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Chapter 56

Proofread by Peter Gong

"Overlord Boxing!"

After realizing he could not escape the last shot no matter how he eludes, Qin Yi chooses to fight hard . He shouts out violently and greets Liu Guan with his fists .

The powerful the internal force of Domephase instantly surges up in his body, and the power even rolls up the space around the fist and forms a vortex .

Although it is only the most basic boxing of Lingyumen, the basic boxing at Dzogchen Realm also seems to naturally accommodate all the boxing .


The marksmanship at Dzogchen Realm collides with the boxing at Dzogchen Realm, and the mighty energy strikes and blows Qin Yi and Liu Guan into the two sides again, but the powerful internal force generated from Qin Yi's fists goes up along Liu Guan's silver spear, violently slamming at him like a huge wave .

Liu Guan only feels that an immensely huge power seems to blow on his chest in a sudden, and there is a burst of energy and blood churns in his chest, and the blood is spat out of his mouth .  

The domineering three moves of spears are over .

Liu Guan is defeated, and he eventually fails to defeat Qin Yi's . Qin Yi is still the black horse in Lingyumen .

The whole competition terrain is very quiet and even the sound of a dropping needle can be heard .

All the people stare at the two teenagers on the ring . The battle just now is really amazing, but Qin Yi shows slightly better than the other apprentice of Lingyumen and finally wins the match .

"Senior apprentice Liu, you let me win!"

Qin Yi smiles calmly and pulls Liu Guan up from the ring . Liu Guan looks pale and he looks at Qin Yi in shock . At the last moment of the battle, Liu Guan feels that the punch was not from a 15-year-old boy but from a god! And he didn’t use all his strength .

"Thank you! I lost, I’m sincerely convinced by you!"

Liu Guan gives Qin Yi a complicated look and smiles at him coolly .

"It’s harder and harder for me to see through the boy’s mind .  He actually won Liu Guan's nearly perfect Lv Yun Spear with Overlord Boxing .  Sitting on the referee's bench, a glance of excitement sweeps over Guo Wuchen’s eyes, as if it was he who just performed stunningly on the ring .

"It’s so common, he is just a little bit proficient in the cultivation of Overlord Boxing . " Pu Chang, the second-ranked disciple, says in a flippant and contempt tone .

Qiu Shaoxian sits in repose with his eyes closed to refresh his spirit, he seems to have no interest in the stunning duel between Qin Yi and Liu Guan .

Tang Hangan, who ranks third in the competition, also curls up his lips quite contemptuously .  Compared to ten days ago, he did not see any improvement in Qin Yi ten days later . In his view, Qin Yi only won Liu Guan by virtue of his powerful internal force of Domephase .

"Senior Apprentice Pu, you say Qin Yi is ordinary?"

Over there, Yang Shiqi turns to look at Pu Chang, and there is a hint of anger between her delicate brows: "Senior Apprentice Pu, it’s hasty for you to comment on Qin Yi in this way .  Qin Yi's amazing performance is even said to be ordinary by you . !"

In the face of Yang Shiqi's support for Qin Yi, Pu Chang is slightly stunned, but Yang Shiqi is also a popular disciple, so it better not to offend her .  So he has to look at Qiu Shaoxian beside him innocently .

Qiu Shaoxian doesn't speak, but his mouth twitches slightly with no trace .

"Senior Apprentice Pu is right . " Tang Hangan beside Pu Chang suddenly looks at Yang Shiqi with a faint smile: "Junior Apprentice Yang, I will prove to you later that Qin Yi is really ordinary . "

"How dare  . . . "

"Senior Apprentice Yang, we don't need to care about some people's words, just let them go crazy for a while . "A soft voice interrupts Yang Shiqi's voice .

The slightly noisy scene becomes completely quiet in a sudden because of these words, and everyone couldn't help looking towards this voice, only to see a teenager with a handsome face, smiling faintly .  Every act and move is full of strong self-confidence .

Looking at the teenager’s warm smile, the girl's heart couldn't help but turn soft and she nods her head at him obediently: "Well . "

"Let us go crazy for a while? Interesting . " Tang Hangan is slightly stunned by that boy’s words .

According to the rules of the competition, Qin Yi defeated Liu Guan, then naturally Liu Guan's position must be given to Qin Yi .

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Liu Guan originally ranked sixth among ten elite disciples . Qin Yi naturally will not be polite at all, and he comes and sits on the sixth chair, at the same time he feels relieved secretly for he finally managed to fight for a place .

The competition is still proceeding in an orderly manner . Next, these ten elite disciples must accept the challenges of other disciples . With his strength, Liu Guan soon defeats the seventh place sitting beside Qin Yi and ranks among the ten elite disciples .

Successively, some of disciples challenge the top ten elite disciples . Those who succeed in the challenge will be ranked among the top ten elite disciples . Those who fail in the challenge will lose the challenge opportunity .

Qin Yi shows his brilliance in the knockout and qualifying competitions, and the stunning battle with Liu Guan also makes everyone know his strength .  Now, no one dares to challenge him again .

Qin Yi feels bored, so he secretly motivates his left hand and enters the ethereal state . He sees clearly the moves of all the disciples who participate in the competition, and then he analyzes and thinks about the moves to remove their dross and extract their essence .

Then, he tries to merge the remaining essence with the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill created by himself .

Yes, he gains a lot!

Two hours later, a trace of satisfied smile appears on Qin Yi's face . After fusing with the essential moves, he feels that his Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill becomes more perfect .

Half a day later, the first part of the ranking competition is finally over .

The next is the real ranking competition . Ten elite disciples who win in the first part will challenge the top five of the ten disciples last year’s Martial Arts Assembly, such as Qiu Shaoxian .

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"The ten elite disciples can challenge any one of last year’s the top 5 disciples .  Each disciple has only two chances . If you succeed, you will replace the ranking of the previous disciples . Of course, you can also choose to give up the challenge . After a round of challenges, the top five disciples in the new ranking can also challenge each other . "

Guo Wuchen announces the rules of the competition .

" Yang Shiqi, who currently ranked first, will be the first one to start the challenge . "

Yang Shiqi stands up immediately, facing Qiu Shaoxian and the other four disciples and looking at them with her clear eyes, and finally her eyes settle on Xuan Ming who ranked fourth in last year’s Assembly .  She bows her head and smiles slightly: "Senior Apprentice Xuan, I want to challenge you . "

Xuan Ming is a young disciple in his twenties, and he has an ordinary appearance and introverted temperament who looks not very outstanding .

He doesn't talk much . He accepts Yang Shiqi’s challenge after saluting with her .

"Da Yan Legs!"

Yang Shiqi is a powerful competitor for the top five in this martial arts Assembly .  Ming Xuan  dares not to underestimate his enemy . His uses his best martial arts at the beginning . His legs are kicking a wonderful series of trajectories, as if his legs have fallen into the duplication law .  The shadows of his legs are endless, and the air currents in the space are sweeping away endlessly .


Yang Shiqi's charming figure moves fast like a swallow, drawing a misshapen shadow on the ring and easily avoiding the powerful attack of Xuan Ming .

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