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Published at 13th of December 2020 10:31:29 AM

Chapter 19

Translator and Editor: Mily and Ailxxi

Chapter 19

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Maybe because there was a grave, the grass was short and taken care of in that part of the forest . I flopped into the ground and sat down .

“I haven’t poisoned it or anything . ”

“In any case, I have a tolerance for most poisons so I am not worried . ”

Vergarde also sat on the ground and started eating the sandwich .

“Doesn’t it taste different from the ones you eat in the city?”

“It does . ”

We sat there silently, eating while taking in the mountain air .

Even after we finished eating the sandwich, we sat there overlooking the scenery below the mountain . We peacefully enjoyed the view and watched the sunset .

… . sunset?

It was already that late?!

“…If it gets any darker, it will be harder to go down the mountain . It would be good to leave now . ”

“Ye-Yes, you’re right . ”

“I’ll escort you . Light doesn’t penetrate in some dense parts of the forest so it’ll be hard to find the way . ”

Before I could come about my senses and respond, Vergarde got up . I thought to politely decline but because Vergarde strode ahead first, I missed the timing to refuse .

The moment we entered the dense forest, I realized it was a good thing I didn’t refuse . During the day, it wasn’t so dark so it was okay . At dusk, it was considerably darker so it was harder to navigate the way back .

When I stopped at a point where the slope was steep, Vergarde extended a helping hand . I took it hesitatingly .

The hand I touched was cold . Even Vergarde looked at me with surprise .

“I see, human hands are warm . ”

It didn’t take long for us to leave the mountain area . Because one, it was a downhill walk, and second, Vergarde knew the way well .

“Thank you . ”

“I had to come down too, anyway so there’s nothing to be thankful for . ”

“You’re a good person, Mr . Vergarde . ”


“Last time, and today as well . I received your help so please don’t reproach yourself . ”

I looked Vergarde in the eyes and spoke emphatically because I thought he might take my words as insincere . I hoped he would listen carefully and lighten his burden, even just a little .

I wasn’t sure whether he heard me or not because his expression didn’t change and he just continued to look down at me .

After parting ways with Vergarde, I didn’t immediately hail a carriage and just paced around .

If I wait until I reach downtown near the mansion to sell the herbs, it would be too late and the Medicine Dealership would be closed . I thought it best to sell them quickly in the vicinity .

I didn’t know this neighborhood well, so I asked the people passing by and found a Medicine Dealership .

The sign at the Medicine Dealership, which was about to close, was rather old but the interiors looked neat and tidy . It seemed like it was quite popular because even though it was quite late, there were a lot of people around .

“Hello . Do you also do purchases?”

“First, why don’t you show me what you have . We have to see the condition of the medicinal herbs before we decide . ”

I slid the basket filled with medicinal herbs I had diligently spent the day digging towards him . The owner held a magnifying glass and started inspecting the condition of the herbs carefully .

Medicinal herbs that grew quite well in a deserted area could be sold for a rather good price .

I left the Medicine Dealership hugging the purse filled with coins and got into a carriage to go home .

All of a sudden, the image of Vergarde’s receding back when he left flashed before my eyes . I shuddered . Some event that wasn’t mentioned in ‘The Tales of Ramona’, seemed to be giving him a hard time .

I had a feeling that in the past, there was someone who made his mind feel at peace . Judging from his current behavior, that person didn’t seem to be around anymore . Could this have something to do with the person lying in that grave…?

The day we were invited to go to the Imperial Palace arrived .

I was lying in bed with a sullen face . I can just imagine Marianne and Sharon enthusiastically adorning themselves . Even little Rudolph must be suited up in formal clothes .

I wasn’t feeling down just because I couldn’t go to the palace . I felt that my position, where I can only do something if Marianne and Sharon allow it, was truly pathetic . I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done it that morning but another sigh escaped my lips .

Seeing me like that, Leah became anxious as well . At that moment, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be considerate of her .

