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Chapter 27

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"Junior fellow apprentice Qin, you didn't disappoint me . It's very good!"

In the arena, Fu Yu rubs his chest and he is slightly shocked .

Qin Yi just smiles and waves a hand to Fu Yu, making an inviting gesture . He didn't give all his strength when he was fighting with Rou Qinn . But when facing Fu Yu, he would not have any reservation except that he doesn't enter an extremely ethereal state and uses Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .


To meet a super black horse as Qin Yi, Fu Yu is also very aggressive . His body shoots at Qin Yi again, and he rushes to Qin Yi in a flash . His fists turn into unreal images . Each fist has a powerful strength and smashes Qin Yi severely .

At this moment, Qin Yi also completely enters the combat mode . The mysterious breath power in his body is driven in a frenzy . He takes Kua Fu’s Steps, and then his body is suddenly several feet away from Fu Yu's attack .

"The Overlord-boxing"

Qin Yi hits back with a fist, which looks very strange, as if it is breaking a void a few feet away . When Fu Yu returns to his mind, the fist has already hit his front .

Fu Yu is greatly frightened . He dodges in a hurry to escape the blow .

He is also worthy of being the No . 1 outer disciple . When dodging, he never forgets to fight back, which makes the air twisting .

Qin Yi takes Kua Fu’s Steps, and his body is like a ghost, escaping the fist of Fu Yu .

One of them is the super black horses who appears halfway . The other is the No . 1 outer disciple .  They are fighting fiercely in the arena . For a while, they are neck and neck .

Under the arena, everyone is stunned, and their faces look unbelievable . Qin Yi, a super black horse, even uses the basic martial arts Overlord-boxing to be neck and neck with Fu yu!

If he cultivates a higher martial art, can he defeat Fu Yu?

It's recalled that Qin Yi was the worst disciple a month ago . After a month, he is able to compete with the No . 1 outer disciple . Many of disciples are ashamed .

In the arena, the battle between Qin Yi and Fu Yu becomes more and more fierce, and their bodies are moving faster and faster .

Fu Yu's body is full of unsurpassed aura .  The moves he uses vary greatly . The moves are weird and domineering, which makes people scared .

But Qin Yi's moves are the same, only the Overlord-boxing .

However, the Overlord-boxing, which has been cultivated to a perfect level, is even more shocking to the disciples around . They never regard that the basic boxing could be such domineering and that can even be used to compete with Fu Yu, who is No . 1 outer disciple .

More often, they even feel that it is not the Overlord-boxing, but a set of advanced boxing, even more brilliant and exquisite than those exerted by Fu Yu .

"It's really powerful . Maybe this boy will change the customs of Lingyumen and let the disciples of Lingyumen pay more attention to the basic boxing---the Overlord-boxing . " Guo Wuchen, on the referee's seat, says excitedly .

"Elder Guo, you're exaggerating . This guy, he just cultivated ‘the Overlord-boxing’ to a perfect level . It's not a big deal . It's not enough to change Lingyumen's customs . " Chang Fengyang shrugs his shoulders .

Guo Wuchen looks at Chang Fengyang with a little confusion, and he faintly feels that Chang Fengyang seems unable to get along with Qin Yi .

In the arena 6, the battle between Qin Yi and Fu Yu is still going on . By this time, they have completely entered the high competitive stage . Their bodies have become a little blurred . Around them, there is a stream of air .

It feels so good!

The fierce battle against Fu Yu makes Qin Yi secretly happy . Before that, even he never thought that he could fight against Fu Yu without entering an extremely ethereal state!

In addition, he also finds that with the advance of the crazy war, Fu Yu's attack speed does not change, but the aura of his body is getting weaker .

Qin Yi knows that Fu Yu's strength is going to the extremity, but he can still deal with it steadily . As long as Fu Yu's strength is exhausted, he can defeat it at one stroke .

"I admit defeat . !"

All of a sudden, Fu Yu gets out of the arena as soon as he finishes his offensive, and his face is very calm, "If I keep fighting, I will give in to your ‘Overlord-boxing’ . I don't want to let my junior and senior fellow apprentice see Fu Yu get knocked down from the arena by the "Overlord-boxing"

"Emmm . . . "

Qin Yi is shocked . While in his heart, he admires Fu Yu's calmness .

"Emmm . . . "

Under the challenge arena, everyone is stunned . They are surprised to look at the two people on the arena . Fu Yu, who is the No . 1 outer disciple, even surrenders in front of Qin Yi!

So, isn't Qin Yi the No . 1 outer disciple?

A month ago, he was still at the bottom of the disciples .  A month later, he leaps to the No . 1!

No one can explain how incredible it is . Everyone feels as if they are dreaming, even including Qin Yi's parents .

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"132 wins!"

With Guo Wuchen announcing the results loudly, there is a huge uproar on the whole practice field .

Qin Yi actually defeats Fu Yu, and everything is so unbelievable!

"Although Fu Yu is No . 1 outer disciple, he is not my opponent . Qin Yi can beat him . In the knockout competition, I should be able to easily defeat him!"

Chang Jingxue frowns and analyzes calmly .  Immediately, he smiles, "Knockout competition, I have some expectations!"

"Well, Xue, you must defeat Qin Yi in the knockout competition!" Rou Qinn says, standing beside Chang Jingxue, and nods to encourage him .

On the practice field, the trials are still going on, while obviously the climax is over, and it's slowly coming to the end of the competition .

There are more than 300 outer disciples of Lingyuemen . They are divided into six groups and arranged to compete in six arenas .

As time goes on, the top five of each group are going to be born .

Just in one day, the selection of the 30 inner disciples is completed .

Qin Yi, the super black horse, is undoubtedly selected in the rank first, among which are Rou Qinn, Fu Yu, Yang Shiqi, Shaozheng Qixiao, etc .

What must be mentioned here is that Yang Shiqi defeats Shaozheng Qixiao, who is the rank second of the outer disciple .

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Yang Shiqi seems to be quite happy to be selected into the inner door in the second place . Her smart eyes sparkle with strange light, which makes her increasingly adorable .

She is dressed in a white dress, like a cheerful butterfly in the crowd, and her figure is graceful, which easily becomes the focus of the disciples .

"Qin Yi . "

Yang Shiqi finds Qin Yi in the crowd and trots towards him happily .

"Senior sister apprentice Yang . . . "

Qin Yi has to stop, watching senior sister apprentice Yang

Seeing Qin Yi's indifferent expression, Yang Shiqi is slightly distressed . Doesn't she really have any attraction in his eyes?

She quickly suppresses the worry and comes to Qin Yi . She smiles, "Congratulations on passing the selection of inner disciples in the rank first!"

"Thank you . " Qin Yi smiles and nods, "but I think that you are so close to me with a certain purpose . Tell me, what's your purpose?"

Yang Shiqi suddenly finds it both funny and annoying .  She pauses and says, "Soon you will know . "

Not far away, looking at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi together, Qiu Shaoxian says vaguely, "The boy’s performance in the trial is a little surprise . However, if you can break into the ranking competition, I will let you know what is grand and what kind of strength is eligible for the love of younger sister apprentice Yang . "

Pu Chang around him smacks his lips, and says, "Qiu Shaoxian, I don't think you need to worry about her now . Sooner or later, the girl is yours . Let's figure out what's on the third floor of the scripture library now . "

"You have also known that the third floor of the scripture library is a Floating Tower left by one of great emperors in ancient times?" Qiu Shaoxian looks at Pu Chang slowly .  In his eyes, there is a glimmer of vigilance .

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