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Chapter 17

Fu Wang looks very weak right now . Even his breathing was extremely faint . Blood trickled down the corner of his mouth as he spoke, making him look like he was about to breathe his last at any moment . Therefore, Shu Yu didn’t believe his reassurement, knowing that BOSS was just putting up a strong front . It was truly heartbreaking to see!

The surprise she felt from Fu Wang’s sudden appearance had vanished completely . At a loss as to what to do, she carefully held BOSS in her arms, afraid to exert too much force, her eyes turned red as she sobbed: “How did you get this badly injured? I’ve brought lots of medicine, it’s elixir grade medicine from Jin Yu’s pagoda . Eat this and you’ll feel better . ”

Seeing her pitiful appearance, he couldn’t stop himself from teasing her . He blinked his eyes and said weakly: “My current body isn’t able to withstand powerful elixirs like these……”

Shu Yu felt miserable because she felt like her appearance in this world had changed BOSS’ fate . Even though he had suffered a lot in the story, he was at least still alive but now, he’s on the brink of death .

All this while, Shu Yu had become dependent on him, even developed a fondness for him but looking at his current state, all she felt was panicked and anxious . If she didn’t hold herself back, her tears would have burst out . After all, she is just a girl who had never experienced death .

A thought suddenly crossed her mind and Shu Yu gritted her teeth as she spoke: “Tell me, was it Bai Che who hurt you? I will avenge you! If I’d known earlier, I would’ve never left you there alone and you wouldn’t have……waah . ” She covered her mouth with her hand to muffle her cries .

Fu Wang: “……” Actually, I’m not yet at the state where I need someone to avenge me .

She gently held a feeble Fu Wang in her arms, he fell silent when he saw that she was on the verge of tears as though she was feeling guilty and sad . That sudden thought left him awkward . It seems like he had gone too far and had forgotten that Shu Yu was easily frightened . After realising his feelings, he had lost his judgement and that wasn’t great .

Various thoughts ran through his mind . Fu Wang coughed softly, forcing himself to sit upright before taking out a bottle of elixir from his sleeve and swallowing a pill . After his complexion had improved slightly, he raised his sleeve and wiped off the traces of blood on his mouth . Then he turned towards Shu Yu and spoke with a nonchalant smile: “Don’t cry, I can’t eat the elixirs that you brought but I’ve brought some that are suitable for me . I’ll be fine after some rest . These injuries might look serious but I’ll recover in no time . ”

At this point, he added casually: “I’ve had many similar injuries in the past . I’m used to it, it’s nothing much . I will recover in a few months at most . ”

Hearing this, Shu Yu relaxed a little although she was still slightly sceptical . However, her eyes displayed some heartache .

She removed the hand that was cupping her mouth, feeling embarrassed by the misunderstanding . Shu Yu asked: “Are you really alright? Do you need some tonic? I’ve brought many useful items . ”

“Pfft . ” Fu Wang didn’t answer but looking at her face, he couldn’t contain his laughter . When he smiled, his face brightened like the moon and his complexion was like flowers in spring . For someone who always gave small smiles to start laughing heartily to the point that it revealed a set of tiny snowy white teeth that were round and smooth, coupled with his pale little cheeks, lips that were stained bright red with blood,and a clear pair of penetrating eyes, this truly deserved praise, in capital letters .

Now that the usually reliable young man had such a youthful vibrant face, coupled with that rare laugh, the contrast was just too cute and Shu Yu didn’t dare to look . She could only imagine that with his laughter, all the flowers had bloomed .

—— If he wasn’t seriously injured right now, he reckons that Shu Yu would’ve shrieked with joy as she caressed his face, rubbed his head, pinched his ears and rubbed his tail .

It wasn’t until after Fu Wang managed with much difficulty, to sit up slightly in her arms and gently wiped her face with his sleeve that Shu Yu reacted to his sudden bout of laughter .

It was only now that Shu Yu snapped back to reality . Her hands were stained with blood from holding Fu Wang and she had slapped them over her face so she probably had blood on her lips and cheeks now . Having embarrassed herself, Shu Yu looked away awkwardly but when she recalled his rare hearty laughter, she felt a strange sense of accomplishment and realisation . No wonder there were records of incompetent rulers “fire smile” . This sense of satisfaction cannot be hidden .

Fu Wang probably had no strength left . His wiping motions were very slow and the force he exerted wasn’t even more than the weight of a crawling ant . Feeling like she shouldn’t tire him out, Shu Yu simply lifted her sleeve and wiped it off . Her sleeve was red so she couldn’t tell if she had wiped it off but from Fu Wang’s “You just messed it up again but I won’t blame you alright?” expression, she awkwardly lowered her sleeves and asked, “It’s not clean?”

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“There’s still a bit . ” Fu Wang replied as he extended a finger to carefully wipe the corner of her lips . Suddenly, he leaned forward and licked the corner of her lips —— Shu Yu couldn’t tell if he had kissed or licked her but anyway, she felt a coldness at the side of her lips . After doing something like that, BOSS went back to laying down .

Even if Shu Yu had something to say, she couldn’t bring herself to do so after seeing his pale and haggard face . What if it upsets him and aggravates his injury? Moreover, she truly felt like she hadn’t been taken advantage of . Besides, seeing that he was still in the mood to do “that”, the things he had said were probably not just to comfort her . His injuries were probably serious, at least more serious than he had let on but it probably wasn’t life-threatening?

