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Chapter 29

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The competition between them immediately catches the attention of all the people around the arena . Even Yang Shiqi is not an exception . Her charming eyes look at the two people in the arena .

The conflict between Chang Jingxue and Qin Yi, she notices a little, and Fu Yu just had a fight with Qin Yi yesterday . Qin Yi seems to be a little better .

"Qin Yi and Fu Yu should be of similar strength . If Chang Jingxue defeats Fu Yu easily, it means that Chang Jingxue is better than Qin Yi . Then Qin Yi will be beaten up . . . "

Yang Shiqi thinks secretly while there is a bit worry in her mind .

"I’m Fu Yu, please give me more comments . "

Fu Yu shows a great composure . And just as yesterday, he still has an unsurpassed temperament and no flaw could be detected .

"Fu Yu . . . "

Chang Jingxue looks at Fu Yu with pride and shakes his head lightly, "I remember fighting with you half a year ago . At that time, you couldn't beat me . Now, you still can't beat me . Give in . "

Fu Yu is a little embarrassed . As the former No 1 outer disciple, Chang Jingxue says such words to him, which is undoubtedly an insult to him .

"Senior fellow apprentice Chang, I still want to fight against your Half-moon Machete . " Fu Yu grits his teeth, but he doesn’t lose his temper .  He says quietly .

"You are very stubborn, but it's useless . Nowadays, there's nothing better than strength . "

Chang Jingxue smiles and glances at Qin Yi . It seems that he is talking to Qin Yi .


Suddenly, Chang Jingxue pulls out a Half-moon Machete from his waist, "OK, since you want to fight against my Half-moon Machete, I will help you . "

"The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky - the First Move!"

Chang Jingxue suddenly holds the machete with both hands and splits it towards Fu Yu .  There is a sharp blade light on the edge of the machete, which is eleven feet long .

The whole arena is immediately filled with murderous intent with the cutting of the machete .

Fu Yu is famous for his defense, and his figure is impeccable . However, the machetes from Chang Jingxue shake him out .

"It's really strong!" 

All the disciples who watch the battle are startled .

He shakes Fu Yu out with one stroke, which enables him to be the key training disciple of the Lingyumen .

However, Fu Yu is also good . Before he falls to the ground, his body suddenly takes a strange angle and rushes back at a high speed . His fists hit Chang Jingxue's chest hard .

"The Eight Moves of Sky Snare - the First Move!"

Fu Yu's fists are fierce . There is an air flow around those fists, which is extremely powerful . Fu Yu's figure is like a tiger, which suddenly blows to Changjing Snow's chest .

"You're strong, but it’s useless to fight against me!"

Chang Jingxue laughs ironically . When Fu Yu's fists are about to hit his chest, his figure quickly backs away . The Half-moon Machete in his hand suddenly splits towards Fu Yu's neck .

It's really weird and cruel!

Under the arena, there is a sudden exclamation .

"The Eight Moves of Sky Snare - the Second Move!"

However, Fu Yu is as stable as Mount Tai with his hands as strong as steel . He smashes the machete .


The fist and knife collide, making a dull sound and shaking people’s eardrum .

At the moment of the battle, Chang Jingxue swings and takes a quick step back . He suddenly jumps up and crosses Fu Yu's head, while he chops to Fu Yu with the Half-moon Machete in his hand .

Fu Yu's Qi is so strong that he can't be beaten . He raises his hand and blows away the machete .

"Bang bang bang bang . . . . . . "

As time goes on, Chang enters the high competitive stage between Chang Jingxue and Fu Yu .

Chang Jingxue's figure is faster and faster, and the air flow around him is surging . There are countless Half-moon Machetes, crisscross and crisscross, covering Fu Yu all the time .

However, Fu Yu is not anxious or impetuous, breathing steadily, and dissolves the impenetrable attack of Chang Jingxue one by one .

