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Chapter 49

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Another four hours . Qin Yi ends his cultivating state . On his body surface, a streak of golden light flashes, which is obviously much stronger than the first time he cultivated Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods .

“Fine . I have partly stepped on the second level . ”

Feeling that his body is stronger a bit, Qin Yi nods with satisfaction .

Once he completely enters the second level, his muscles and bones will be as hard as rocks, which is of course so attractive .

As for the third level, his body will be steel-like and can break knives and swords, which is a qualitative leap . There are probably few figures in Domephase who can fight with him if he can really make it . If any, they must belong to Masterphase above the Domephase .

Certainly, Qin Yi will not naively think he can step on the third level of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods in a short time .

Having partly stepped on the the second level of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods, Qin Yi pauses for a while . He climbs out of the little pool and goes to the entrance of the cave .

“Roar!” ”Click!” “Sizzle!”

He can see a dozen of occult monsters outside the cave . They are fighting with each other for the black python and Shu Hu’s bodies . The scene is really bloody and tragic .

So many occult monsters are involved in the battle for one time . They are fiercely biting each other . Seeing this, Qin Yi feels chilled and kind of disappointed .

“What an intense battle! Probably few of them can have complete panaceas of occult monsters . ”

He dares not to go out because of this intense battle . He shakes his head and goes back to the depth of cave .

“Outside is occult monsters’ battlefield . Of course, I am trapped at there . ”

Qin Yi reluctantly smiles . Yet he doesn’t feel anxious till now . The Lingyumen’s ranking competition won’t be held quickly so he can still cultivate at here for several days .


Qin Yi jumps onto the top of the black rock . He picks a ganoderma lucidum which has been growing for a thousand years . He then takes it and immediately launches the mysterious breath power in his left hand to suppress and reconciles it . After that he absorbs it .

It takes his body four hours to absorb this ganoderma lucidum for a thousand years thoroughly .

“Fine . I can feel it . ”

Qin Yi has the feeling that all his meridians and bones have a tendency to explode, which is an indication that he is about to make a breakthrough .

It should be certain that a single ganoderma lucidum for a thousand years cannot let him have the indication for breakthrough . Things will not go so smoothly like this . In fact, his body is already near saturation after absorbing the essence of the world so that this ganoderma lucidum for a thousand years can have effect .

“I must strike while the iron is hot . ”


Without any hesitation, Qin Yi jumps into the little pool again and absorbs the essence of the world .

The next day .


A series of sounds comes from Qin Yi’s body, which means his meridians and bones are making breakthrough .

Opening his eyes slowly, Qin Yi exhales lightly .

He did it! Now he is at the middle of the forth level of Domepahse .

“I feel good . Another step towards the top 5 of the ranking competition . ”

Qin Yi's handsome face is full of calmness and confidence .

Certainly, Qin Yi will not naively think he can easily get in the top 5 as soon as he enters the middle of the forth level of Domepahse . The top 5 figures at present are all extremely profound .

Qin Yi is, however, totally confident that he will finally do it . The reason is that he is now in a fantastic cave . This adventure, in his opinion, can be compared with Tang Hangan’s adventure about Roaring Flame Seed。

He takes another day to completely firm his mysterious breath power which is just in the middle of the forth level of Domepahse .

“That fatty in black robe’s martial art . ”

Qin Yi suddenly picks it up . He once got a martial art from that fatty in black robe . He feels excited for a while and quickly jumps out of the little pool . He finds out that book in his clothes .

“It’s true! It’s Heavenly Reticular Hand!”

Staring at words on its cover, Qin Yi is overjoyed .

He himself has experienced how powerful the Heavenly Reticular Hand is . Had he not magically made a breakthrough in the former battle, he must have died under the Heavenly Reticular Hand .

It is no doubt a rare amazing martial art . And now it belongs to Qin Yi!

He grudgingly controls his excitement and flips through its pages . The whole martial art is finished by him and its contents have been absorbed by his mind through his left hand .

He then begins to read its mental cultivation methods and feels it .

Heavenly Reticular Hand is divided into four stage . And every stage is in fact a single move .

The first move: Borrowing God’s Hands!

The second move: God’s Anger!

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The third move: God Impales the World!

The fourth move: God Eliminates All Creatures!

Their names can already show how powerful this martial art is .

This time he really has good luck . It is far more powerful than martial arts on the first and second floor of the scripture library of Lingyumen!

Qin Yi gets a pleasant surprise .

When he has understand Heavenly Reticular Hand, he realizes that not all the four moves go forward one by one . From the second to the fourth are parallel .

“In this case it will be more easy to cultivate . I can skip the second and the third after I have cultivated the first one Borrowing God’s Hands, and directly cultivate the fourth move, which is the most powerful one . ”

Qin Yi gets a new idea .

Of course, the four move Borrowing God’s Hands cannot be used without limit . It will take plenty of mana to handle the hand figure which is made of hand’s power . Even Ge Fengren, who is the peak of the fifth level, can only give it out for twenty times at most .

Qin Yi jumps into the little pool again unhesitatingly .

He carefully takes out a faint mysterious breath power and lets it wander in his body according to the methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand .  Its route gradually becomes clear . Qin Yi finds that it is a hand .

“It’s true that it is a big hand!”

Qin Yi sighs lightly, his expression being extremely focused .

Suddenly a strange idea emerges in his mind: “Would it be even more powerful if I mix Heavenly Reticular Hand into my left hand?”

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He knows that his left hand is very uncommon . It is a hand left by an ancient master .

If they can be mixed, it must be a win-win co-operation!

So attractive!

Blinking, Qin Yi is so excited . No more hesitation . He cautiously links the methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand with his left hand .


The route of Heavenly Reticular Hand is broken .

A quick abstraction . Qin Yi doesn’t feel depressed . Again, he cautiously links the methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand with his left hand .


Fail again!


Another failure!

An hour later, Qin Yi is already sweating profusely . Yet he is not about to give up . He is still cautiously trying to link the methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand with his left hand .

A whole day and night . Qin Yi has been trying eighty times but all of them end up with failure . However, he doesn’t want to give up as before .

“The eighty-first time!”

Qin Yi wipes the sweat and slightly swallows . After pulling himself together, he cautiously tries to link the methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand with his left hand for another time .

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