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Chapter 53

Proofread by Peter Gong

Qin Yi stops thinking inwardly and looks at the ancient occult monster Manman’s body . A flash of bright emerges slowly on his face .

This damned monster is killed, so he can go back to Lingyumen smoothly . Besides, ancient occult monster should also have panacea .

He is so excited . Without any hesitation, he takes off his hunting adamant steel knife and begins to cut Manman’s body .

“This time I have really struck rich!”

Qin Yue quickly gets a purple panacea of occult monster, which is as big as a child’s fist . He can directly feel tons of energy in the panacea when he simply puts it on his hand .

At least two hundred thousand taels of silver if it is sold to the pharmacy!

Qin Yi makes a conservative estimate, and he is even more curious about the identity of the two women . They should know that there must be panacea of occult monster in Manman’s body, but they completely dismissed it .

He has no idea of their identity so he stops thinking . Having packed the purple panacea of occult monster, he goes back to Lingyumen straight .

It would be best if he could participate in the ranking competition in time .


Another series of beasts’ sounds come from the woods around .

Having such an adventure before, Qin Yi is now experienced . It must be Manman’s body that attracts beasts nearby .

He doesn’t want to be trapped by beasts, so he utilizes Kua Fu’s Step to the extreme .


There is always someone who is faster than you . A big eagle, which is twenty meters broad if it opens its wings completely, diving towards him from the sky .

Strong winds are fanned by its broad wings, sweeping over woods around .

“Beast! Ready to die!”

Qin Yi runs against that big bird . His first move is directly Overlord’s Kill, his last card . Air surrounding him is strongly shaken by the strong power of his fist .


His fist knocks on the big eagle’s body . He immediately hears the sound of the eagle’s bones being broken .

The eagle screams painfully . Its body falls down straight on the ground . Dust flies over this area . Its eyes are full of question and astonishment, and quickly it tilts its neck and breathes its last .

“I killed a primary occult monster with one move!”

Qin Yi looks down on his own fist . He is drown in happiness .

His strength has been doubled at least since he entered the peak of the fourth level . Now he can solve a primary occult monster with one move .

Other occult monsters around him, which are just about to pounce on, stop at once and look at Qin Yi blankly . They dare not to move at will in front of this little guy .

“Roar!” ”Roar!”

Some of them turn to the big eagle’s body and fight wildly with each other for it .

Qin Yi shakes his head . Ignoring those ferocious beasts, he goes back the same way he came as quickly as possible .

He meets beasts for several times on the way and they all want to eat him .


Qin Yi shouts angrily . His fierce power of fist gushes out as if the fist is the only thing in the world . A single blow and the haven and ground turn pale . The big primary occult tiger opposite is directly thrown away and dies immediately .

Having been quenched by the essence of the world in that cave and absorbed so many precious heaven treasures, Qin Yi at present is well beyond other cultivators who are at the same level .

He utilizes his Kua Fu’s Step to the extreme, running at top speed in the hope that he can catch the end of competition .

It takes him only four hours when he returns to Phoenix City .

Along the way he can hear a lot of passers-by who are talking about how exciting and intense the ranking competition of Lingyumen is . Qin Yi's heart is getting colder and colder . It seems that he has missed the final ranking competition .

He is a little unwilling .

Having returned Lingyumen, Qin Yi doesn’t go to the practice field in a rush . He runs home at first to place all the precious heaven treasures he picked up and that panacea of occult monster . Then he turns and rushes to the practice field .

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It is still quite noisy there .

“Now the top ten have been decided in general during the ranking competition . Then the next match is to challenges for the top five . Now, the most excellent five disciples are sitting in front of you . Every one of you can challenge them . Besides, all the other disciples can also challenge the top ten if you are unwilling to submit . Anytime you defeat a disciple on the ranking, his award belongs to you naturally . ”

A deep, rich sound reverberates on the practice field . Guo Wuchen is making his statement .

Qin Yi goes to the practice field and looks around . There are ten more disciples sitting beside the former top five of Lingyumen .

Clearly, they are the new top ten from the ranking competition . Among them Qin Yi finds Yang Shiqi, Fu Yu, Shaozheng Qixiao and Rou Qinn, which is predictable . To his surprise, Chang Jingxue is also sitting there .

“It seems that the first round of competition is already over . Only the final competition is still to be held . ”

Qin Yi sighs reluctantly .

“What? Qin Yi comes here, so he didn’t lose his life . ”

“So what? This competition has already nothing to do with him . ”

The appearance of Qin Yi makes the whole practice field clamoring at once . All the disciples begin to talk about him .

“He…comes back!”

Sitting among the ten disciples, Yang Shiqi’s attractive soft body suddenly shakes . A flash of joy emerges on her pretty face which has been looking disappointed .

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Qin Yi turns to her as if he feels it . Watching her smile on the starling beautiful countenance, he abruptly feels so warm in his heart .

He once thought he could never see her again . Now she is in her sight . Thank God .

Regardless of the clamor around him, Qin Yi slightly nods to the maiden in a distance . Then he directly walks to the referee, Guo Wuchen .

“I’m really sorry that I am late . May I take part in the ranking competition now?”

Qin Yi comes to Guo Wuchen, takes a deep breath, and says slowly .

There is also a flash of joy on Guo Wuchen’s face when he sees Qin Yi at the practice field . This boy is really gifted . It would be a pity if he dies young .

“No way!”

However, he has said nothing before a cold voice breaks out .

Both Qin Yi and Guo Wuchen are taken aback at first . When they turn their eyes, they see Chang Fengyang in yellow robe is standing solemnly there . “Anyone must be controlled by law anywhere . You missed the time, which means you have abstained naturally . Now you break in halfway and say you want to join the competition . How could it come true?”

Chang Fengyang is in an extreme mental confusion . Ge Fengren didn’t kill this rookie in Mountain of Magical Wind, and now this rookie returns while Ge Fengren and other two still don’t have any reply . What on earth has happened?

“Elder Chang…”

A flash of enmity appears on his face .

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