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Chapter 31

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The whole field is very quiet . Everyone is so stunned that they could not come to their senses for a while .

Qin Yi is too fierce!

He lets Chang Jingxue ten moves at first . After the ten moves, he beats Chang Jingxue to the ground with one blow which makes Chang Jingxue severely hurt .

Qin Yi stands in the challenge arena calmly . Just now, he took back the internal force of Domephase in time . Otherwise, Chang Jingxue may have been disabled .

Qin Yi, who is only 15 years old and confident of everything he could do, attracts the attention of all the disciples present .

"Dear Xue is beaten .  He is beaten by Qin Yi . . . "

The Rou Qinn in the crowd is trembling, while her face turns white, without a trace of blood . She feels as if everything she has experienced is nothing but a dream .

At this moment, her dream suddenly fragments .

On the other side, Yang Shiqi is very surprised because she really knows what the air flow is when Qin Yi punched right now . It is the internal force of Domephase!

"When lecturer Lu was explaining the internal force of Domephase, Qin Yi didn’t put on an act . He really realized the internal force of Domephase!"

Yang Shiqi's heart couldn’t stay calm .

On that day, Qin Yi entered a state of selflessness after lecturer Lu finished his acquaintance about the internal force of Domephase . At that time, he was mocked for his affectation but he did not make any excuses for himself .

Nobody would have thought that today he proved himself by his actions——

Am I putting on an act?

At a Domephase level, it's incredible for him to realize the internal force of Domephase . It's a great miracle!

"Xue!"There is a roar .

Then, a figure in a yellow robe, jumping from the referee's bench, rushes straight to Qin Yi in the arena .

The figure appears with a murderous intention, and he beats to Qin Yi with one hand, which forms a strong palm wind .


Before the palm of the figure in a yellow robe beats Qin Yi, another old man wearing a white robe, who comes instantly, quickly blocks between the figure and Qin Yi, and gives the figure a fierce palm .

A huge stream of air suddenly appears in the hands of two people .

The man in the yellow robe falls out of the arena while the old man in the white robe also takes a few steps backward to stabilize his body .

"Chang Fengyang, what are you doing? Do you want to make trouble in martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen by hitting a disciple?" The old man in the white robe shouts angrily .

Actually, the man in yellow robe is Chang Fengyang, the father of Chang Jingxue . The old man in white robe is Guo Wuchen, the chief referee of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

Chang Fengyang gets up from the ground with a little embarrassed, feeling the strong pressure from Guo Wuchen . He dare not make any slight mistakes, "Elder Guo, this boy is extremely cruel and merciless . He hurt Xue severely . I would abolish his cultivation!"

"It’s nonsense .  Is it you or he who is extremely cruel? If he doesn't get his internal force of Domephase back quickly, I'm afraid the injury of Chang Jingxue will be worse than it is now! "

Guo Wuchen puts on a stern expression and he is no longer as kind as usual .

"Emm . . . "

Chang Fengyang's body shakes at once and he dare not talk back .

In Lingyumen, Guo Wuchen is the oldest elder, only inferior to Cang Songyi in status, while Chang Fengyang is just a new deacon elder .

"Go and look after your son's injury soon!"

Guo Wuchen says it lightly . Chang Fengyang could not neglect it . He immediately comes up to Chang Jingxue, who is seriously injured and lying on the ground .

Elder Guo pours oil on troubled waters .

Qin Yi looks at Guo Wuchen gratefully . Guo Wuchen's fierce look disappears quickly . It is gentle in his eyes . He nods to Qin Yi with a smile of encouragement .

The martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen continues in an orderly manner .

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Qin Yi, standing in the arena, continues the scene of the trials and advances all the way . Even the key training disciple of the Lingyumen is defeated by him . Nobody has the strength to fight with him .

In the following competition, the disciples who compete with Qin Yi are either easily defeated or directly admit defeat . They don't even have the mind to fight .

After more than half a day, the knockout competition is finally over .

The top 20 students are Qin Yi, Fu Yu, Yang Shiqi, Shaozheng Qixiao, Guang Fei, Rou Qinn and so on . It is a knockout competition, so there is no ranking .

Chang Jingxue is obviously qualified to be in the top 20 in accordance with his strength . Unfortunately, he is seriously hurt by Qin Yi, though he wants to insult him .

"The martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen are much more wonderful than before . The performance of Yang Shiqi, a popular disciple, does not disappoint people, and the disciple named Qin Yi is even more surprising . He is still of the third level of Domepahse and cultivates the internal force of Domephase unexpectedly . "

Somewhere in the practice field, Yi Ling, the fifth young disciple of Lingyumen, blinks a pair of smart eyes, showing her astonishment .

"It's just a trick!"

The second-ranked Pu Chang smiles lightly, "The following is the ranking competition, is it? I feel they are just a group of nobody . No matter how noisy they are, my ranking will not be changed in the ranking competition . "

Pu Chang is full of pride in his actions . As a disciple who has already broken through the fifth level of Domepahse, he deserves the pride .

Qiu Shaoxian doesn't say anything but smiles lightly . As the chief disciple of Lingyumen, he is more confident that his ranking would not be changed .

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Don't forget that he is also one of the five young geniuses in Phoenix .

"In this ranking competition, I will only do two things . The first thing is to defeat Qin Yi; the second thing is to fight for the first place of senior fellow apprentice Qiu . "

An indifferent voice comes out, which is from Tang Hangan, the third .


As soon as the words come out, the other four people all look at Tang Hangan in surprise .

Tang Hangan can be said to be a martial maniac . In addition to studying martial arts and cultivating, he seldom contacts with other disciples . His temperament is a little gloomy, which makes him unfathomable .

On the last martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, he comes out from nowhere and pushes the third Xuan Ming down to the fourth .

"It suddenly occurs to me that you are Chang Jingxue's cousin . "

Qiu Shaoxian shakes his head and says lightly, "It has nothing to do with me to beat Qin Yi .

As for whether you can pull me down from the first place, it depends on your strength . ”

For Qiu Shao's strength, he doesn't care about Tang Hangan's words of pulling himself down from the first place . He looks gently across the practice field . He suddenly feels a little cheerful after finding that Yang Shiqi is together with Qin Yi .

It would be a wonderful thing if Tang Hangan disables Qin Yi .

Qin Yi in the crowd doesn't realize that there is already a strong enemy waiting for him in the hard-fought ranking competition .

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