I started hearing faint rattling sounds from outside . The carriage sent by the Imperial Palace must have arrived . After all, His Majesty usually sent a carriage whenever he officially invited a family over .

After a while, the noise of people talking outside became louder .

It wasn’t loud enough for me to hear exactly what they were saying . I was in a sour mood to start with so all that noise just made it worse .

“…how come it’s so uproarious outside?”

“Should I go check the situation?”

“If you want . ”

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Whatever the matter was, it was surely unrelated to me . I lied down on the bed as Leah gently opened the door and left .

It continued to be noisy outside after Leah left . I wasn’t sure if someone started yelling or what, but the noise outside was getting louder .

No, it wasn’t getting louder . Instead, it was getting closer . I thought I heard the voices of Marianne and Sharon… I wonder if a problem arose .

Knock knock .

Was that Leah? She didn’t really have to knock .

“Come in . ”

When the door opened, I was greeted by an unexpected sight .

“Prince Leonhart…?”

I thought there was something wrong with my vision so I blinked a couple of times . The image did not change . The person at the door was, without a doubt, Leonhart .

I then heard hurried footsteps and soon, the mother-daughter duo of Marianne and Sharon showed up looking deathly pale . I wondered whether the loud noises I heard from a little while ago were the voices of the duo as they tried to dissuade Leonhart .

“Please excuse the discourtesy . May I please enter your room for a moment, Young Miss?”

“Of – of course . Please come in . ”

Leonhart thanked me quickly and came into the room followed by his Knight Escort . Leah soon came in looking tense but trying to act with tact and calm .

Since the Prince was visiting, I couldn’t just keep lying down in bed so I immediately raised my upper body and sat up .

“How did Mr . Leonhart…”

“I’ve especially come to greet your family today, Young Miss . As you cannot accompany us because you’re sick, I thought I should greet you at least…”

Leonhart came closer and pointed at my forehead, smiling brightly . His handsome dignified face further brightened with his smile . At that time, my thoughts were in shambles so I didn’t have the chance to admire him .

“It looks like you don’t have a fever . Since Madam and Second Young Miss tried their utmost to stop me, I thought you were severely ill . ”

“It’s – it’s because she hurt her leg,” Sharon interrupted abruptly .

Since my face was too bright for someone who was supposed to be sick, she must be trying to cover it up by saying I hurt my foot .

“Oh no… You must be very uncomfortable . ”

“…Yes . ”

“It’s been a while since the last time we had a chat, it’s a pity you can’t go . Hmm, is your leg in really bad shape?”

“Ah… That…”

“If you’ve only hurt your leg, something like a meal shouldn’t be hard . Even if it’s a bit inconvenient, could you please join us? You there, how long will it take to prepare?”

Leah, who found herself suddenly being questioned by the Prince, was flustered and trembled anxiously . Her gaze was wandering about here and there .

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“I – I… th- that . Sh – she’s basically dressed up already . I – it won’t take very long . ”

“The Young Miss of the mansion seems to have someone who’s easily rattled by her side . ”

Leonhart frowned unsatisfied, seeing such a flustered girl, who was not just a maid running some chores, but the escort of the Young Miss of an aristocratic family .

Even I could hear Leah gulped as she swallowed dryly . Poor thing .

“She’s not a child with a bad disposition so please don’t criticize my lady-in-waiting . ”

“Of course I don’t have the right to interfere with your lady-in-waiting . I’ll leave and wait outside . Please call me when you’re ready . ”

Leonhart left the room, together with his Knight Escort . Even though Leah and I were the only ones left in the room, her face was still pale .

Her hands shook so hard when she was combing my hair I could feel her tremblings on my scalp .

She was so nervous when she was helping me get dressed she missed putting on one of my sleeves .

“Leah, Please just calm down a little . ”

“I am sorry, Miss…”

When I finished dressing, I got up to let Leonhart know I was ready . I remembered the ruse that I hurt my leg in time so I sat back on the bed .

