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Chapter 20

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It will be clear in the Assembly whether Qin Yi is disappointing or not .

Qin Yi smiles lightly and doesn’t talk much for he does not want to delay . The arrogance of Qiu Shaoxian and Pu Chang makes him quite uncomfortable .

After a little greeting, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi turn around and leave Donghuang Pharmacy .

“Brother Qiu, it seems that your charm is not enough, and Sister Yang does not give you face . ” Pu Chang chuckles as he watches Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi leaving .

Qiu Shao shakes his head slowly and shrugs indifferently: “Anyway, Sister Yang, maybe just a little curious about that kid . After all, Qin Yi is really amazing these days . By the time of the material arts Assembly, he will be beaten fiercely, and sister Yang's interest in him will instantly drop to zero . ”

As the chief disciple of Lingyumen, Qiu Shaoxian always has confidence in himself .

Of course, Qiu Shaoxian is disdainful of combating with Qin Yi at the Assembly, for Qin Yi’s strength cannot reach the level to fight with him, who is the chief disciple, and Qi Yi would be beaten in the middle of the Assembly .

Not to mention the superiors of the inner disciples, even if in the outer disciples, it’s difficult for Qin Yi to get a good ranking .

“Qin Yi, there are still ten days before the martial arts Assembly, have you signed up yet?” Yang Shiqi asks suddenly when they are out of Donghuang Pharmacy .

“Um . . . not yet . ”

He has been busy with various kinds of cultivation these days . Now hearing Yang Shiqi’s words, Qin Yi just remembers that he hasn’t sighed up .

“Let's go back and sign up together . I haven't signed up yet . ”

Yang Shiqi gives him a little smile, and her charming eyes sweep across Qin Yi . Then she seriously evaluates: “well, with your ability which can defeat Guang Fei, you should be able to enter the top 20 among the outer disciples . ”

Among the top 20 outer disciples?

Qin Yi smiles secretly and then shakes his head .

Sister Yang really has no confidence in him . Even among the young disciples in the entire Lingyumen, he has absolute confidence to enter the top 20 . Don’t forget that he has the powerful Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill

However, it can be inferred from Yang Shiqi's words that among the young disciples at Lingyumen, there are really many superiors like Qin Yi . She estimates that Qin Yi can only enter the top 20 among outer disciples .

After two hours, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi return to Lingyumen and come to the registration office .

Lingyumen has a great reputation with many disciples . Even if the time of the martial arts Assembly is drawing near, outside the registration office there is still a long line .

“It is said that this year's Assembly has more rewards than the previous years,” says a disciple .

“Reward? brother Chang, you’re really the main training target of the master . You are much more informed than us . Brother Chang, could you please disclose some details about this year's reward?”

A group of disciples immediately surround the brother Chang who reveals the reward news . Qin Yi glances at them a little and feels surprised . “What a coincidence!” Thinks Qin Yi .

That brother Chang is Chang Jingxue, and beside him is Rou Qinn who stands gracefully erect .

The disciples who stand around look at Chang Jingxue with admiration, and there is a touch of pride on the playful face of Rou Qinn .

“If you can reach the top 50 in the Assembly, you will be able to enter the first floor of the of the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classics and choose three low-intermediate martial arts and a ganoderma of 300 years . Then the reward of the top 20 is qualification to choose three advanced martial arts on the second floor and a Ganoderma of 800 years . ” Chang Jingxue says with a smile .

“The reward of three advanced martial arts and an 800-year-old ganoderma! It is so attractive!”

The disciples all around swallow with excitement .

However, everyone knows that it's so difficult to get into the top 20 .

Qin Yi, who is not far away, is slightly pleased . If he can enter the top 20 and get the qualification to select the martial arts on the second floor of the Pavilion, wouldn't it be possible to use his left hand like last time?

Qin Yi blinks, and suddenly feels his blood boiling .