After setting her mind at ease, doubt started to creep in . Maybe BOSS had done it intentionally to reassure her? Afterall, in her heart, BOSS is a thoughtful BOY!

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Was Fu Wang really thinking that? Yes, but with that said, the biggest reason was just to take advantage of her . In the past, he had done these things to seduce others but his intentions were purely to lure them . However, you really can’t blame him for pulling off such an ungentlemanly move . Any man who has affirmed his feelings would want to get closer to their sweetheart . Besides, Fu Wang wanted to see her reaction, to see if Shu Yu had any feelings for him .

Seeing Shu Yu’s perplexed expression, looking like she had something to say, and not the bashful expression he had been expecting, Fu Wang couldn’t tell what was on her mind so he asked: “Shu Yu, what’s wrong?”

“Erm, it’s nothing . Stop talking, get some rest . ”

Fu Wang didn’t say anything but he sighed sadly, his eyes seemingly filled with grief as he gently asked: “Shu Yu, do you dislike me?”

Shu Yu raised her hands in surrender, realising that miniature Fu Wang’s personality was different from his usual demeanour . With a slightly uncomfortable expression on her face, she replied: “Let’s talk about this . Do not ever do this again . ”

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“Why?” Fu Wang’s expression became dejected . In addition to his appearance, he looked like he had been wronged . We can add a speech bubble at the corner —— baby is sad wahhh .

Shu Yu gave him an incomprehensible answer that he had never heard of . With a frown, she replied: “In my world, doing that is illegal . Do you understand? Even though it isn’t illegal here, my conscience won’t allow it . Anyway, I think you……umm, you better not do this again . It makes me stressed and guilty, I feel like I’m a strange auntie . Although I really like this mini version of you……but it’s really just a regular “like”, with no weird intentions……”

Fu Wang: Although I don’t quite understand what she’s saying, I feel like I’ve messed up .

Fu Wang spoke after a moment of silence: “I understand . I won’t do inappropriate things to you when I’m in this form . You can trust me . ”

Shu Yu was still worried, she felt like there were a thousand hidden meanings to what he had said . For example, “won’t do things when I’m in this form” means that he will do things when he reverts to his original form?

In fact, if he could, Fu Wang hoped to do things with his mini body too . Afterall, with this small body, there are too many things that he couldn’t do . But he’s currently unable to revert back! Baobao[1] is weary! Baobao is upset! Baobao is un! ha! ppy!

Due to his serious injury, Fu Wang didn’t tell Shu Yu much, only speaking a few words of comfort before resting on her with a lethargic look on his face . Of course, Shu Yu didn’t feel like anything was strange . As long as Fu Wang had a calm expression on his face, she would unwittingly be led to feel that ‘Ah, this is nothing’ ‘BOSS will definitely not take advantage of me intentionally’, and afterwards, there’s no afterwards .

Looking at Fu Wang who was leaning on her arm, Shu Yu felt that this wasn’t a good position for resting because he might get a stiff neck later . She carefully shifted him onto her thigh before taking a cloak from her Heaven and Earth pouch[2] and covering him with it . After a few minutes, she felt like he was missing a pillow and retrieved one . After another moment, she felt that the wind was too strong so she took out a small partition to block the wind . As for herself, she sat upright to keep a lookout for any possible danger .

At first, Fu Wang hadn’t fallen asleep, only keeping his eyes closed as Shu Yu moved him . He curled up in the position she had put him in, resting his head on her thigh . It was very comfortable, despite being out in the open with no bed or pillows and the constant possibility of being attacked by wild beasts at any moment . However, miraculously, Fu Wang who was used to sleeping lightly and was easily awoken, fell asleep soundly in this extremely unsafe place .

Upon waking up, Fu Wang felt a little dazed because he remembered that he had just wanted to close his eyes and rest, with no intention of sleeping . As he leaned on Shu Yu and listened to her heartbeat, he ended up falling asleep .

“Fu Wang, are you feeling better?”

With his eyes open, Fu Wang’s gaze lock onto Shu Yu’s who had lowered her head to look at him . Her eyes were devoid of any pretense, her joy obvious . After entering the Clear Wilderness where it was just the two of them, Shu Yu had relaxed a lot since there was no need to act like Jin Yu . Naturally, she started to reveal sentiments that were her own .

With her head lowered, Shu Yu’s long hair slipped down from her back, enveloping the both of them . Fu Wang stared at Shu Yu who was oblivious to the questionable atmosphere, reaching out his hand to gently run his fingers through the hair that had slipped down her shoulders, his lips moving slightly .

It’s at this moment that Shu Yu’s expression became serious as she quickly pulled her hair from his grasp: “No, you can’t play with my hair . ”

Her actions and facial expression looked like she was coaxing a brat that loved pulling at her hair .

The thought of “Shu Yu’s hair smells nice . ” that was right at the tip of his tongue was choked down by Shu Yu’s response . He once again realised that humans are weird creatures that are easily deceived by appearances .

He supposed that Shu Yu had probably forgotten the fact that he was a full, grown, adult, male .

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