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Chapter 16

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“Come on .  Actually, I'm looking forward to the combat with you!”

The slightly weak Qin Yi stands in front of Guang Fei with a calm look .

He really wants to know how powerful he is after breaking through to reach the third level . Is he able to defeat the disciples at the top of the third level as he analyzes?

“Gee…”, hearing Qin Yi's words, all people who are watching the fight outside the circle open their mouths inconceivably .

Yang Shiqi's face loos increasingly bitter after a pang of astonishment .

Qin Yi is a surprise to others , and he even has some unique skills, but to defeat Guang Fei is totally impossible .

“This guy’s brain must have a screw loose”, mocks Qiu Shaoxian .  

“He is incorrigibly crazy!”

Chang Jingxue, on the other side, raises his eyebrows with disdain .

In that circle, Guang Fei’s straight face finally changes a little, and a faint surprise flashes across his face: “you're kind of interesting .  I'd like to see how you are qualified to look forward to this fight rather than fear it . "

With that, he squats slightly like a leopard, and his whole body is filled with a violent spirit .

There is no doubt that his cultivation is the same as Guang Yonggao's, “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” .

However, his power is much stronger than Guang Yonggao's both in terms of momentum and movement . Obviously, his practice of “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” has made a big success . Squatting there, he looks like a simmering cheetah which is ready to kill his opponent at any time .

“He is really powerful!” Qin Yi contemplates .

Yet Qin Yi is not panicked . He motivates his left hand slightly, instantly entering the state of etherealness . Every detail, even a pore in Guang Fei's body is clearly reflected in his eyes .

"Qin Yi, attention! The Leopard King’s Leap!"

Guang Fei roars coldly, as if instantly transforming into a strong leopard, and shoots towards Qin Yi .

His movement is very fast, even his whole figure becomes slightly vague as a ghost . He rushes to Qin Yi in the blink of an eye while his hands grasps at Qin Yi's shoulders fiercely with a slight air current flowing on his arm .

“He is so strong!” exclaims the crowd .

Guang Fei is indeed an outstanding disciple of Lingyumen . “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” produced by him is many times stronger than his brother, reaching an incredible level, no matter its speed, strength or angle .

On the field, Many top disciples’ faces change with Guang Fei's move . Even the chief disciple Qiu Shaoxian smacks his lips and sighs sincerely: “ Guang Fei is really powerful!”

However, at the moment when Guang Fei pounces, Qin Yi knows that he is going to win .

“The Seven Kills of Leopard King” actually evolves from the hunting of leopards .  It pays attention to not only strength and angle, but also speed . Qin Yi, who has reached the ethereal state, does not care about high speed in fight . In the eyes of others, Guang Fei is fast and fierce, but in Qin Yi's eyes, the speed is just common . Although he cannot defeat him within one move like Guang Yonggao, he also has enough confidence to win the battle .

Qin Yi kicks his feet on the ground to make himself fly away and easily avoids the fierce culling of Guang Fei .

“His cultivation has at least reached the middle of the third level, or even higher, yet my current strength can easily beat him!”

When Qin Yi dodges Guangfei’s fierce kick and rejoices with wild excitement, he analyzes: “my current strength can compete with the disciples in the early days of the fourth level!”

Guang Fei is a little surprised that Qin Yi is able to escape his attack so easily .

“He is pretty good!”

Guang Fei's look becomes a little dignified, but he does not attach much importance to Qin Yi . A disciple who has just reached the third level of Domephase can’t be something .

"The Leopard King’s Scissor!"

Guang Fei then shouts in a low voice and motivates the second move on the basis of “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” . His body flies horizontally, and his legs are severely rushing to cut Qin Yi's waist . Around his legs, a slight air flow has been formed .

With Guang Fei's current strength, if an ordinary person's waist were cut by his legs, it would definitely be cut off directly .

“Kua Fu’s Steps!”

Qin Yi uses his newly learned martial arts, and his body is one third faster, thus he easily dodges Guang Fei's second attack . However, due to the scruple of the imminent hazard in martial arts Assembly around the corner, he just dodges without counterattack, for he does not want to expose his true power too early .

