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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Insult of Three Moves

Translator: Wang Bing

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen


It is just before dawn that not only the disciples of Lingyu Sect but also the servants are sleeping soundly . Qin Yi has already been on the training ground for a while, practicing kung fu with all his strength .

Qin Yi is a fifteen-year-old boy with good features, his eyes as bright as the Big Dipper and as steady as deep water .

Two months ago, the masters of Lingyu Sect went to Qingshui Town to recruit qualified disciples . Qin Yi was taken in with excellent performance .

Being recruited by a famous sect like Lingyu Sect, Qin Yi brought honor to his ancestors and his family . Therefore, his parents are in a good mood all day long, seeming ten years younger instantly, and unperturbedly enjoying the envious glances of people in the town .

But only Qin Yi knows that today's glory is at the expense of his hard practice day and night .

"Overlord Boxing"

Qin Yi, strong and vigorous, is practicing the Overlord Boxing systematically and orderly with his fists whistling through the air .

Overlord Boxing is the most basic martial art in Lingyu Sect . Qin Yu practices it carefully with a solemn face, although the moves of the boxing are quiet ordinary and the practice is quite boring .

"When I was in Qingshui Town, I had already reached the first level of Domephase . It is almost impossible to break through the second level in a short time," Qin Yi analyzes his situation calmly .

In fact, a girl named Rou Qin from Qingshui Town was also recruited into Lingyu Sect . When Rou Qin was still in Qingshui Town, she was very nice to Qin Yi, and even had a secret crush on him . She was wild with joy when she learned that Qin Yi and she were both recruited . Surprisingly, the two became a little bit alienated after coming to Lingyu Sect . Actually, Qin Yi has not seen Rou Qin for many days .

Yesterday, Qin Yi heard that Rou Qin was in a relationship with Chang Jingxue, an inner disciple of Lingyu Sect . It is said that Chang Jingxue is an extraordinary young man, and is regarded as  the key training object of Lingyu Sect .

In Qingshui Town, It is normal for Qin Yi to provoke girls' love because he is a genius in the eyes of the villagers . . But in Lingyu Sect, he is mere a nobody .

That is, he cannot compare with the excellent disciples like Chang Jingxue!


Thinking of Rou Qin, Qin Yi spares no effort in practice . The blue veins in his arms protrude out . He says to himself in his heart that he must work harder and harder to reach, at least, the level of Chang Jingxue .

"Look, that boy is so diligent, and gets up so early to practice boxing . "

"All his diligence is in vain . The outer disciples are only allowed to learn and practice the basic boxing . Labor hard to little avail . "

As the sky is gradually brightening, the disciples come to the training ground in succession, darting Qin a look with contempt and throwing out gossip now and then .

Qin Yi turns a deaf ear to this, only concentrating on practicing his Overlord Boxing .

"Hey, buddy, you are really early!"

Qin Yi almost falls down when a big hand heavily slammed down on his shoulder . Thanks to his solid martial foundation, he quickly stands firm after a slight shaking .

Qin Yi stabilizes his body and looks back . A supper fat boy is laughing at himself aggressively .

"What do you want, Guang Yonggao?" Qin Yi frowned at him angrily .

Qin Yi offended Guang Yonggao when he just entered Lingyu Sect, because Guang Yonggao looked down on some of the new disciples and spoke with sarcasm which were disproved by Qin Yi .

Since then, Guang Yonggao cannot bear the sight of Qin Yi . He always picks a fight and tries to humiliate Qin Yi .

"I want nothing from you . You made a big progress, ha? I just want to have a competition with you . " Guang Yonggao's face like a slice of pie shows a defiant expression .

"Look, Fattie Guang is here, something interesting is on!" more and more disciples nearby gather around and expect to see Qin Yi's possible misfortune .

Seeing that more disciples are gathering around, Guang Yonggao rubbed his hands excitedly . For him, the gathering onlookers make the insult funnier .

"Can you feel Fattie Guang's breath? He has obviously broken through to the second level of Domephase . I feel sorry for that chap . "

"A newbie of the first level of Domephase can hardly withstand more than ten moves in front of a master of the second level of Domephase, I guess . "  

Guang Yonggao overlooks Qin Yi with his hands on his hips, taking delight in the clamors of comments . He feels very excited and complacent today and believes that those people around will definitely cheer for him if he knocks down the guy right now .

"Ten moves?" Guang Yonggao shakes his head and responds arrogantly, "I only allow three moves . "

Three moves!

The people around are suddenly in uproar, but no one doubts Guang's bluff when they see the domineering spirit spreading from Guang Yonggao's fat body .

