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Chapter 28

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According to the arrangement of Lingyumen's elders, the trial and the knockout competition are held together, with only one night off in the middle .

"It's a good result to be selected to be an inner disciple easily . "

In the room, Qin Yi sits on the bed and smiles . Frankly, the result is what he expected .  His true goal in this martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen is among the top five because only the top five disciples are eligible to enter the third floor of the scripture library .

"What is there on the third floor of the scripture library? Why do I have a strange feeling when hearing Chang Jingxue mention the third floor of the scripture library at the registration department that day…It seems that I have something missing there . "

Qin Yi frowns and meditates .

He still remembers that there is a strange feeling in his heart when he heard the third floor of the scripture library .  The feeling is extremely weak, but Qin Yi is keen to grasp it .

"I have to get the qualification to enter the third floor of the scripture library and to see what's in it . "

Qin Yi clenches his fist .

Immediately, he sits cross-legged, slowly closing his eyes, and begins to cultivate .

His current cultivation is the peak of the third level of Domepahse . With the advance of cultivation, Qin Yi finds that there is a deep gap between the third level and the fourth level, which is hard to cross .

"There is an immeasurably vast difference between Domephase Man and Domephase Scholar . . . . . . "

Qin Yi sighs and knows that he could not make a breakthrough based on his level for a while . If there are a large number of herbs and elixir, it might be possible to cross the gap between Domephase Man and Domephase Scholar in a short time .

"There are still 20000 silver drafts . If I take all these silver drafts to buy Herbs and elixir, it is also impossible to break through the fourth level of Domepahse in a short time . "

Qin Yi ponders .

"It seems that I have to go to the Mountain of Magical Wind again after the knockout competition . "

Qin Yi's eyes are shining . It's absolutely impossible to be among the top five in the final ranking competition in the current situation .

Qin Yi has made a plan, then he takes a light breath and cultivates the three martial arts-The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King, Qi Recover Spell and Kua Fu’s Steps .

The next morning, Qin Yi arrives at the practice field as usual .

Like yesterday, there is a lot of noise around the practice field .

Today is the second part of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen: the knockout competition!

According to the regulations, the 30 disciples who won in yesterday's trials will compete for the top 20 with the 30 disciples who were selected from the former inner disciples .

There is a special regulation: the top five of the former inner disciples would not accept the challenge of this part . They will directly accept the challenge of the top 20 in the final part of ranking competition .

The top five young inner disciples of Lingyumen are: Qiu Shaoxian, Pu Chang, Tang Hangan, Xuan Ming and Yi Ling .

The top five young disciples are all in today's knockout competition, sitting on five conspicuous chairs, and accepting the worship of other disciples .

Yi Ling, who ranks fifth, is a girl of seventeen or eighteen . She looks very sweet, which seems to be unbelievable that she has the actual strength to be among the top five .

In particular, her eyes look like two pools of water, smart and transparent .

Qin Yi's eyes slowly sweep over the top five disciples, but he doesn't have much disturbance in his mind . In a word, he has made up his mind . After the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, one of the five disciples would give up his seat to him .  

With the beating of a deafening drum, the second part of the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen- knockout competition officially starts .

"I think everyone knows that today's competition is the knockout competition . The top 30 disciples who won yesterday's selection competition will challenge the 30 disciples who were selected from the former inner disciples . "

Guo Wuchen's voice shouts on the practice field, "Now, I declare that the knockout competition begins . "

This part of the competition is not divided into groups . They compete in six arenas .  After one round is over, the other round immediately begins with remarkable efficiency .

A total of 60 disciples compete for the top 20 . In fact, such a competition is not too fierce . The highlight of this part is that the strength among these disciples is much stronger than yesterday's .

In particular, there were no inner disciples yesterday, but today it is a duel between inner and outer disciples .

There are many superiors among the inner disciples . They have made great strides all the way . They make people enthusiastic .

For example, Chang Jingxue shows his incredible strength, defeating his opponent by one move in two successive rounds and winning continuous applause from the arena .

Every time an opponent is defeated by one move, and Chang Jingxue would look at Qin Yi directly . It's self-evident that he is provocative .

"132 versus 21!"

As the referee shouts out, Qin Yi takes a slight breath and thinks that it is his turn to fight finally .

In his body, there is a slight surge of mysterious breath power, and then he leaps up to the arena .

"Qin Yi!" "Qin Yi!"

Qin Yi's performance yesterday was so amazing that all the people in Lingyumen remember him . As soon as he is in the arena, there comes a roar of outer disciples .

Everyone knows that Qin Yi is from the outer disciples .

People's psychology is very peculiar . Yesterday, they were looking forward to someone driving Qin Yi off the arena . When it comes to fighting with the inner disciples today, those outer disciples subconsciously regard Qin Yi as a hero among the outer disciples .  

"I give up!"

Qin Yi's opponent is a strong inner disciple . When he sees Qin Yi leaping up to the arena, he gives up immediately .

Qin Yi is slightly shocked .

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Yesterday's trials, the inner disciple also came to watch . He knows that he can't defeat Qin Yi, so he just gives up .

In this way, Qin Yi easily wins the round even without fighting .

Returning to his seat, Qin Yi looks at the other five arenas and finds that Yang Shiqi is excellent in the arena and easily defeats her opponent .

Yang Shiqi smiles at Qin Yi from far away, and jumps off the arena to return to her seat .

"The senior sister apprentice Yang seems to be comparing with me . . . "

Qin Yi has no choice but to smile .

After a while, it is Qin Yi's turn to take the arena again .

This time, the opponent is a pretty girl in a green robe .

"Just give in . "

Qin Yi feels that her cultivation is only in the middle of third level of Domepahse, which is worse than his own . He has no heart to fight against a weak woman .

The girl in the green robe, with pink cheeks, purses her ruddy mouth and says stubbornly, "I know you are strong . You have not lost all the way, but I will not give in easily . "

“Her character is a little like mine . ”

Qin Yi reluctantly shakes his head, and immediately stops saying anything more . He hits with one punch, "the overlord-boxing!"

The simple basic boxing, which looks so common, seems to activate the natural law . The boxing is so fierce that it shakes the girl two feet away .  She falls to the ground .

He wins by one move, which is simple and time-saving!

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"I lost!"

The girl in the green robe gets up and walks down from the arena with a gloomy look .

"Number 132 wins!" Guo Wuchen looks at Qin Yi with appreciation from a distance .

The competition is going on in an orderly way, but Qin Yi is still fierce, and he can't feel the pressure and advantage of the inner disciples .

"I give in!"

"Number 132 wins!"

" . . . "

Qin Yi's competition is very easy . Many of them are scared by him . They give in directly . Even some of them who are stubborn can't hold on to a few moves of Qin Yi .

Qin Yi's current situation is almost copied yesterday . He makes great progress all the way . The elders of the Lingyumen are more and more impressed by the young man .

In his spare time, Qin Yi also glances at other arena and pays attention to the competition there . Yang Shiqi's and Chang Jingxue's arena are always as bustling as his arena .

Qin Yi notices that Chang Jingxue seems to be the representative of the 30 inner disciples . Every time he defeats an outer disciple, he would win the applause of inner disciples . At the same time, he provocatively looks at Qin Yi from a distance .

"Look over there . Chang Jingxue fight against Fu Yu!"

At a moment, there is an uproar all over the field .

Qin Yi sees Fu Yu jump gently on the arena, looking at Chang Jingxue with a calm face .

Fu Yu, once the No . 1 outer disciple, is the only one who didn’t show any flaw in front of Qin Yi in yesterday's trial .

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