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The God of Sky & Earth - Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Killed

"Pat, pat…"

The man staggered and fell face-first onto the ground. His injuries were too severe. The continuous attacks by Su Yi had dealt him great damage.


He felt something cold placed on his neck. A large blade was held against his skin, making his hair stand on their ends as a chilling fear crept into the very depths of his soul.

"How many of you are there? What are their cultivation levels? Who is the strongest?" Su Yi appeared in front of the man, holding a large saber against his neck as he asked casually.

"Punk, what are you trying to do?! If you dare kill me, my entire party will not let you off, you will never be able to escape!" The man was terrified. He never imagined his second encounter with Su Yi would result in such an outcome.


Before the man even finished his words, Su Yi swung his saber and blood scattered across the air. One swing had sliced the man's left arm clean off and blood spewed like a fountain.


The man cried out in pain. He writhed around in agony and beads of cold sweat dotted his forehead.

"I will only ask this question one more time, how many of you are there? What are their cultivation levels? And who is the strongest?" Su Yi asked coldly, it was important to know your enemies.

"There are over 60 of us. 20 of us are Yuan Xuan Realm cultivators. The leader is Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade and the vice-leader is almost breaking through to the Yuan Spirit Realm as well. If you kill me, our entire party will not let you go! If you let me go, I may be able to persuade the leader to forget about the entire matter, how's that?" The man was completely terrified, his body struggling to put distance between him and the youth. He never thought that one day him, being a Yuan Xuan Realm cultivator, would end up in such a pathetic state at the hands of a Yuan Soul Realm brat.

"I was considering if I should spare your life. But it is such a pity, that I hate threats." Chilling words came out of Su Yi's mouth as he swung his saber once again.


The blade plunged into the man's chest. His desperate cries stopped, and his eyes bulged out. The last thing he saw in this world was the youth who stood there like the God of Death. Only at that moment did he understand, the youth was far more difficult to deal with than they had ever imagined.

Su Yi searched the man's body. Other than a few bits of medicinal herbs, Su Yi found nothing else. The man did not have an interspatial bag as well.


Without any further delay, Su Yi immediately left the scene.

This was not a place where he could stay for long. The man had just launched a signal flare and there would be others from the adventurer party arriving soon.

From the information that Su Yi had just gotten from the man, he did not dare to be careless.

The strongest in the party was a Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade cultivator. It was an existence which he could not fight against at this point in time.

There were also another 20 Yuan Xuan Realm cultivators. Most likely there would be Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade cultivators. Su Yi knew that he was unable to fight against them as well.

But Su Yi was not afraid. After all, he had a trump card on his hand.

"Boom! Bang!"


Bi Ling and Yiyun had joined the battle. Five youths against seven adventurers. But the result was already decided from the start.

Out of the seven adventurers, there were only two Yuan Xuan Realm cultivators and there were only First Grade.

Guoyan and the rest were far stronger than them, whether it be martial art techniques or cultivation techniques.

Soon, the seven men were killed.

Guoyan and Zhouda had blood on their clothes, their hair tousled and looked slightly pathetic.

The seven adventurers may not be high in cultivation level, but any one of them was a bloodthirsty beast. In terms of actual combat, they were far more experienced and had given the five youths some trouble.

"The kid had escaped that way, chase him!"

Guoyan and Zhouda had gotten the short end of the stick and were furious. The kid could not have gone far, they could not let him go.

"Something is not right. Wasn't this person on the same side as the kid?"

After a moment, the five youths surrounded a corpse and were confused.

"From the looks of the injury, it should be the work of that kid. Strange…" Bi Ling spoke, her beautiful eyes gleaming.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Suddenly, there was movement all around them.

In a few seconds, nine figures had come out. Nine fierce auras exploded from them.

"It seems that these brats were the ones that killed our men!"

Among the nine adventurers, the face of a middle-aged man darkened with anger. He looked and observed Guoyan, Zhouda and the rest of the kids.

"Humph! They are but a flock of crows banding together, let us just kill them all." Zhouda looked at the nine people and was not at all worried.

"What an arrogant brat! But, those two ladies are not too shabby." A man spoke, his eyes hooked onto the bodies of Bi Ling and Yiyun, not bothering to hide the lust in his eyes.

"Not bad at all. The two ladies really aren't too shabby. They may be the Young Missy of some large clans. Our brothers have not experienced some pleasure in a long while and we have never tasted the Young Missy of any large clans."

"Tsk, tsk. They are still two virgins; the feeling should be quite different."

The men laughed and instantly, they were motivated. Their eyes stared at Bi Ling and Yiyun's bodies.

They had ventured out for so long and recently, had even suffered so much hardship to find that brat. They had been holding themselves back for so long.

Now that they had seen these few ladies, how could they resist any longer? They wanted so badly to just pounce on them. Within the Forest of Demons, sometimes, not even major sects or factions mattered.

Seeing those lustful gazes and hearing the disgusting conversation, Bi Ling and Yiyun were not happy. Within their eyes, a cold light gradually appeared.

"Humph! You guys are courting death!"

Hearing those words, Qingfeng could not hold himself back any longer. How could he stand someone teasing his Junior Sister Bi Ling like this? He clutched his sword and formed a sword-thrusting gesture. Yuan Qi spiraled under his feet as he lunged towards the men.


Guoyan and Zhouda followed, bursting with Yuan Qi and held nothing back.

"These few kids are a bit troublesome. Be more careful and just leave the two ladies alive." The face of leading man fell. Once the youths started their attack, he knew that they were not weak and dared not let his guard down.

The two sides clashed.

And Su Yi now was resting in a safe place, instructing the Fire Bird and Snow Ape which were following him in the shadows to protect him. He sat down and started to meditate and recover.

Continuously using the "Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon" and "Wrath of the Eight Wastelands" had expended much of his energy.

He did not let Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape help him. Su Yi wanted to see how much he had improved over the past period of time when he was training. He was quite satisfied with the result.


After around six hours, Su Yi was woken up by the Snow Jade Ape.

"Someone is here."

Su Yi stopped meditating. His pale white face had already regained much of its color.

Within the range of towering mountains, there was a small pass.

Three young males and two ladies were currently walking within the pass, their auras were weak and their faces grim as they kept on turning their heads to check behind them.

"It's them." At the peak of a mountain, at the mouth of a cave, Su Yi looked at the five figures below, his eyebrow slightly raised. He never expected to see those five people again.

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