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Chapter 10

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

"You good for nothing bum! You disgraced our family!"

A scolding comes from a pavilion in Lingyumen, breaking the silence of late night .

The fubsy Guang Yonggao stands in the middle of the pavilion, his big face covered with angry and shame . Guang Yonggao is so ashamed to face people after having been knocked down by Qin Yi’s one punch with the basic Overlord boxing .

In front of Guang Yonggao stands a young man in his twenties who wears a black robe, a tall and imposing presence . The young man is of domineering manner, in front of whom fatty Yonggao fails to match . .  He is Guang Fei, the elder brother of Guang Yonggao .

"Brother, I . . . "

Guangyong lowers his head and is very ashamed . He has always admired his brother .

Guangfei has shown amazing talents in cultivation since he was a child, building his early reputation in the town, while Guang Yonggao has been much less outstanding .  Actually, Lingyumen, several years ago, only recruited Guang Fei, and Yonggao was recruited only because of the strong recommendation of his brother .

After entering Lingyumen, Guang Fei's talents commanded attention . Now he ranks very high among young disciples and is not inferior to that of Chang Jingxue . His Seven Kills of Leopard King has already developed into completeness level .

Recently, he prepares for the martial arts Assembly day and night . His Seven Kills of Leopard King even shows a faint sign of reaching the peak .


Lowering his head and clenching his fists, Guangyong Gao cannot wait to tear Qin Yi apart .   After a long time, he finally summons his courage and raises his head .

"Brother, it's my recklessness that humiliated our Guang family, but I beg you to help me to vent my anger!"

Guangyong Gao firmly believes that with his brother’s current strength, as long as he acts, even five Qin Yi might be no match for him .

"Get out!"

Guang Fei's nature is very cold, he turns his back on Yonggao after yelling at him, ignoring him at all .

Guangyong Gao is stunned with no more words, looking at Guang Fei's back for a moment and does not dare to say anything but to leave angrily .

"Qin Yi . . . "

Guang Fei frowns and slowly clenches his fists, his cold face slowly revealing a sense of murder : "This guy can defeat my younger brother with just one move of Overlord boxing . I really want to see how powerful you are . Don't let me down then . "

In the early morning of next day, Qin Yi gets up and practices martial arts as usual . He practices Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, only to find that this martial art is admirably a three-stroke final hit . It is domineering, powerful and simple, but it is extremely mysterious . As soon as he strikes at will, it seems he could lock down any opponent's retreat .

Such a Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is the card in his hand in the forthcoming martial art Assembly, so Qin Yi currently has no intention to disclose the cultivation of this martial art .

"I can beat Guang Yonggao down by using the Overlord Boxing within one move . If I use Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, I should be able to knock down Chong Feng with one punch . "

Qin Yi calmly analyzes his competence and is very confident in his martial arts .


Qin Yi's fists are strong and powerful . His body is like tiger and lion . He is very hard-working, The use of The Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is getting more and more proficient with his hard practice .

Next, Qin Yi practices simultaneously the Qi Recover Spell, Kua Fu’s Steps and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King .  These martial arts are actually the auxiliary practice method for Qin Yi at present . His true sunday punch is Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .

"It is still impossible for me to break through the peak of Domephase at this moment . "

After half-an-hour’s practice, the sky looks really bright .  Qin Yi stops practicing and goes to the weapon room of Lingyumen in accordance as planned .

"What kind of weapon do you want? According to the regulations, all weapons belong to Lingyumen . The disciples who take the weapons from here must return them within three days . If the weapons are damaged, the disciples must make compensation according to the weapons’ quality and breakage . ” The old guard man in front of the weapon room says blankly .

"A high quality steel hunting knife . " Qin Yi smiles slightly .

"A steel hunting knife? Are you going hunting in the Mountain of Magical Wind?" The old man changed countenance a little .

Qin Yi nods .  Once Rou Qinn asked him to hunt a panacea in the Mountain of Magical Wind as the tribute to Chang Jingxue, accidentally pointing him a cultivation path .

Now, with Qin Yi’s own efforts, it is impossible to make a breakthrough in the short term, so he has to borrow external strength .

There are many ways to Rome . For instance, there are various elixir, medicinal materials and potions on the market that can assist one’s martial art practice, some of which are quite good, but very expensive . Only those who are very wealthy can afford it .

"Kid, it seems you are just a disciple at the second level of Domephase, am I right? It will be perilous for people at this level to enter the Mountain of Magical Wind to hunt .  You’d better stop thinking about it . " .

Qin Yi shakes his head and does not yield .  This is the only way to go if he doesn’t want to be beaten up on the martial art Assembly .  He must go to The mountain of Magic Wind however perilous it is dangerous .

Sensing Qin yi’s resolution, the old guard man sighs helplessly when he enters the weapon room and takes a high quality steel hunting knife to Qin Yi .

"Thank you!"

Taking the knife, Qin Yi immediately leaves Lingyumen and goes straight to the gate of the Phoenix City .


Once out of Phoenix City, Qin Yi immediately takes Kua Fu’s Steps to get on the road, which makes him going even faster than most beasts .

