourth move of Qin Yi's Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, and he can't use any move of his martial arts .

"I don't believe I can't attack you!"

Tang Hangan roars, his upright purple hair showing that he has been extremely angry .

"The heaven destroys all beings!"

Qin Yi faintly says with a calm expression, and he moves his left hand, and he giant golden palm print once again relentlessly falls on Tang Hangan who has just jumped up .

"Senior Apprentice Tang, don’t assume that you are favored by God and you are lucky enough to get the seeds of flames, you will be invincible in the world and always takes an egotistical attitude to the whole world . You need to know that in this world, there is always someone more competent and capable than you! " Qin Yi says quietly .

Qin Yi's expression is calm from beginning to end . The girl in the red robe he met in Mountain of Magical Wind made him well understand the phrase "there is always someone more competent and capable than you” .

His voice has hardly faded away before Qin Yi raises his left hand again, and a giant golden palm print falls down with a sound of bang .

He doesn’t give Tang Hangan any chance, and he motivates the practicing method of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, with the giant palm print falling down one by one .

Tang Hangan’s face becomes red-brown, and he feels that his whole body is about to be taken apart by the successive giant golden palm prints .  But for his extremely strong physique, he would have been killed by Qin Yi .

At this moment, he really wants to die . As the disciple who ranks third in the Lingyumen, he is now defeated and humiliated without mercy .

Everyone on the practicing ground is completely dumbfounded .  They look at the incredible scene on the ring, feeling like dreaming .

The young disciple of Lingyu Mentang ranks third, and the strongest competitor competing for the first now even stands no chance to fight back!

How can he keep his promise of winning fairness back to Chang Jingxue?

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

Qin Yi manipulates the The heaven destroy all beings and attacks Tang Hangan one palm after another, as if he is slapping on the faces of the disciples who cheer for Tang Hangan to defeat him .  

Everybody flickers with Qin Yi’s every palm .

"This kid is really amazing!"

The first-ranked Qiu Shaoxian pays attention to Qin Yi for the first time, but he know clearly that this bizarre fighting situation is entirely due to Qin Yi's peculiar martial arts that make him get the upper hand in the fight .

"Good heavens, he actually has hidden such a stunning martial art .  I worry about him all the time .  It's a silly bother” After being shocked for a while, a trace of joy smile slowly appears on the talented girl Yang Shiqi’s extremely beautiful face .

“This kid actually knows martial arts beyond Lingyumen . ”

Chang Fengyang on the referee's bench has finally recovered his wits after deep anger and consternation, and his face looks gloomy and terrible . He turns to speak with Cangsong Yi in a cold tone, "Head Master, according to Lingyumen’s regulation, he deserves being punished for his learning of foreign martial arts, right? Otherwise, with Qin Yi as a precedent, the disciples of Lingyumen will follow suit .  Then within a hundred years, the domestic martial arts of Lingyumen will be abandoned . Abandoning domestic martial arts of a sect means, in essence, the death of this sect .

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Chang Fengyang exerts pressure on Cangsong Yi .

“Elder Chang is right . ”

Several other elders also nod in agreement .

“According to what the elder Chang has said, this matter is indeed quite serious . ”

Cangsong Yi frowns and mutters to himself, “Qin Yi’s should indeed be severely punished for his private learning of foreign martial arts . ”

“Head Master, I think it’s very severe to punish Qin Yi with Lingyumen’s Regulation . Just now Qin Yi himself said that the learning of that foreign martial arts is a fortuitous encounter . There must be another reason . ”

Guo Wuchen casts a glance at Chang Fengyang and continues: "Elder Chang said that the Lingyumen will die out within a hundred year . Your words are too serious undoubtedly . Do you really think that any disciple can pick up advanced martial arts when he goes to the toilet, I think Elder Chang wants to use the power of Lingyumen for your own private revenge, right, Elder Chang? "


Chang Fengyang is angry but dares not to snap in fear of the majesty of Guo Wuchen .

"Well, don't quarrel anymore, what Elder Guo said is not unreasonable, and we must treat this matter with caution . " Cang Songyi frowns and says solemnly .

On the ring, the bizarre battle continues . Qin Yi suppresses Tang Hangan absolutely with the fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, making him unable to fight back .

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Tang Hangan is going to be crazy .  The seed of flames, of which he has been proud, has no effect at all . Every time he gets fully prepared to attack Qin Yi, he is always beaten by Qin Yi when he just jumps up .

After shooting more than a dozen palm prints in a row, Qin Yi himself feels a bit tired . After all, he has just broken through the peak of the forth level of Domephase, so it is impossible for him to compare with the masters who have reached the peak of the fifth level of Domephase like Ge Fengren .

Tang Hangan's face is pale, and a trace of blood spills from his mouth, and apparently he is heavily injured .  He has been attacked by more than a dozen giant golden palm prints in a row, even Qiu Shaoxian who ranks first may not be able to bear it .

The whole field is extremely quiet, and everyone is stunned by this bizarre match .

"Dude, do you dare to receive my punch?" Tang Hangan growls .

He feels extremely wronged in this match . Until now, he has been beaten without even hitting back a punch . His previous majesty disappears .

"Why not, I can let you hit a punch, what then?"

Qin Yi stops using Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo and stands there proudly like a javelin with a momentum of conquering the whole world . He smiles faintly and says, “Okay!”

Tang Hangan feels so wronged that his heart is going to be broken, and he instantly rejoices after haring Qin Yi’s words .

"Boy, go to the hell---Heaven flame Boxing!"

He instantly motivates the mysterious breath in his body to the limit, his stalwart body rushing towards Qin Yi like a leopard . He is prepared to punch the young man standing in the middle of the ring .

At this moment, he infuses all his anger and humiliation into his arms .  When his fist hits hard, he could even feel the seed of flames burning in his underbelly .

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