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Chapter 1175: 1175: The Heir To The Throne

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“Di Xunren…”

As the old man said the name, his voice started shaking and he choked.

“He was my favourite son! I have spent a lot of time and effort to raise him to be such a talented man. However, he left the family for a woman. I always thought that once he faced enough trouble out there, he would return home to take the throne.

“I never thought that he would turn out to be such a smart boy. He built his own empire after leaving the royal family and even raised my grandson, Di Jingxuan, to be such an outstanding man. I wanted to see him, so he decided to pay me a visit. That’s how he ended up on that boat.”

The rest of the crowd finally realized the truth about the past.

“I never thought that he would die on that ship! I also never thought that even though he had already decided to leave the country and no longer wanted the throne, there would still be others that were so afraid of him, to the point where they wanted him dead!

“I never thought that crazy bastard, Di Jingan, would say that he did this for me in order to get the throne!”

The entire crowd went wild.

“I finally understood why after so many years, Jingxuan and his family had refused to come home. I finally understand why they hated us! It was all because of that damn idiot Di Jingan, who was causing so much trouble!

“In order to get the throne, not only did he kill my favorite son, he even killed 246 passengers! This was the reason why I couldn’t find any clues about this situation, no matter how much I tried all these years! I didn’t think he could be so cruel! I didn’t know that he had ignored the lives of these people! He deserves to be punished!

“I am the King of Country B and I should be held responsible for this as well. I am willing to accept any punishments. We will also be compensating the families of the 246 passengers who lost their lives. Even if this means exhausting the royal family and getting a loan, I will make sure that all of the victims’ families will be comforted.”

Di Zhong’s speech managed to calm down the crowd.

Well, who doesn’t have a few naughty sons in their family?

Why should the King be responsible for the mistakes that the prince had made?

There were still a few citizens who were prepared to throw rotten eggs at the King, but Di Zhong was being so polite, even when he was much older than them. That’s when everyone decided to just let him go.

Di Zhong continued, “Di Xunren had always been raised to inherit the throne, but he’s dead now. Di Jingheng is in a bad state right now, and he doesn’t have the abilities to inherit the throne. Di Jingchen should be able to but I don’t think he’s up for it, and Di Jingan is a cruel man. So, I am making it clear now that Di Jingxuan will be the next heir to the throne.”

“But Di Jingxuan is already the richest family in Country Z. As we all know, his wife is the daughter of General Xie Heping. Do you think that they’ll be willing to return home for the throne?”

“They are all children of the Di family. Should it be their responsibility to inherit it? Taking over the throne does not bother with their businesses as well as the reputation of Master Xie, am I right?”

“Does this mean that other than dealing with Di Jingan’s case, you are also here to invite Di Jingxuan and his family back to Country B?”

Di Zhong nodded his head.

“Other than that, I would like to also announce that Di Jingan has been stripped of his title of the prince of Country B. He and his family will be kicked out of the country. At the same time, Di Jingxuan is now officially the heir to the throne and I believe with him leading the way, our country will definitely flourish.”

Everyone applauded Di Zhong.

Back in one of the rooms in Country I prison, Di Jingan, Lee Jiayin, and Di Ranle had their jaws on the ground as they watched the news on the TV.

Although they had already thought of it, they were still shocked to hear the announcement.

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