However, at this moment, Chang Jingxue turns his sight over slowly at him: “Qin Yi, don’t expect anything good, and don't forget, I am also a disciple, as long as I am there, you will not be able to enter the top 20 . ”

Yang Shiqi estimated that Qin Yi should be able to enter the top 20 just now . But now, Chang Jingxue directly states that he will prevent Qin Yi from entering the top 20 .

Qin Yi smiles silently, for he has nothing to talk with Chang Jingxue .

Yang Shiqi, however, frowns slightly, “brother Chang, it seems not good for you to pursue personal feuds like this . ” Says Yang Shiqi with displeasure .

“No, you misunderstood, I will just frustrate my opponent . ”

Chang Jingxue shrugs his shoulders and says faintly, “It's you, Sister Yang, who don't want to be with the chief disciple but try to get along with this guy . Do you think that he is better than Brother Qiu? To be honest, you are indeed very talented in cultivation, but as for this matter, you are totally wrong . ”

Yang Shiqi's pretty mouth slightly purses, but she does not feel shy or annoyed . She just smiles and says: “Brother Chang, who do I want to be with is my own business, isn’t it? Besides, Brother Qiu is a good man, but he is just a little better than me, but Qin Yi is much better than me . ”

“He is much better than you?” Chang Jingxue almost giggles .

But Rou Qinn who stands beside him is kind of uncomfortable .

“Qin Yi, let's go . ”

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Yang Shiqi no longer speaks but pulls Qin Yi to leave . She does not say what she has in mind: Qiu Shaoxian is powerful now, but how much time has he spent with elixir and medicinal herbs to reach today’s state?

“How ignorant!”

Chang Jingxue shakes his head towards Yang Shiqi's figure, and immediately stops paying any attention . Then he continues to disclose some information about the Assembly to the disciples around him .

"This time, if you can enter the top 5, you will be able to get the qualification to enter the third floor of Pavilion, and also get 1000-year ganoderma as a reward . " Says Chang Jingxue .

The qualification to enter the third floor of the Pavilion?

Disciples around suddenly calm down, and an incredible look can be found on everyone’s face .

The third floor of Pavilion is too mysterious to be known by the disciples for it is never opened for disciples .

“The third floor of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion?”

Qin Yi, who has not yet walked out, seems to have a very strange feeling . For a moment, he feels like that he has something lost on the third floor of the Pavilion .

This feeling seems very weak, but it is still captured by Qin Yi .

“What is on the third floor? And why do I feel like this way?”

Qin Yi is in a trance and has been extremely confused .

It seems that this time he has to enter the top 5 in the Assembly so as to go to the third floor to find an answer .

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For a moment, Qin Yi makes such a decision .

Then he gets to the registration office with Yang Shiqi, and each of them receives a token with a number on it .

The number on the Qin Yi’s token is 132, (6) .

The number on Yang Shiqi's token was 131, (3) .

There is no doubt that the number is their ranking, and the number in the brackets is the number of groups competing .

At Lingyumen, there are at least several hundred young disciples . According to the rules of the martial arts Assembly, all disciples over 15 and under 25 are eligible to participate .

Among so many young disciples, inner disciples and outer disciples are both included .

Here comes an introduction of outer disciples: There are only 30 outer disciples can be selected to become inner disciples of Lingyumen, but the number of outer disciples recruited each session is quite large . It is easy to find the ruthlessness of selection in the Assembly .

After receiving his number, Qin Yi no longer delays, saying goodbye to Yang Shiqi and returning to his home .

(Sound of closing the door)

As soon as he gets home, Qin Yi keeps himself in the room, and sits leg-crossed to prepare his last spurt before the Assembly .

In the Assembly, many superiors are gathering and Qin Yi's goal is enter the top three . He wants to obtain the qualification to enter the third floor of the Pavilion . He is going to find out what is hidden there and why he feels like something of him is lost there .

It is not easy to defeat other superiors to enter the top 3 in the Assembly, thus Qin Yi must take  it seriously .

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