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Chapter 14

Translator: nevermoorian

As I stepped into the bank entrance, the staff standing by the door struck something out in front of me . When I received it, it was a number tag .

He must have realized that it was my first time here because he gave an explanation when I looked at the tag .

“If the number written in the tag is called, please go to the counter . ”

“Thank you . ”

There wasn’t a system like this in the country bank . Again, the capital of the Empire is different .

While waiting in a soft chair, the number in front of me was called . Before it was my turn, I tried to take out my bankbook, but my hands slipped and it fell .

“Whew… . ”

It was when I almost reached to pick it up .

Tuk .

“Oh, I’m going crazy . ”

I kicked it by mistake . I stared blankly at the bankbook that was slithering down the smooth floor .

What a fool .

When I rose from the chair, licking my tongue, a man who was coming out of the counter after finished his business picked up my bankbook and handed it to me .

“Here you are . ”

“Oh, thank you… . ”

The man looked a little surprised at my bankbook . Then he moved his gaze to my face .

“Miss Riana?”

“Yes, it’s my name . ”

The front of the bankbook has a name on it . I almost forgot it’s Riana, not Adriana .

“Is something wrong?”

“This is disrespectful act to a Lady, I should have introduced myself first . I’m from the Magnolia . ”

“… . yes?”

“I was wearing a mask at the time, so it’s no wonder you don’t recognize me . ”

“Ah! The masked man!”

A thought barely came to mind about the masked man who was being commissioned in the basement of Magnolia Trade . It was that kind of face . And it was dark there, so his hair looked like white, but now I see it was close to ash pink .

He didn’t look very old, but I couldn’t guess his age due to the mature atmosphere around him .

I could feel the heat rising on my face as I watched the beautiful man with a dangerous atmosphere filled with composure .

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“Customer number 194, please come this way . ”

“It’s my turn . Thank you for picking it up . Then, goodbye . ”

194 was my number . I bowed slightly, and headed to the counter following the staff’s instruction .

After the business was finished, I came out of the counter looking into the numbers on my bankbook . The numbers were nearly recorded in special ink to prevent forgery .


With the ruby’s price, the amount was sufficient and I could pay the teacher’s salary right away . I’m not short of money right now, but how long will I be able to hold on?

The magic stone has no cross vein . I don’t know the principles that arises, but it is known that only one can be extracted from one place . That’s why it’s more valuable and expensive .

I still don’t know how much profit will come from the sale of the magic stone, and the great the teacher is, the higher the salary . I’d better think about how to raise more money . Maybe there’s more to ask to the Magnolia .

I still have some jewelry left, but I have to dress up, so I should keep it… .

“Miss Riana . ”

“Ah, you haven’t gone yet?”

The masked man was still in the bank .

“It’s a fate that we met like this . You’re an important client, so I thought I’d treat you to a meal . ”

Right, when I think about it, my father often used to eat with his business partner . I’m an important client who gave him the information about the magic stone, then it would be okay for me to accept his offer .

“Okay, lets do that . ”

“Thank you for your precious time . I know a good restaurant nearby, I’ll escort you . ”

The restaurant we arrived at was a seafood restaurant .

Seafood is very expensive because the capital is located in the inner city . Even though I’m an important client, can I get this?

“Are we really going here?”

“Do you hate seafood?”

“No, it’s not like that … but … the price… . ”

As I lingered and talked about the price, the masked man smiled softly .

“Never mind . It’s because of my sincerity . ”

Did he get a lot of incentives for the magic stone? How much did you get for this luxurious food?

Still, I felt guilty to get something like this from someone who worked on his salary when I was a Duke’s daughter .

In order not to let me walk away easily, the masked man strode into the restaurant first .

“What are you doing not coming on?”

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“…I’m coming!”

At first, the restaurant caught my eye from the interior .

The restaurant on the street that I went to a while ago had a lot of seats, but this place was where the tables were spaced apart . There were no furniture, decorations, or anything less luxurious .

Well, it was natural considering the social position of the visitors .

… . wait, the guests visiting here?”

“Welcome . Do you have a reservation?”

“No . ”

“We have economy class seats and rooms available . Where can I take you?”

“To a window seat with a good outlook—”


When I stepped in and shouted, the waiter and the masked man looked at me in surprise .

However, I was in a hurry . I can’t risk meeting someone I know while eating here .

Things may get bigger than it actually is if there is a rumor that the great daughter of House Crescente was eating at an expensive restaurant alone with a man .

The thought of what Marianne and Sharon would say made me dizzy .

“I’ll guide you . ” The waiter quickly managed his expression and guided us to the room .

