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Chapter 48

Proofread by Peter Gong

Pythons come out here and there in the cave, but they are not something like the former black python but normal pythons . Qin Yi takes out his hunting adamant steel knife and kills all the pythons he meets easily .

There are skeletons of all kinds of beasts . They are in all sizes and look quite horrible . In the air, there is also a terrible smell .

After more than ten minutes, Qin Yi finally comes to the end of the cave .

There is a black rock wall in front of him, which is indeed smooth . On the surface of the black rock, some faint images even faintly appear, making the black rock mysterious and strange in the cold cave .

Below the black rock is a small pool filled with black liquid .

Qin Yi doesn’t know what the black liquid is . He just has a faint feeling that the liquid is related to the black rock in front of him . An idea suddenly occurs to him: the reason that the black python can fight with the ancient occult monster Shu Hu is also probably related to the black rock .

“What these images are?”

Looking at these faint images on the black rock in front of him, Qin Yi frowns in confusion . He cannot figure out these images thoroughly even in the ethereal state produced by his left hand .

“It is likely to be an ethereal style, but the age is so old that it cannot be figured out . ”

Finally Qin Yi concludes like this .

He looks up slowly along the black rock . Suddenly he is astonished by what he sees, and his face brightens up at once .

“Ganoderma lucidums, bloody ginsengs, bergamots, thesiums, golden dew…”

The top of that black rock is filled up with rare medical materials . They are all precious heaven treasures!

Furthermore, they have been growing up for at least five hundred years, and some of them even two thousand years!

He will be rich . This time he will truly be rich!

Looking up at those rare medical materials at the top of the black rock, Qin Yi feels his blood boiling . He still remembers it that the whole Eastern Emperor Pharmacy had only three ganoderma lucidums which had grown up for eight hundred years when he bought medical materials last time, and one of them is worth a full thousand pound of silver .

And the whole Phoenix City doesn’t have a single ganoderma lucidum which had grown up for more than eight hundred years .

On this black rock, however, there are ganoderma lucidums for as long as two thousand years!

This is really a great surprise, which makes him unable to believe his eyes . This time he intruded into the Mountain of Magical Wind, a journey which was full of danger . Yet the end is such a cave of treasure . It is worth it!

He can hardly contain his excitement . A rough glimpse, there are as many as five ganoderma lucidums for two thousand years . Seven or eight for a thousand years and about a dozen for eight hundred years or five hundred years . More than twenty for three hundred years .

“Medical materials for two thousand years . Even great masters are fond of them . Medical materials for one thousand years to three hundred years . Domephase Scholars like them best . I can hide these medical materials for two thousand years for a long time and use it when I am about to make my breakthrough for a great master . At present I will use medical materials for less than two thousand years . If I take all of these medical materials…”

Qin Yi's voice trembles slightly, and he doesn't dare to imagine it further . He is in a great mood .

It is true that the fortune will favor those who has survived a great disaster!

After the desperate situation, he finally comes to the good end . God led him into such a cave .

The ranking competition of Lingyumen is just around the corner . His strong opponent, Tang Hangan, is casting covetous eyes on him . This adventure is truly important .

“There are so many precious medical materials on the top of the black rock, so the black liquid beneath the black rock must also be treasure . It is likely to be useful in exercising . ”

Qin Yi doesn’t rush to take those medical materials on the top of the black rock . He looks at the little pool at first . Black liquids seem to be boiled, from which bubbles continue to bubble out . At the edge of the small pool, there are some dry snake skins .

“Magic styles on the black rock should be able to gather the essence of the world, and these black liquids is the essence of the world . They are the reason why so many precious grow on its top . ”

Qin Yi frowns slightly and analyzes calmly . “The former black python has also benefited from the black essence of the world so that they can compete with ancient occult monsters . ”

Realizing this, Qin Yi tries to put his hand in black liquids .

Immediately, he feels a sharp pain like countless knives cutting his hand . It is because of the effect of the essence of the world that is too strong .

“It’s true!”

Qin Yi is delighted with the pain .

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The next second he jumps into the little black pool with a splash . Every pore on his skin expands completely . He begins to absorb the energy in the essence of the world like a devil .

“Hm…so hot!”

Qin Yi gasps hard . The heat of the essence of the world is even more potent than medical materials’ effects . He feels like he has filled his body with magma and is about to be burnt at once .

Never daring to delay a moment, Qin Yi quickly launches his left hand . A faint ancient mysterious breath power rushes out of it immediately as before . The power of the essence of the world then is suppressed and reconciled .

It is unbelievable . Such a faint mysterious breath power can suppress and reconcile the essence of the world .

Do remember that the essence of the world is far beyond the effect of medical materials .

Such a scene lets people wonder who the master of the mysterious left hand is . He must be someone who is horribly powerful and probably knows all about heaven and earth .

Such a figure, if he still lives in the world, must be untouchable doubtlessly .

So comfortable!

The essence of the world has been suppressed and reconciled in a short time by mysterious breath power from his left hand . Now it is quite mild and becomes a series of warm currents, flowing gradually in Qin Yi’s body .

Qin Yi has not been idle . He launches The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King and Qi Recover Spell at once and cultivates them at the same time .

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It amazes him that he can get twice the result with half the effort when cultivating martial arts in the essence of the world . His rate is more than twice as fast .


Qin Yi is overjoyed for the function of the essence of the world . It does good not only to physical exercise but also helps him to cultivate martial arts .

Actually, this is not surprising . When someone is cultivating martial arts, there must be a large supply of ethereal breath, and the essence of the world is exactly the source of ethereal breath .

There must be an unknown sage who set such an ethereal style that can absorb the essence of the world in the remote past . It is, however, found by chance and gives a big gift to Qin Yi .

Qin Yi sits in the little black pool and cultivates silently .

Four hours later .

He opens his eyes slowly, his face full of joy .

Both The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King and Qi Recover Spell have been cultivated thoroughly . These two martial arts both can do good to defense in the highest level .

“I can also seize the opportunity to cultivate Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods,which I exchanged from Sister Yang . ”

Qin Yi takes out Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods and cultivates silently as well .

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