Regardless of Guang Fei's “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” or Qin Yi's “Kua Fu’s Steps”, speed is the king, so in the blink of an eye, they fight against each other in a dozen moves .

Merely, it’s Guang Fei ’s who attacks, and Qin Yi is just dodging .

Guang Fei's offensive is getting more and more fierce, and his martial technique more and more ruthless, while the smile on his face becomes stronger and stronger . All he wants is to suppress and control Qin Yi step by step until the final victory .

In this way, the battle achieves the effect he expects .

“Qin Yi, why are you dodging all the time? Can’ t you attack?”

Guang Yonggao finally cannot stand this kind of chasing and hunting game , and he yells at Qin Yi . This kind of situation makes him very umbrage . What he is eager to witness is Guang Fei kicks Qin Yi ’s ass .

“How can he assault? Doing Overlord-boxing? That is only a beginning martial arts .  How can he use it effectively in front of a disciple who has just reached the second level?”

“Oh, I forgot it . This guy only picks up a collection that cannot be cultivated in the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic, and he cannot show any other martial arts except Overlord-boxing . ”


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people around burst a laughter!

Yang Shiqi, however, only contemplates with her shinning eyes . She becomes more and more interested in Qin Yi . As a celestial wizard, she feels faintly that Qin Yi's body movement is not ordinary .

“This guy is really extraordinary . . . ”

In the battle, Guang Fei fights more and more bravely .  But more and more, Guang Fei’s heart becomes cold . Now, he finally notices that he has miscalculated . Although the young rival has only reached the third level, an unfathomable depth can be felt . It feels like no matter how he attacks, he cannot hurt Qin Yi .

“Qin Yi, are you going to do this all the time?” says Guang Fei apathetically .

His offensive changes, and he attacks Qin Yi’s vitals with faster speed . In the end, he almost transforms into a residual image and a wave of fluctuating space, which sweeps along the ground .

Feeling that Guang Fei's offensive is getting sharper and unparalleled, the spectators around are so astonished, “The Seven Kills of Leopard King” in the well-developed state are so dreadful!

Looking at the formidable Guang Fei, Guang Yonggao is enraptured, and he rubs his hands excitedly, for his brother is going to beat this bloke!

Yang Shiqi frowns on the other side, looking somewhat anxious .

“You are too flighty and impetuous to achieve greatness!”

Qin Yi lightly shakes his head with a smile, and continues to move in Kua Fu’s Steps to avoid fierce attacks by Guang Fei . No matter how fast Guang Fei's attack is, he cannot touch Qin Yi at all .

“You're fighting with your mouth and tongue . Do you dare to use your Overlord-boxing to attack me?"

Guang Fei is unable to maintain his usual indifference . He doesn't want to play like this anymore . He tries to kick Qin Yi's chest hard, and he uses eight out of ten of his strength which may disable Qin Yi if it hits the mark .


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Qin Yi hits with a punch, which is still simple and straightforward, without any fancy .

However, this punch seems to have gathered the essence of all boxing methods which is domineering and smooth .

This punch seems to be the only one in this world, which tells the natural avenue .

This punch makes all the spectators slightly stunned .  And a thought then occurs to them: he uses it!


Qin Yi punches Guang Fei's feet, and the huge force directly flies Guang Fei out of the distance .

"What if I only have Overlord-boxing, I can still beat you down . "

Qin Yi clenches his fists, high-spirited and vigorous . His slightly weak body stands proudly like a javelin . Defeating Guang Fei is an expected result, and he has not done his best yet .


All the disciples on the field are stricken dumb with astonishment . When Qin Yi defeated Guang Yonggao in one move they were already shocked . Now He beats Guang Yonggao ’s brother Guang Fei . Although he has been chased by Guang Fei for a while, in fact he only makes one punch!

With one punch he beats Guang Fei down!

Isn't he an idiot with a disabled brain? Why is he so powerful?

People look at the frail figure of the young man, and their mouth corners are vaguely drawn . Many are secretly thinking that if they were in the battle, they would be thrown down by one punch .

Unconsciously, the frail figure grows in stature .

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