After pouring us water, he told us to ring a bell to call him when we’ve decided the menu and left the room .

The menu was full of appetizing seafood dishes . Thinking of it, I remember the lobster I ate when I was 9 years old was very delicious . Shall I have lobster?

“I’ll have steamed lobster with thinned pepper sauce . ”

“Are you sure? It says it’s really spicy here . ”

“When will I ever come to a place like this again? Since I’m here, I’ll try something unique . ”

“Now that you’re here, wouldn’t it be better to taste the safe menu… . ”

I shook my head . I can buy the safe menu, but this one is a bit too much for my money, so I have to eat it at times like this .

The masked man chose grilled clams with fresh olive oil and salmon steak with lemon sauce .

We rang the bell to order the dishes from the waiter . While waiting the dishes to come out, our conversation began .

“You’re so handsome, why are you hiding your face with a mask? Oh, did any of your female clients make a big fuss?”

“No, it’s not that it’s never been done, but it’s not just because of that . ”

“I understand … well, rest assured! I’m a person who can distinguish between public and private matters!”

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“… . That’s a relief . ”

Contrary to his word, the face in front of me looked a little bit wobbly .

Right, he’s not even wearing a mask right now, but I keep calling him the masked man .

“What should I call you?”

“Uh … please call me Ken . ”

“Alright . Can I say Mr . Ken?”

“As you please . ”

I asked Mr . Ken what he had been worried about a little earlier .

“Still, is it okay for Mr . Ken to be away this long?”

“I’m working outside today . ”

“Can you come out to work outside and start slacking off like this?”

“Don’t worry . I’m quite capable . This degree of laziness won’t affect my work . ”

Mr . Ken smiled in confidence .

It looked so cool that my heart fluttered for a moment .

“Oh, speaking of that, Miss Riana’s request was disrupted . It’s not the time for me to show off . I apologize for the delay in ruby’s disposition . ”

“No need . I heard the employee had an unexpected accident, what happened?”

“The first buyer to appear was a fraud . He tried to pay in fake gold, so I caught him and handed him over to the security guard . ”

Huk! That could have been a big trouble . Thank God, my ruby… .

“You can tell it was a fake gold . ”

“That’s right, once I hold it in my hand, I knew it right away . Not only me, but every executive who’s been working for a long time at Magnolia knows how to do it . They’re veterans . ”

“That means you’re an executive, too, Mr . Ken?”

“… . Well . ”

Mr . Ken smiled vaguely . Is he saying that he’s an executive?

That’s when I heard a loud noise .

“Here’s your order . ”

The waiter pushed the serving cart into the room . Steamed lobster was placed in front of me . The red-sauce lobster smelled spicy . It’s going to be a lot spicier than I thought .

“… . Thank you for the meal . ”

I picked up a fork and knife, swallowed my saliva with tension . The smell and color are like this, would it be okay to eat?

With useless expectations, I cut the meat of the lobster with a knife and put it into my mouth .

“… . Are you alright, Miss Riana?”

Mr . Ken asked carefully as he watched me drinking water without words .

No, it is … it’s not okay .

After calming my mouth with water and salad, I tried again just in case and only regretted it .

I rang the bell to ask for more water . It seemed that the waiter was expecting this to happen as he was waiting in advance .

Even the parts with no sauce were spicy enough to make my tongue tingle, but it was still better than the saucy part .

Mr . Ken pushed a plate to me as I was trying to cut off the lobster so the sauce wouldn’t get on me . It was a salmon steak plate .

“You can have this . ”

“What? But Mr . Ken… . ”

“I have this, too . ”

Ken, as if it were no big deal, took a fork and put the grilled clams in his mouth . Was it because he ordered two dishes? My face ached with apologies .

“I’m truly sorry . Because of me… . ”

“I’ve been busy since morning, so this is my first meal . I was hungry, that’s why I asked for two plates, but it’s a little too much to eat . ”


“So I’d like Miss Riana to help me . ”

He said that it was not a big deal, but it wasn’t hard to understand that he’s being considerate of me right now . I thanked him, cut the salmon steak in half and put it on my plate .

After finishing the meal, I asked Ken while tasting the fruit and tea served as dessert .

“I have a request, can I tell you now?”

“Say it . ”

“I want you to get me a teacher . The one who teach aristocracy . ”

“You mean a governess?”

“No, I don’t want them to come home . I wish I could take classes at their house or another place . ”

“I understand . I’ll look for it . ”

“And … Umh … the better the teacher is, the more money you’ll have to pay, right?”

“That’s true, but it won’t be too much of a burden for most aristocrats . ”


It’s because I’m the one who has to pay . Huhu .

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