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Chapter 57

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"It turns out to be Kua . . . no, it’s Magic Steps for Vacant Space!"

Sitting on the chair and looking at the girl's light body, Qin Yi couldn't help but feel stunned slightly by her .

It is difficult for him to calm down . Yang Shiqi has made some progress in the cultivation of Magic Steps for Vacant Space in only ten days, and she is indeed a genius!

After easily eluding Ming Xuan attack, Yang Shiqi looks back and smiles lightly at the young man sitting on the chair .  There is a hint of pride between her delicate brows, as if she is showing off to the young man .

Qin Yi shakes his head helplessly .

"Fairies dancing in the Heaven!"

Yang Shiqi suddenly shouts out with her soft voice, and her body instantly conjures into layers of her own figures that people can’t distinguish which one is Yangshiqi and which ones are her shadows .

"Fairies dancing in the Heaven"?

Qin Yi frowns, remembering that when he entered the first floor of the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic, he seemed to see this martial arts, which is regarded as a middle-level martial arts, and it is a group-attack martial arts . The one who makes a great achievement on the cultivation of this martial arts can attack multiple people at the same time .

It is unexpected that Senior Apprentice Yang has chosen this martial art .

The disciples all hear the voice of wind!

There is a whistle of wind coming from the ring as Yang Shiqi using Fairies dancing in the Heaven .  There are countless figures of Yang Shiqi in the sky, as if fairies were dancing in every corner of the sky .

The crowd watching around are dazzled by Yang Shiqi’s martial art .


Yang Shiqi, the talent genius, apparently has made a great achievement on the cultivation of this martial art .  A swarm of slender hands all attacks Xuan Ming .

Yang Shiqi uses the group-attack martial art to attack Xuan Ming . Xuan Ming’s perfect breath and strength are immediately torn by Yang Shiqi, and he flies off the ring .

The whole practicing ground is quiet .

After a while, Guo Wuchen announces loudly: "Yang Shiqi wins!"

This talented girl, sure enough, easily reaches the top five, the whole ground is in an uproar .

Standing at a distance, a satisfied smile is revealed on the gentle and beautiful face of Yang Shiqi's master .

Yang Shiqi smiles happily and sits on Xua Ming ’s seat, taking Xuan Ming’s position, and Xuan Ming has to take Yang Shiqi's original position .

The match continues .

"Next, Chang Jingxue . "

With the announcement, Chang Jingxue stands up, and after a glance, he fixes his eyes on Yi Ling: "Junior Apprentice Yi, do me a favor, please . "

Yi Ling is younger than Chang Jingxue, so Chang Jingxue her Junior Apprentice .

Yi Ling is a famous swordsman with a petite posture and watery and sparkling skin .  She always carries a dark green long slender sword on her straight and delicate back .

However, her hands are not sweet and beautiful at all .

“Dreamy chop!”

Yi Ling's long sword glows with a three-meter dark green light, looking like a rainbow that pierces the sky, full of the intention of killing .

Yi Ling's dark green long sword is as light as a piece of goose feather, and it is on the left and the next moment it moves to the right . The extremely strange scene makes people feel as if they were in a dream, giving them an unreal feeling .

Just as everyone seems to have fallen into a half-asleep state, Yi Ling's dark green long sword has chopped on Chang Jingxue's body and destroyed his breath and power .


Chang Jingxue is shocked by the powerful sword breath, and he flies through the air and finally falls on the ring .

"Chang Jingxue fails, Yi Ling and Chang Jingxue's position remain unchanged!"

The referee announces the result .

“ . . . . . . . ”

Chang Jingxue looks upset, but he has to return to his original position .  Sitting in her seat, Rou Qin also feels upset and lowers her head slightly .

"Fu Yu, who do you want to challenge?"

With the referee's announcement, Fu Yu glances at Qiu Shaoxian and the four top-five disciples, he shakes his head and says very simply: "I give up the challenge . "

Both Yang Shiqi and Yi Ling have just shown strong strength . Fu Yu estimates that in front of Qiu Shaoxian, Pu Chang, and Tang Hangan, he can't even make three moves . Fu Yu knows very well that he is not their opponent, so it is wise to choose to give up .

None is surprised at his choice .

"Shaozheng Qixiao . "

"I give up the challenge!"

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"Rou Qin . "

"I give up the challenge!"

" . . . "

The following disciples all wisely chose to give up the challenge .

The disciples currently ranking in the top five are too powerful, and to challenge them recklessly is undoubtedly to ask for humiliation .

For a moment, the atmosphere on the practicing ground is a bit dull . The top-five disciples who accept the challenge look like five great mountains that deny people any access .

"Qin Yi . "

As the referee's voice sounds, everyone's gaze falls on the weak boy with earnest expectations .

From the beginning of the Assembly, he wins all the challenge and has been in the limelight .

Everyone expects him to break this dull atmosphere . Especially Liu Guan, who has just battled with him, is even more anxious . He believes that Qin Yi definitely has the strength to reach the top five .

Qin Yi's eyes slowly glance over Qiu Shaoxian and the other four top-five disciples . The moment he contacts Qin Yi's eyes, the third-ranked Tang Hangan puffs his chest out with a sense of humiliation in his eyes .

Yes, it is the intention to humiliate him, not to battle with him!

He doesn't need to fight with Qin Yi at all, and what he wants to do is to humiliate him .

However, Qin Yi shakes his head unexpectedly: "I give up . "

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The practicing ground is in an uproar . No one expected that Qin Yi would give up the challenge! Even Guo Wuchen on the referee's seat is very shocked . Immediately, he says with some uncertainty: "What do you say, give up the challenge?"

“Yes . ”

Qin Yi slowly nods his head .

Qin Yi has a plan .  He wants to take the opportunity to closely observe Tang Hangan’s reaction . Ten days ago, Tang Hangan said that he would bring fairness back to Chang Jingxue in the final ranking match .  So Qin Yi doesn’t challenge Tang Hangan and sees what he will do .

Tang Hangan doesn’t expect that the energetic Qin Yi would choose to give up the challenge . Tang stands there motionlessly, thinking that Qin Yi dares not to challenge him directly, but Qin Yi might challenge Yang Shiqi or Yi Ling, and the chances of winning should not be that slim . After the top-five disciples are completely determined, he will challenge Qin Yi justly and take the opportunity to humiliate him mercilessly .

No one thought that Qin Yi would give up the challenge completely!

“Humph, I can still humiliate you even if you give up challenging!”

Tang Hangan stands up somberly and looks at Qin Yi, saying coldly with his eyebrows raised

"Junior Apprentice Qin, seeing you full of energy, I really want to learn from you, shall we?"

Everyone is stunned by Tang Hangan’s words, and even the head master and the elders of the Lingyumen show incredible looks . Tang Hangan wants to challenge the disciple who ranks lower than him!

A glimpse of joy appears in Qiu Shaoxian’s eyes .

"Tang Hangan!" "Tang Han gan!"

On the practicing ground, the roar of the disciples is getting louder and louder, like churning waves in the sea . It is unimaginable how popular Tang Hangan is!

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