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Chapter 55

Proofread by Peter Gong

"Who should I choose?"

Qin Yi couldn't help feeling troubled about this question, because it makes little sense whether he chooses Zhan Fuyu or Shao zheng Qixiao .

Time passes, and although Qin Yi struggles with this question, he finally makes the decision:

Senior fellow apprentice Liu Guan, the young man beside Shaozheng Qixiao,"

Liu Guan is originally an inner disciple who stands out in the competition and becomes the elite disciples in the top ten all the way .

"Haha, very well, Junior fellow apprentice Qin, don't assume that I am weak just because I am behind Shaozheng Qixiao . "

Liu Guan laughs loudly and vaults from his chair: “I knew that you was in the limelight in the previous two rounds of martial arts competition . And I really want to know your martial art strength . "

Liu Guan, a little older than Qin Yi, is about seventeen or eighteen years old, with a strong physique and perfect momentum without any flaws . His weapon is a long silver spear, for which the disciples in Lingyumen gives him a nickname called "Three Spear Liu " .  It means that the three moves of his martial art Lv Yun Spear are dominating and overwhelming .

"The first move of Lv Yun Spear--- The Silver Dragon coming out of the sea!"

Liu Guan is forthright in character . He jumps out forward immediately and stabs Qin Yi with his silver spear . The silver gun instantly turns into a silver light, looks like a silver dragon suddenly bursts out of the sea .

It seems that Liu Guan's silver gun has pierced the air and arrives instantly in front of Qin Yi’s fece . And a gust of air around the spear head sweeps away .

Qin Yi feels a sharp tingling in his chest before the spear stabs him .

Not bad!

Qin Yi couldn't help but secretly appreciate Liu Guan’s first move .

He knows that it is the killing intent of the spear .  Before being stabbed, the killing intent of the spear can make people sting .  Liu Guan has really understood the true essence of using a spear .

All weapons between heaven and earth have the killing intent .  It is said that some of the strongest martial art masters in the ancient times can kill powerful enemies only by using their killing intent .

Not affording to be careless, Qin Yi steps on the ground and retreats as fast as he can, but Liu Guan’s the silver spear always keeps a distance less than an inch from Qin Yi's chest, following him like a shadow . The spear's killing intent is firmly determined, as if a real silver spear stabs hard on Qin Yi's chest .


Qin Yi punches calmly towards Liu Guan’s silver spear, and the violent internal force of Domephase rushes inside Qin Yi’s body and even the surrounding air is vibrating .


The fist and the spear meet each other .

At the intersection of the fist and the spear, a violent force sweeps away and hits Qin Yi and Liu Guan fiercely .  Both of them could not withstand this force and are knocked back thirty meters away on two sides before they stand steadily on the ground .

"So powerful!"

At the beginning of the fight, all the people watching the battle around feel the strength of the two, and couldn't help but marvel .

All the senior members of the Lingyumen in the referee seat are also slightly stunned, watching the scene of two men fighting on the ring in disbelief .

Guo Wuchen's complexion becomes quite vivid, he smiles: "The boy Liu Guan is good . It turns out that he has hidden his strength in the previous battle . Qin Yi's previous strength was too strong . Now that Qin Yi challenges him, he will be no longer hiding his strength, he decides to fight with all his strength . "

"Yeah, this year's Martial Art Assembly is really special . The performances of Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi are quite surprising, and now Liu Guan is also very good . " The other elder nods his head with satisfaction .

"Liu Guan's Lv Yun's Spear is superb . He even understands the true essence of using a spear, which can draw forth the killing intent of the spear and the enemy . It is really not simple . This competition is a strong match!"

All the senior members of the Lingyumen feel their blood boiling slightly .

"The second move of Lv Yun Spear---Silver dragon flying in the sky!"

On the ring, as Liu Guan shouts out furiously, his voice even rushes straight into the sky, his second move of Lv Yun Spear suddenly stabs toward Qin Yi .

In an instant, the silver spear in his hand gives the illusion that it looks like a huge silver dragon, but not a silver spear .

"Roar . . . . ”

In a moment, the huge "silver dragon" seems to send out a roar, flying wildly in the sky with overwhelming momentum, and rushes straight to the teenager on the other side of the ring .

Qin Yi stands on the ring like a javelin with his grave eyes, looking at the dragon-like silver spear .  A tremendous fight conviction instantly ignited in his chest, his clothes is rustling and his black hair waves automatically, even though there is no wind .

"Overlord boxing!"

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Qin Yi roars and jumps up, waving his fists straight to the silver spear that seems like a dragon flying in the sky .


The fist and the spear meet each other again, and the majestic breath and mighty power sweep the audience .

The shadow of the “flying dragon” disappears . The seemingly dragon-like silver spear instantly returns to its original form . The majestic breath and mighty power of the spear strike and blow Qin Yi and Liu Guan off again, and both of them could not resist feeling the energy and blood churns in their chests .


Many of the disciples around watching the match have been shocked and speechless .  Before this, they had only heard that Liu Guan’s three moves of Lv Yun Spear is very powerful, but they had never seen him actually use it . The second move has already surprised the disciples and looks as unreal as a dream .

What is even more surprising is that Qin Yi greets Liu Guan’s stunning spear with the most basic boxing of the Lingyumen --- the Overlord boxing .

"The moves of Lv Yun Spear are really powerful!"

The elders on the referee's bench give such comments on Qin Yi and Liu Guan .

The five disciples temporarily in the top five of Lingyumen have different countenances . Qiu Shaoxian squints his eyes with a calm countenance and looks enigmatic and not shocked by the match .

Tang Hangan, ranked third, always has a disdainful look in his mouth .

So powerful? That's in the eye of some outer disciples or newly promoted inner disciples . In his eyes, the performance of Qin Yi and Liu Guan can only be considered as average .

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Tang Hangan does have the capital of pride, for he obtained the Seeds of Flames thanks to the Heaven’s favor and his attack power doubled instantly . Among the young disciples of Lingyumen, Qiu Shaoxian, who ranks first, could barely be able to fight with him .

 "The third move of Lv Yun’s spear --- All creatures submit to the heaven!"

On the ring, Liu Guan uses the final move of Lv Yun’s Spear .

This move looks mediocre, without any domineering and gorgeousness of the first two moves, it is just a normal move of the spear!

"Huh, what's the matter, Liu Guan's third move looks too weak, not as powerful as the first two moves!"

As Liu Guan spears out the third move of Lv Yun’s Spear ---All creatures submit to the heaven, the rather disdainful voice suddenly filled the ring .

However, several elders on the referee seat suddenly change faces and rise from their chairs .

"Liu Guan really surprised me this time . He has already practiced Lv Yun's Spear into the realm of returning to its original nature .  The final result depends on whether Qin Yi's can resist this move . " Cangsong Yi, the head master of Lingyumen, is deeply moved by this scene .

On the ring, at this moment, Qin Yi uses Kua Fu’s Steps to the utmost, and his body almost turns into a misshapen shadow on the ring, but the spear move of Liu Guan is strange to the extreme, no matter how Qin Yi eludes it, the spearhead beams ghastly cold light and targets directly at his heart .

This is a dead end!

“All my escape routes are directly blocked with one move of the spear!”

Qin Yi marvels in his heart that returning to the original nature seemingly accommodates all marksmanship in the world .  Facing such a stunning move, even if someone is one level higher in cultivation than Liu Guan, he is afraid that the one will be violently killed or hit hard .

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