Leah informed them on my behalf .

“Then, let’s leave . Andrew, please help her . ”

Following Leonhart’s order, his Knight Escort courteously helped me get up .

Giving him one hand, I carefully stood up .

My leg was fine so I just pretended to walk with a limp to match the story . Seeing that, Leonhart held my other hand .

“Are you okay?”

The Marianne mother-daughter duo glared at us . Sharon suddenly came up with some drivel about how she was feeling dizzy . Her intentions were obvious and maybe even Marianne thought it was a little embarrassing because she poked Sharon on the side . After that, Sharon kept her mouth shut .

“Alright then, let’s go . I apologize for not being able to escort Madam and Second Young Miss . ”

“Ah… Not at all, that’s fine . ”

Following the mother-daughter duo, who failed to hide their disappointment, I left my room with tentative steps .

Limping intentionally was far more tedious than I thought . Seeing me in that state, the Knight Escort asked, “Perhaps, His Highness has ended up making it unnecessarily inconvenient for you?”

“Excuse me?”

“Since your leg hurts, you probably just want to rest at home so I was wondering if His Highness is just unnecessarily dragging you out . ”

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I kept blinking at this disrespectful tone and looked in Leonhart’s direction . Leonhart sighed deeply but he didn’t seem very angry .

It was then that I remembered that in the book there was a description of how Leonhard and his Knight Escort were close friends . Is this that Knight Escort?

“Not at all . I think it’s a good thing because I needed a change of surroundings anyway . ”

I was also happy I was able to inadvertently strike a heavy blow to Marianne and Sharon .

“Will you be able to go down the stairs?”

“Yes . I should be able to . ”

“Please be careful and try not to lose your footing . ”

We slowly arrived in front of the carriage .

The Knight Escort went ahead and got on the horse behind the carriage while Leonhart helped me step into the carriage . Since we arrived late, Marianne, Sharon, and Rudolphe were already inside the carriage .

Marianne and Rudolphe were on one side, while Sharon sat opposite them . Perhaps their intention was to have Leonhart sit next to Sharon .

If I sat next to Sharon now, for the duration of the ride to the Palace, I will receive a scathing look .

I immediately sat on the spot next to Rudolphe and naturally, Leonhart ended up in the seat next to Sharon .

Seeing Sharon act shy and bashful, my insides churned but I tried to not let it show . I turned my head and started looking at the scenery outside the window .

While going to the Palace, Marianne tirelessly tried to keep up a mood of friendly and affectionate chatter .

“Lately, Sharon has been wanting to learn to play an instrument . If Your Highness has a favorite instrument, she’d be more than willing to choose that…”

“I am not very picky . As long as it’s played beautifully, I am happy . ”

“In that case, I was thinking about learning to play the violin…”

“That’s great . But older Young Miss, doesn’t your leg hurt? Because the carriage is shaking, I’m concerned it’ll perhaps make the pain worse . ”

“I am fine, thank you . The carriage is very soft and comfortable so I don’t feel the shaking all that much . ”

“That’s a relief . I thought you looked uncomfortable so I was concerned . ”

“Ah… Was my expression like that?”

Leonhart casually turned the conversation in my direction and easily thwarted the intentions of the mother-daughter duo, nullifying all their effort . Not just that, he continuously worried about my leg . He asked how I hurt it and so on, keeping the conversation going with me . I felt uncomfortable having the spotlight on me .

“Wasn’t she fine until just yesterday?” Out of nowhere, Rudolphe asked rather innocently which made the hearts of the mother-daughter duo drop . That was rather satisfying .

When we arrived at the palace, a chair with wheels attached to it, called a ‘wheelchair’, had been prepared for me .

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to stagger about anymore and could move around comfortably .

The attendant, who was waiting, held the handle in the back and pushed me .

“The two Royal Highnesses are awaiting your arrival in the Imperial Palace,” the attendant guiding us explained .

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