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Chapter 58

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In Lingyumen, many disciples have heard that Tang Hangan had an adventure and inadvertently obtained the seeds of flames . Some time ago, his deed of defeating the advanced disciple Xi Chen of Xianshizong has caused a fanaticism in Lingyumen . There were even many disciples regarded Tang Hangan as their idol .

"Senior Apprentice Tang is the top contender for this years Assembly and is expected to defeat Qiu Shaoxian . "

"I heard that his seeds of flames are quite magical, and it can instantly double the fighting capacity .  In this case, Qiu Shaoxian’s first place in Lingyumen is really in jeopardy . "

" . . . . . . "

The appearance of Tang Hangan pushes the atmosphere on the practicing ground to a climax .

In the face of the hot scene, the referee Guo Wuchen frowns slightly . He silences the disciples’ noise looks at Tang Hangan seriously: "I must remind you that you are challenging disciple lower than you in the rank .  If you fail, then your ranking and Qin Yi’s will be reversed . Are you sure you want to challenge Qin Yi?"

"Tang Hangan, defeat Qin Yi!"

"Tang Hangan, defeat Qin Yi!"

The audience are shouting loudly, and the scene gets extremely hot .

Tang Hangan does not rush to answer . He turns around and looks at the extremely excited disciples . He turns back slowly and shrugs his shoulders: "Elder Guo, you have seen it . Most disciples want me to challenge Qin Yi, I can't let them down . "

"Qin Yi, do you accept Tang Hangan's challenge?"

Guo Wuchen looks at Qin Yi: "You can refuse him . "

"I Accept!"

Qin Yi answers simply and jumps directly onto the ring . He knows He knew that there must be a battle between him and Tang Hangan, his goal in this year’s Assembly is the top five .  Now Tang Hangan came to challenge him, which is exactly what Qin Yi wanted .  

Tang Hangan’s intention of humiliate Qin Yin appears on his face, and he jumps on the ring without a words .

Looking at the stalwart physique of Tang Hangan on the ring, Chang Jingxue is shaking with excitement under the stage . He has long been suppressed by Qin Yi, and now his cousin Tang Hangan finally has the chance to get fairness back for him .

The genius girl Yang Shiqi clenches her beautiful white teeth and looks at Qin Yi on the ring, and there is a hint of worry on her face .

Qiu Shaoxian, who ranks first, casts a glance at Yang Shiqi, and he seems to find that Yang Shiqi is very careful about Qin Yi . He thinks that how Yang Shiqi will feel when Qin Yi' is humiliated by Tang Hangan as a dog!

"Tanghangan!" "Tanghangan!"

The cheer under the ring rushes towards Heaven like waves .

Hearing the cheer behind him, Tang Hangan feels that his blood is boiling, and he has never imagined that he is so popular among the fellow disciples .  Now he can’t imagine how hot the whole practicing ground would be when he punches Qin Yi off the ring with one move .

Tang Hangan owns a seed of flame, so he has absolute reason to believe that he can knock Qin Yi off the ring with one move, making Qin Yi seriously injured, and then the challenge will be over in such a simple and time-saving way!

"Qin Yi, don't you see, I can't wait anymore? Come on, don't waste time . " Tang Hangan looks at Qin Yi and says coldly . At the same time, a powerful internal force of Domephase rushes out of him, making him become imposing instantly, which renders a feeling of oppression .

"Qin Yi is going to be out of luck . Although he was in the limelight before, he is still too tender in front of Tang Hangan . "

"Tang Hangan obviously wants to get fairness back to his cousin Chang Jingxue, I am afraid he will not show mercy for Qin Yi . "

Most of the disciples under the ring have a pessimistic view of Qin Yi .  They look at Qin Yi with sympathy and, at the same time, with gloating . Although Qin Yi is powerful, in front of Tang Hangan, who ranks third and has a seed of flame, he is absolutely vulnerable .

"Bravo-Heaven Extinguishes All Living Beings!"

In the face of powerful Tang Han Gan, Qin Yi doesn't talk too much and he moves his left hand gently . Immediately, his left hand is shining with golden light, the force is going to burst out form his hand . But the next moment, the left hand seems to have lost its momentum and nothing happened!

What does he mean?

Tang Hangan frowns in confusion, what does he want to do, what tricks dose he want to use ?

However, the next moment .


A giant golden palm print with a diameter of ten meters wide suddenly falls down from the sky . Tang Hangan is knocked down on the ring by the golden palm print, and the whole ring is shocked by the huge power .

The cheer for Tang Hangan suddenly stops .

The whole practicing ground is in a dead silence, and there is no sound at all, and all the people blink in shock and are completely stunned .  

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The people are shocked! Incredible!

The teenager on the ring actually condenses his palm strength directly into a giant golden palm, what kind of martial art is it?

Qin Yi is also shocked by himself . He just wants to see how powerful the fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo in half-step achievement could be . Now he knows it, he can knock down a strong man like Tang Hangan with his left hand!

After integrating with Qin Yi’s left hand", the power of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo is really much greater than that of the fat man in black robe .

Looking at his palm, Qin Yi feels ecstatic .

Although the golden palm print of Ge Fengren was two feet in diameter that day, he at least has made a small achievement in the cultivation of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, and Qin Yi has only made half of Ge’s achievement .

There is a sudden shock and anger on Changfeng Yang's face over there . Ge Fengren is his distant relative . Naturally, he know a little about Ge Fengren's unique martial arts, but now Ge Fengren's unique martial art is used by Qin Yi . What does this mean?

"Ge Fengren was dead, and his martial arts have been captured by this boy!" Chang Fengyang is trembling with anger, this assassination is really really go for wool and come home shorn .


On the ring, Tang Hangan is stunned . He originally thinks that he can beat Qin Yi down on the ground and can no longer stand up with just one punch . Now, instead, he is knocked down by Qin Yi with a strange giant palm shinning with golden light in a sudden .

What kind of martial art is it?

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Tang Hangan looks at Qin Yi in disbelief and realizes that the force of Qin Yi’s giant golden palm print is great . Although he is not injured seriously by Qin Yi, it makes him ache all over .

"Senior Apprentice Tang, You are not the only one to have adventures in this world!"

Qin Yi smiles faintly, showing a sharp momentum all over his body, and he is as sharp as a blade . He has already broken through the peak of the fourth level of Domephase and has cultivated a strong internal force of Domephase, so his momentum is not weaker than Tang Hangan .

"This teenager always likes to surprise people . "

Over there, Guo Wuchen shows an uncontrollable excitement on his face, and the fact once again proves that he is wise to choose to support Qin Yi .

"Boy, you want to defeat me with the evil martial arts stolen from nowhere? Ridiculously, see how I defeat you . "

Tang Hangan's face looks sullen,and his eyes are filled with anger .

"Heaven flame Boxing!"

A heat wave rushes out of Tang Hangan's body, which seems to become a blaze of flame, and his arms even turn red in an instant .

With the heat wave surging up in Tang Hangan's body, his momentum instantly soars to a new level, and the strength inside his body doubles directly .

He starts to use the Seeds of Flame .

The golden gleam in the sky flashes, and a huge golden light giant palm clashes under it, and once again he knocks him down fiercely on the ring .

Before Tang Hangan’s fully prepared punch falls on Qin Yi, a golden light flashes in the sky, and a giant golden palm print falls on him, knocking him down on the ring .

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