It's because of his overwhelming defense that he dares to fight with the endless The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky . If he were a general disciple, he would be seriously injured and fall to the ground .

"Fu Yu has a solid foundation . He is impeccable in both attack and defense . If Chang Jingxue can't defeat him in five minutes, the result will be hard to predict . "

Looking at the battle on the arena, Guo Wuchen says .

Chang Fengyang, standing beside Guo Wuchen, takes a scornful smile, "Five minutes? It's too long . Fu Yu will be defeated soon . I know a little about my son’s Half-moon Machete . "

"Is it?"

All the elders of Lingyumen look at Chang Fengyang in surprise .

As expected, immediately, the situation in the arena changes dramatically .


Chang Jingxue suddenly yells, and he chops with the Half-moon Machete in his hand . The beautiful Half-moon Machete even gives an illusion to people in a moment, which seems to be the only one in the world!


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The blade light of the machete breaks away . Fu Yu snorts, and his face turns pale . There is a long bloody wound on his chest .

Fu Yu's breath has been cultivated to perfection, like a wall of iron .  But it is easily broken by Chang Jingxue at this moment .

"The top level of The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky!"

All the elders of Lingyumen who watch the battle in the distance are startled .

It's unbelievable to cultivate such advanced martial arts as The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky to the top!

Chang Fengyang, Chang Jingxue's father, feels a bit of pride when he looks at the surprised elders of Lingyumen .

"As I said that you can’t beat me, you just don't believe it . "

Chang Jingxue shakes her head at Fu Yu and smiles proudly .

The best outer disciple of the past is defeated by the opponent who even isn’t all-out .

Fu Yu is a little gloomy, and he leaves the arena silently .

Under the arena, there is a sound of regret and surprise . Chang Jingxue is worthy of being the key training disciple of the Lingyumen . He is so powerful that he shocks everyone .

Yang Shiqi frowns and worries about Qi Yi because the strength of Chang Jingxue is beyond her expectation . With his narrow-mindedness, Qin Yi will suffer a crushing defeat .

"The battle with Fu Yu just now is just a warm-up match . The next one is my key event today . "

Chang Jingxue stands proudly on the arena, enjoying the shock and admiration of the disciples . He smiles with calmness and ease .

Suddenly, he turns around and points the Half-moon Machete at Qin Yi under the arena, "Qin Yi, don't you see that I have been waiting for you for a long time?"

"Er . . . "

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Chang Jingxue's action makes all the disciples under the arena surprised . He even ignores the arrangement of the competition and directly challenges Qin Yi .

Qin Yi doesn't expect that Chang Jingxue would suddenly challenge him . For a while, he is stunned .

"Emmm . . . "

Guo Wuchen, as the chief referee, is also stunned .

He stands up and wants to scold Chang Jingxue for his behavior, but he is held back by Chang Fengyang to sit down on the chair . Chang Fengyang says with a smile, "Elder Guo, Jingxue just saw Qin Yi's performance was too amazing yesterday . He wants to fight with him during the competition . There is a competition anyway .  Why not replace Xueer's opponent in the next round with Qin Yi?"

Guo Wuchen thinks about it and he couldn't think of a reason to refute it .

In fact, the most important thing is that he also wants to know whether Qin Yi, whom he has always thought highly of, is stronger than Chang Jingxue .

"As it is, the next competition will be between Qin Yi and Chang Jingxue . "

Guo Wuchen announces .

"Qin Yi!" "Qin Yi!"

Qin Yi's amazing performance enhances his popularity to the top .  All the people around immediately shout loudly .

"Qin Yi, it's a temporary competition . You can reject it . "

Yang Shiqi goes up to Qin Yi with some worries .

Senior sister apprentice Yang, she has no confidence in me!

Qin Yi has no choice but to smile and says nothing more, clapping Yang Shiqi's shoulder .

He is very clear that there will be a battle between himself and Chang Jingxue sooner or later . Then, he doesn't hesitate to rush to the arena .

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