"Three moves?"

Qin Yi's heart was whipped unmercifully .  

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It is possible for Guang Yonggao to defeat him in ten moves, but the bluff of three moves is obviously an affront .

Qin Yi calms down instantly, because he knows very well that Guang Yonggao tries to take the golden opportunity to insult him in front of the onlookers present . Guang Yonggao would not let him go even after he could survive three moves .  

"Well, I prefer to have a competition with you another day . I'm quite exhausted today," Qin Yi is not affected by Guang Yonggao's provocation, turning around and walking away .

The onlookers are shocked by Qin Yi's ignorance of Guang Yonggao's provocation . They realize the chap does not take action recklessly .

Guang's ferocious eyes followed the young boy's disappearing slender figure, "Well, kid, another day . When I meet you next time, I hope we can have a competition!"

Qin Yi frowns, as it seems that Guang Yonggao is determined to humiliate him .

"Gang Yonggao has reached the second level of Domephase . I have no chance to be a match for him unless I can reach the second level . . . "   

Qin Yi ponders on this annoyance as walking towards home . He cannot help but feel bitter in his heart because he knows Guang's personality . Guang is a man of his words and will take every opportunity to beat his rivals . What's worse, Qinyi says to himself, how is it possible for him to reach the second level in a short time!

"Yi, you are back . You get up so early this morning . You must be starving after training, I guess . Come and have your breakfast . " 

The moment Qin Yi returns home, his mother, Wu Lanxian, walks toward him with kindness and settles him at the table .

People in the town looked green with envy when Qin Yi was recruited into Lingyu Sect, and his parents moved to Lingyu Sect, living together with him . But now, Qin Yi feels ashamed of his poor performance in the sect . He thinks that he has let his parents down .

"Dad, Mom, what has happened?" Qin Yi looks up while eating and only finds that his parents are standing before him, with a pale look .

Qin Yi's father, Qin Mu, finally says to Qin Yi after a momentary hesitation, "Yi, the martial arts competition of your sect will be held a month later . The rule of the sect is that the outer disciples who cannot take part in the competition will be send back home . And just now, at noon today, an Elder of the sect has come to inform us that we should get prepared for return . "

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Qin Mu gives a heavy sigh after finishing the talk .

"What?" Qin Yi is astonished .

While he was in Qingshui Town, Qin Yi didn't know much about the famous Lingyu Sect . It was until he came here that he realized that the regulations of the sect are extremely strict . The disciples here are divided into two types, outer disciples and inner disciples . Only the 10 outer disciples who top the annual martial arts competition can be promoted as inner disciples, which proves to be very difficult . The annual martial arts competition is actually the final qualification assessment of the sect . The minimum requirement for participating in the competition is to reach the second level of Domephase . In other words, it is stipulated that one must break through to the second level of Domephase within a limited period of time . The one who fails is branded as "the unqualified" and will be sent back home .

In such a notable sect as Linyu Sect, the rules above are the doctrines and restrictions everyone has to abide by .

"The competition will be held a month later, but one need sign up twenty days in advance . So one has to break through to the second level of Domephase within ten days before signing up," Qin Mu shakes his head bitterly .

He stands a half-to-half chance to break through to the second level of Domephase in a month, but stands no chance to break through within ten days .

Qin Yi looks a bit dejected .

"I heard that Rou Qin had broken through to the second level of Domephase . She is so lucky to be courted by an excellent inner disciple who successfully made use of elixirs to improve her level of cultivation . "

Qin Mu is somewhat in indignation when he speaks of Rou Qin . When in Qingshui Town, Rou Qin often came to Qin Yi to practice together and learn from each other . Everyone knew that she was keen on Qin Yi . But everything has been different since they moved to Lingyu Sect .

"Rou Qin has done it . . . " Qin Yi whispered and clenched his fists subconsciously .

His mother wiped the tears in the corners of her eyes and said softly, "Yi, you proved it a few months ago . You are the best in Qingshui Town . Your father and I are so proud of you . You have to know that everything is predestined and we can do nothing to change it . Let's return to Qingshui Town in peace ten days later . Nothing is more important than your safety . "

Qin Yi droops his head in despair, as if his heart is lashed out by an invisible whip .

"No, I will fight my way out in the City of Phoenix," Qin Yi suddenly roars . He holds back his tears and rushes out of the house without looking back .  

How could he stay in Qingshui Town for a lifetime? Since he set foot on the road of martial arts study, he has made his mind to make big progress and stand out in the future . The recruitment into Lingyu Sect is a real turning point in his life and he cannot tolerate any attempt to destroy it .

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