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Chapter 30

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"You've been in the limelight all the time . As a senior fellow apprentice, I'm not convinced, so I have to compete with you here . "

Chang Jingxue looks at Qin Yi proudly and says .

He has waited too long for the day .  When Qin Yi first refused to show his sincerity, he wanted to teach Qin Yi a lesson so that Qin could submit to him . At the same time, he wanted to prove that it was right for Rou Qinn to choose him .

Now, the day has finally come!

He looks calm, but he is excited indeed . He knows that Rou Qinn will be very happy and the audience around him will cheer for him after he beats Qin Yi . Then, he could enter the top 20 proudly and compete for the top five .

Thinking of this, Chang Jingxue gets his adrenalin pumping . His machetes points at Qin Yi, "Your Overlord-boxing is useful to fight against Fu Yu, but it's impossible to beat me . Boy, your winning streak has come to the end . Your true color will be revealed!"

Immediately, violence breaks out from his body . He rushes at Qin Yi like a wolf . The Half-moon Machete in his hand cuts through the air .

Good skill!

All the disciples watching the competition couldn't help cheering under the arena .

"Senior fellow apprentice Chang, please wait a minute!"

Qin Yi, however, abruptly retreats from the fierce attack of Chang Jingxue and waves to him .

Chang Jingxue is stunned by Qin Yi . He has to stop the attack . The disciples under the arena are also stunned and look at Qin Yi puzzled .

"Dark horse, what do you want to do, to give in? But I don't want to spare you . "

Chang Jingxue looks up at Qin Yi haughtily . At the moment, his good feeling about himself has reached a peak .  He also deems it useless for Qin to give in because he wants to beat him severely to show his great strength .

Dark horse?

Qin Yi is slightly shocked .  He almost laughs out loud, and then shakes his head slowly, "Give in? Of course not . "

"What do you want to do?" Chang Jingxue raises his eyebrows with a little depression .

Qin Yi doesn't answer him at once . He glances at all the disciples under the arena who are confused .

Cough . . .

Taking his sight back, Qin Yi coughs softly and looks at Chang Jing Xue .  He says, "Senior fellow apprentice Chang, I remember that your The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky has thirteen moves, right?"


Chang Jingxue frowns and nods, looking at Qin Yi incomprehensibly .  He doesn't know what Qin Yi wants to do  .

The disciples under the arena, also looking at Qin Yi, are more and more confused .

"Well, in order to show respect for you, I'll let you launch ten moves first . " Qin Yi says with an indifferently expression .

"You . . . "

Chang Jingxue gets angry in an instant after hearing the words .  Qin Yi keeps all the people in suspense to humiliate him severely . How dare he say it is respect!

Chang Jingxue suddenly feels that Qin Yi is the most shameless youth in the world!

All the disciples watching the competition look at Qin Yi as if he were a monster .

Just now, everyone learned that Chang Jingxue is powerful . Now, Qin Yi has offered to let Chang launch ten moves first .

Looking at the young man on the arena, the disciples suddenly feel that he is the most stupid young man in the world!

"Boy, you are seeking death!"

Chang Jingxue suddenly rushes at Qin Yi with fierce rage . He takes the first move of The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky, showing his ferocious murderous intention to Qin Yi .

"It's hard to succeed because of impatience . "

Qin Yi smiles and takes Kua Fu’s Steps . He rushes as swiftly as a swallow to avoid the fierce attack of Chang Jingxue . Meanwhile, he says, "The first move!"

Looking at Qin Yi's light figure, all the elders in the referee's bench are slightly stunned and faintly familiar with it, but they couldn't remember what it is immediately, which makes everyone feel strange .

Chang Jingxue in the arena is also a little shocked because he doesn't expect Qin Yi could easily dodge his attack .

He never knows that Qin Yi, normal on the surface, has in fact entered an extremely ethereal state . His moves are nothing in Qin Yi's eyes .

"Boy, you are seeking death!"

The Half-moon Machete in his hand is very powerful . Once again, he tries hard to split it towards Qin Yi .

"The second move!"

Qin Yi takes Kua Fu’s Steps and bursts out with a slightly weak body . Once again, he dodges the Half-moon Machete . It's very easy to dodge in an extremely ethereal state . Even if the attack of Chang Jing Xue is twice as fierce, Qin Yi still believes that he can cope with it .

However, it is a little surprise for him that Chang Jingxue could easily defeat Fu Yu .

"Boy, I will make you pay ten times as much for you insult me like this!"

Chang Jingxue is full of violence and attacks Qin Yi as madly as a hatter .

"The third move!"

Qin Yi is calm, and he skims under the edge of Chang Jingxue’s Half-moon Machete .

"Go to hell!"

"The fourth move!"

"I'll chop you!"

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"The fifth move!"

" . . . "

The whole practice field is very quiet . Looking at the competition in the arena, everyone feels like they are in a dream .

One month ago, Qin Yi was still at the bottom of the disciples . One month later, he not only makes great progress at the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, but also lets Chang Jingxue do ten moves directly!

Chang Jingxue, who is the key training disciple of the Lingyumen, has always been very eye-catching . As soon as Rou Qinn joined Lingyumen, she left Qin Yi behind and stayed with Chang Jingxue regardless of her love for Qin Yi in Qingshui town .

So we can learn the charm of Chang Jingxue .

But now, when Rou Qinn looks at Qin Yi in the arena, her heart is twitching fiercely . For the first time, she realizes that she has made an extremely wrong choice .

That young figure that looks weak is as great as Mount Tai!

Yang Shiqi, on the other side, after a moment of surprise, she soon overjoys .

Before that, she is worried that Qin Yi would be tortured by Chang Jingxue . Now it seems that this guy has been pretending to be a weak disciple .

"Damn it, you are obviously wasting time!"

Chang Fengyang on the referee's bench stands up and shouts .  Qin Yi's performance is far better than his expectation . He knows that will not take long for Chang Jingxue to burn out with such a furious attack .

Qin Yi, however, is not moved by Chang Fengyang's shout . He easily dodges The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky from Chang Jing Xue, "The eighth move!"

"Go to hell!"

Chang Jingxue's face has turned red .  He attacks Qin Yi as madly as a hatter . At this time, he really wants to break Qin Yi into pieces . The Half-moon Machetes turn into countless shadows and rush towards Qin Yi .

There are a strong killing intention in the arena .

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However, Qin Yi takes Kua Fu’s Steps and moves to a few feet away in an instant . He still easily dodges the attack of Chang Jingxue, "The ninth move!"

"Guy, if you don't start attacking, we will judge that you lose the competition!" Chang Fengyang in the referee's seat shouts loudly .

"It’s tenth move!"

Qin Yi suddenly smiles calmly, "It is not difficult for me to start a fight .  The Overlord-boxing! "

With Qin Yi suddenly punches, forming a strong air flow around the fists comes out .

With Qin Yi's punch, a stream of air around him quickly forms and rotates, like a whirlpool of air flow .

"This is . . . "

All the elders of Lingyumen in the referee's bench are shocked .

"It is . . . "

The chief referee Guo Wuchen stands up, his face full of excitement .


Chang Jingxue's face changes a lot . Suddenly, he feels that the blood in his chest is billowing and his breathing is difficult .  He feels a huge pressure, like a mountain, which he could not  resist .

In his sight, the air flow around Qin Yi's fist is like a roaring angry dragon, sweeping towards him .


Chang Jingxue doesn't have time to think about it at all . He subconsciously raises his machetes to obstruct but they break immediately .


Chang Jingxue screams . He only feels that the air flow on his chest is very powerful . His whole body falls out of the arena, and his blood gushes out of the mouth!

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