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Chapter 54

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He has known it well . He was attacked by that fatty in black robe and other two when he just entered the Mountain of Magical Wind . The arranger behind them can be nobody but Chang Fengyang . But for his strange body that made breakthroughs, this bastard must have succeed .

Feeling the enmity in Qin Yi’s eyes, Chang Fengyang is shocked in his heart . This cursed rookie has realized that he has arranged Ge Fengren and other two?

Things should not go like that .

Chang Fengyang denies his thought quickly . He solemnifies his face and says: “Qin Yi . It must be admitted that you are somehow uncommon . However, you can no longer join the final competition . You’d better get out of here . ”

“Chang Fengyang . I do remember that you are just a new deacon elder . Whether I can join this competition is not your say . ”

Prosaic words slowly come from Qin Yi’s mouth .

“How dare you…”

Chang Fengyang is stunned and gets immediately angry .

How dare he speak to an elder like this? So brave . No wonder he is the No . 1 of outer disciples!

The audience around them are also astonished, looking at that young man who is standing proudly .

“Well, listen to me . ”

Guo Wuchen, as the referee, speaks, whose deep, rich voice with prestige is irresistible .

“Qin Yi has been winning in former matches . He even has defeated Fu Yu and ranked No . 1 in outer disciples . And he beats Chang Jingxue in only one move though he is always trained attentively by our Lingyumen . We all have witnessed his amazing performances . It will be a pity if such an excellent disciple is disqualified because of being late . In my opinion, he is worth another chance . How about you?”

Hearing his name from Guo Wuchen, Chang Jingxue sitting among the top ten twitches his mouth hard

Each of Lingyumen’s competitions has six judges . Hearing Guo Wuchen’s statement, others keep silent for a while .

After a short space .

A judge says, “Elder Guo is right . We can give Qin Yi an extra chance . ”

“I agree . ”

“So do I . ”

“We can give him a chance and allow him to join the competition . ”

Immediately three out of six judges support Guo Wuchen’s advice including himself .

“How could it be?”

Chang Fengyang stands in blank, his mouth opening and his face full of anger .

“Okay . Since Elder Guo and other three hold the view that Qin Yi is worth another chance, I also want to see what he will perform in the final ranking competition . ”

Cang Songyi, the chief of Lingyumen, stands up and says slowly . Though he is not willing, he can’t refuse them on this occasion .

Qin Yi breathes a sigh of relief, and smiles sincerely . He is lucky that Guo Wuchen spoke for him . Otherwise he cannot join the final ranking competition any more .

He slowly looks around . Among the crowd, some are happy for him and some are angry . Tang Hangan sitting on the third place seems kind of sinister now . He has said that he will revenge for Chang Jingxue in the final competition .

Yang Shiqi at the other side raises her beautiful lips and smiles, heartfelt .


Chang Jingxue slumps down on his chair and trembles with anger . Never could he make clear that Ge Fengren who is already at the peak of the fifth level together with his two cousins who are also of the fifth level failed to kill Qin Yi . This guy now returns safe and sound!

What he doesn’t understand is that how three murderers of the fifth level with a careful plan would fail .

Now Ge Fengren and other two haven’t given any reply . Chang Fengyang has a faint bad feeling .

“Qin Yi . ”

Guo Wuchen on judge’s stand stares at Qin Yi, “Since you can join the final ranking competition, I will introduce some of its laws . ”

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Qin Yi smiles, nods and listens carefully .

The final ranking competition is also divided into two parts . The first part is another selection from the former selected thirty disciples . Ten elite disciples would be selected in this part .

Obviously, Qin Yi has missed this part so he can ignore it . Those ten disciples including Yang Shiqi are these elites .

When the top ten of elite disciples have been selected, other disciples can challenge them and those who challenge successfully will replace the one who was challenged .

Finally ten disciples will be selected and they then will challenge the recognized top five peak elite disciples, which is the race of top five . The final top five will receive a ganoderma lucidums for a thousand year and the qualification to enter the third floor of the scripture library .

“Qin Yi . Your qualification of competition is an extra one because you are late . Now you have this chance to challenge the selected top ten elite disciples . Do remember that you have only one chance!”

“I got it!” Qin Yi nods .

He have pushed himself forward in the tryout and knockout ten days before . No one will deny his strength . Even some of the ten disciples now sitting on chairs were defeated by him!

Yang Shiqi naturally sits on the first chair among the top ten elite disciples .

Qin Yi walks to the ten elite disciples without a word . His eyes sweep across them slowly .

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Yang Shiqi looks into his eyes . This gifted girl smiles while a desire of fighting emerges in her glaze-like eyes .

Yet Qin Yi’s eyes don’t stop . He then stares at the next one, Chang Jingxue .

Sensing Qin Yi's gaze, Chang Jingxue looks cold, with a hint of anger . At the same time he unconsciously draws his body back . He only glances at Qin Yi for a second, and he looks away slowly with some guilty conscience .

“It seems that you have just recovered from injury . It is unfair if I challenge and defeat you today . ”

Qin Yi shakes his head .


Chang Jingxue is annoyed, but at the same time, he is secretly relieved .

Ignoring him, Qin Yi looks at the one next to Chang Jingxue . She is Rou Qinn .

Rou Qinn lowers her pretty head . Feeling that Qin Yi is looking at her, Rou Qinn clenches her teeth secretly . Her fluttering heart is about to jump out of her breast .

She can feel the sense of pressure from Qin Yi . At this time she is so sad that she can not breathe . That youth who once grew up with her in Qingshui Town is no longer who he used to be, and he is already quite great so that she has to look up to him .

Qin Yi’s eyes fix on her her for a while, then move to the next . Fu Yu and Shaozheng Qixiao are both filled with desire to fight when looking at Qin Yi .

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