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Chapter 47

Proofread by Peter Gong

A murder against Qin Yi vanishes into air at this point .

“A peak strong man of the fifth level was swallowed by this weird occult monster?”

Qin Yi watches this scene in the distance . He stands riveted there, blinking . It feels like he has had a dream while his heart is chilled .

A strong sense of crisis emerges from the bottom of his heart .

Ge Fengren has been swallowed . Now it is his turn!

It’s true . Having finished Ge Fengren, Shu Hu turns around without hesitation and chases towards Qin Yi with ease . It even licks its scarlet tongue .

“Goddamn! What a monster!”

Qin Yi turns pale with fright . He hurriedly musters up his mysterious breath power in his body and utilizes his Kua Fu’s Step . Qin Yi fires his own body towards the front .

The question is that the distance between him and Shu Hu is still getting closer, just like the former scene about Ge Fengren, even though Qin Yi has utilized his Kua Fu’s Step to the extreme .

It seems that Shu Hui s quite slow, but it is very fast indeed, which is even more faster than Qin Yi’s half-developed Kua Fu’s Step .

“Oh shit…At this rate, I will become this monster’s another meal apart from Ge Fengren! . ”

Qin Yi feels extremely bitter in his mind while his desperately-running legs cannot stop for a second .

Suddenly .

He fixes his eyes slightly .

Qin Yi is still in the ethereal state so he notices a cave five kilometers away . The bottomless cave has a small entrance which can hold himself but will undoubtedly block the big monster Shu Hu .

“God’s mercy!”

A flash of brightness arises on his face . He runs at top speed towards that cave .

Now his Kua Fu’s Step has already matured to some degree . When extremely being utilized, the speed is also quite amazing .


Suddenly a sharp sound of wind comes from behind . A gusty wind approaches him . Qin Yi is astonished and looks back, then he feels too shocked to move immediately .

What he sees is that Shu Hu behind is now flying high in the sky . It flaps its large wings and flies towards Qin Yi .

“Oh, my God! The monster’s wings are not just ornaments!”

Qin Yi cannot be more shocked . He utilizes his Kua Fu’s Step to the extreme and wildly runs towards that cave . Shu Hu’s speed is also quite amazing, but it cannot catch up with the Desperately-running Qin Yi in a short time .

The cave is more close, and even more close…

1,500 meters…1,000 meters…500 meters…250 meters…

Qin Yi is totally absorbed in the running for survive so that he doesn’t notice the strange scene of that cave . He is already surrounded by a chilly atmosphere . A foul smell fills the air at the same time .


A big dark figure is abruptly fired from the cave like a rainbow . It takes a pungent foul smell which quickly spreads out in the air .

“Hiss! Hiss!”

A weird sound comes from the air .

“Oh my God!”

When he sees clearly what it is, Qin Yi freezes his whole body, unable to think or move .

It is a black python, which needs two adults to hug it with difficulty and is nearly one hundred meters long . A big snake-head thrusts up and is sticking out its scarlet snake tongue, which is so terrifying .

“Another advanced occult monster…”

Qin Yi says this unawares, and he is already in sheer despair . Two occult monsters attack him from both sides, which certainly wipe out all his hope of survival .

Quickly, however, Qin Yi slightly sighs with relief . He has found that the black python’s extremely gloomy eyes are staring at not him but Shu Hu behind him .

The two huge advanced occult monsters stand facing each other afar . The tiny mankind, Qin Yi, has been completely ignored by them .

Shu Hu flaps its wings and roars over and over again, showing its power to the black python . The other side doesn’t show cowardice, either . It sticks out its snake tongue, which is a full foot long . The large body wriggles slowly and is ready to attack at any time .

“Wonderful! Let these two monsters fight with each other!”

Qin Yi is pleased in secret . He silently takes steps backward in case that he is affected .

It is truly an unexpected rescue this time!

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Shu Hu begins to attack . It roars suddenly and the the huge body swoops down, rushing towards the black python .


The black Python can't give in at all . It is its territory . It bounces up abruptly and faces the advanced occult monsters, Shu Hu .

The two advanced occult monsters fight with each other in a second . The ground is shaking, and all the surrounding trees, regardless of their sizes, are falling into ruins at once .

The advanced occult monsters are comparable with great masters . On the huge bodies of the two monsters, there are amazing pressures, and a huge airflow is formed around them .

Qin Yi can’t act rashly now . He steps towards the cave carefully . The depth of Mountain of Magical Wind is really too dangerous and he must take a rest in the cave . Then further plans can be made .



The fight between the black python and Shu Hu is extremely fierce . Strong waves of energy flows continuously . Probably real Domephase Masters dare not keep close to such a fighting scene, either .


The black python and Shu Hu entangle with each other, and bite each other . Blood is splattered in all directions, making the scene extremely bloody .  Seeing this scene, Qin Yi feels his mind has completely frozen .

It takes an hour when the matchless battle between two advanced occult monsters ends .

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And the final outcome is kind of strange . The black python and Shu Hu have perished together .

The surroundings are now quiet again, and the air is still filled with bitterness .

Qin Yi breathes a sigh of relief . He can feel it that the two big figures lying in front of him are completely dead . They have lost all signs of life .

“There are the two advanced occult monsters . Well, if I can get their panaceas of occult monsters, it must be worth an large sum!”

Having got this idea, Qin Yi feels hot in his eyes . These two monsters’ bodies are indeed too large so that it is impossible for him to take them back to Phoenix City and sell them as materials . What’s more, their bodies have been mostly damaged in the battle, which will of course affect the price .

Their panaceas of occult monsters, however, may be available for him .

With this idea, Qin Yi excitedly rubs his hands and carefully steps towards these two large figures’ bodies without any hesitation .



At this time, he hears cries of wild beasts in the nearby valley, one after another, and the sounds are quite strong .

Qin Yi are shocked and get in the ethereal state in a hurry . His spiritual perception sweeps the surroundings, which makes his face white again because he finds dozens of occult monsters in a few tens of kilometers area around here . They are mostly intermediate occult monsters and they are approaching quickly . There are even one or two advanced occult monsters in them .

“What bad luck! It must be these two bodies of advanced occult monsters that attract occult monsters nearby . ”

Qin Yi has to give up these two panaceas of occult monsters which are just beside his hands . After all, his life is more precious . Qin Yi rushes to that cave hurriedly .

The moment he enters the cave, Qin Yi feels an extremely cold breath coming across his face, which makes him quite uncomfortable . That is normal, for all the caves where snakes live will give people such a cold feeling .

The entrance of the cave is not so big, but its space is gradually broad as he furthers his steps .

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