It's great to practice Kua Fu’s Steps on the way to The Mountain of Magic Wind .  Since the martial art Assembly of Lingyumen is drawing nearer and nearer, Qin YI knows he must do whatever he can do to cultivate .

"Magic Wind Mountain!"

Four hours later, Qin Yi finally arrives at his destination .

The Mountain of Magic Wind is a very vast virgin forest that crosses several major towns . As the largest primordial jungle in the surrounding counties, there are not only fierce birds and beasts that know nothing about martial art cultivation, but also spirit beasts that know much about martial arts cultivation . So the distinctive difference between common fierce beasts and spirit beasts is whether they know cultivation or not .   

The spirit beasts can be divided into three ranks, that is, low, medium and advanced rank .  The low- and intermediate-rank spirit beasts like to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon and practice martial arts on the night of the full moon to improve their own power and strength . The advanced spirit beasts are not much different from human beings . They know how to absorb the heaven and earth aura and cultivation even at ordinary times .  Only those who have reached the

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It is obvious that Qin Yi never goes to the Mountain of Magic Wind for those horrible advanced spirit beasts . He has not lived long enough .

He just wants to hunt some preys and sell them on the market to make money, and then he will have enough money to buy medicines for cultivation . The skins, bones, and teeth of those fierce birds and beasts can be sold at an economically rewarding price .

It is unlikely for him to hunt spirit beasts with his current strength in the second level of Domephase .  Even if they challenge a lowest-rank spirit beast, the hunters’ cultivation is supposed to be at the forth level of Domephase, that is, the cultivation of a mysterious warrior .

Qin Yi is looking for the prey along the outer part of the Mountain .

There are many beasts in The Mountain of Magical Wind . After a while, Qin Yi finds a blood leopard .

"Mum . . . "

Qin Yi clings to the back of the tree and swallows, watching the blood leopard .

A blood leopard is best typical of running very fast . As the fastest among reptiles, the meat and bones on its waist are very valuable .

In addition to its fast speed, its paws and teeth are extremely sharp, and it approaches to prey in a high speed and mauls the prey to death in a bloody and brutal way .  

This is Qin Yi's first hunting . He is extremely nervous . He is not sure if the power of the Second level of Domephase is enough to kill a blood leopard . It should be fine .

Time passes slowly as Qin Yi hesitates to take action . The blood leopard suddenly glaring at  Qin Yi . It notices Qin Yi . Before Qin Yi could responds, the blood leopard has run to the jungle .

"It is going to escape . "

Qin Yi no longer hesitates . He uses the spiritual power of perception on his left hand and takes Kua Fu’s Steps, rushing towards the blood leopard .

Against Qin YI’s spiritual power of perception, the advantage of the blood leopard’s speed is no compare, Qin Yi catches up and cuts the leopard's throat quickly with his high quality steel hunting knife .


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The leopard roars, the blood spraying around its neck .  It hurls towards Qin Yi, but unfortunately it falls to the ground from the sky on the half way, because its throat has been cut off . "Haha, it's so easy . "

Qin Yi feels very relaxed and excited about such a big harvest, "The two bones on the waist are worth three hundred Liang (a monetary unit in ancient China) silver each; the skin is worth of fifty-two Liang silver and the leopard gall, a good medicinal material, is also worth fifty-two Liang silver . "

A blood leopard brings a total income of seven hundred and twenty Liang silver! Qin Yi ‘s successful hunting experience makes him more confident . The excellent performance of the left hand has undoubtedly made the hunting a big success .

After handling the blood leopard, Qin Yi takes a short rest and continues to hunt for prey .

He manipulates the mysterious breath power to motivate his left hand and his whole body enters an extremely ethereal state, so that no sign of disturbance or trouble within a hundred steps nearby can escape his sense of spiritual power .

Qin Yi has made experiment with wild dogs in the mountains . Th spiritual power of his left hand can reduce the speed of the wild dog by ten times, that is, only the object whose speed is at least ten times faster than Qin Yi's eyesight can make Qin Yi feel overwhelmed .

However, it is clear that from the perspective of reptiles, it is impossible for any animal to be able to exceed Qin Yi's eyesight sensitivity by more than ten times . Of course, those spirit beasts that know about martial art cultivation is another story .

A slight sound sounds from behind .

Qin Yi looks back and only to see a giant silver snake who is slowly crawling towards him . The snake's tongue is thirty centimeters long .

"Silver plate snake!"

Qin Yi swallows and looks a little dignifi ed .

This kind of snake is extremely famous for being highly toxic . A drop of venom can poison a practitioner below the fourth level of Domephase . Moreover, the speed of this kind of snake is extremely fast and one can be bitten by accident .  Even for a mysterious worrior whose cultivation is above the forth level of Domephase, it is a nasty thing . But meanwhile, the silver plate snake is naturally more than ten times valuable than the blood leopard .

The silver plate snake takes the initiative to attack .  Its giant body shines a dazzling silver awn and flings at Qin Yi .

However, with his sensitive perception, the speed of the snake in Qin Yi's eyes is like a child's jogging, which is not a concern .

"Yes, it will be easy . "

Qin Yi never expects that the silver plate snake which always makes people turn pale at the mere mentioning would become so clumsy under his spiritual perception . He smiles and clenches his steel hunting knife .

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