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Chapter 875

Song Li did not forget the people that had made her suffer .

“Let me go . ”

“Let you go? We will let go when you die, but for now, you better listen to us obediently . ” Qing Shuang said with a smile before Nan Yu could speak .

The moment she dared to work with others to plot against them, she should know that she would face this fate . Since she was not afraid then, she shouldn’t be afraid now .

At Ning Meng Yao’s side, they had followed the little fox to a mountain, and all of them went into a cave in the end .

Ning Meng Yao frowned . Looking at Qiao Tian Chang, she asked: “Tian Chang, why do you think the little fox brought us here?” Ning Meng Yao looked around, frowning .

Qiao Tian Chang shook his head gently: “I don’t know . ”

Ning Meng Yao kept frowning as they walked towards the cave .

They saw a person lying weakly inside when they got closer to the entrance of the cave . If it was not for the person’s chest that was slightly undulating, they would have thought that the person was dead .

Ning Meng Yao’s eyes widened when she saw the person, it was Xiao Cheng Ya .


“Ya’er . ” Before Ning Meng Yao had the chance to speak, Bai Mo ran towards the cave and picked Xiao Cheng Ya up .

Bai Mo blamed himself terribly after seeing that some of her wounds had already recovered . How could they only find out about this now? If the little fox had not come to them, perhaps they would not even know that she was here .

Then when they actually found her… Bai Mo trembled when he thought of the possible endings Xiao Cheng Ya might have faced .

“Let’s go back quickly . ” Ning Meng Yao hurriedly said . Then, she picked up the little fox and looked at it thankfully: “Little Fox, thank you very much . ”

The little fox squeaked cheerfully, its furry tail swept gently on Ning Meng Yao’s face .

Ning Meng Yao grinned at the little fox . However, her eyes darkened when she saw Xiao Cheng Ya’s injuries .

Qiao Tian Chang squinted at the little fox . But in his head, he was just thinking whether the little fox was male or female .

If it was a male fox… Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes became cold at this thought . The little fox that was rolling and playing in Ning Meng Yao’s arms, suddenly squeaked, as if it was triggered by something .

“Tian Chang, let’s go back now . ” Ning Meng Yao did not notice what Qiao Tian Chang was thinking . She just grabbed him and anxiously followed behind Bai Mo and they went back .

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After returning home as quickly as possible, they quickly called Qing Shuang over to check Xiao Cheng Ya .

The wounds on her body had already healed, but some wounds were already infected . They guessed that it was because of this that Xiao Cheng Ya was unconscious .

Qing Shuang treated Xiao Cheng Ya’s wounds, and applied some medications before letting her rest .

Ning Meng Yao ordered her servants to cook some porridge . She planned to let Xiao Cheng Ya eat some when she wanted to . She had been unconscious for so long, she was afraid that she did not have the appetite .

Bai Mo had been guarding Xiao Cheng Ya ever since they had found her, for fear of anything that might happen .

Xiao Cheng Ya finally opened her eyes three days later . She stared at her surroundings blankly when she saw that she was in an unfamiliar place . She turned around and then she saw Bai Mo sleeping by the bed .

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Xiao Cheng Ya forced a little smile on her face .

She had thought that she would certainly be dead this time, who knew she actually survived .

Bai Mo slept very lightly . As soon as the person next to him moved slightly, he immediately felt it, and quickly opened his eyes . He looked at Xiao Cheng Ya and immediately asked: “Ya’er, you’re awake? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Are you hungry? Should I ask the servants to bring some food for you?”

Xiao Cheng Ya couldn’t help laughing as she listened to the list of questions, he really was…

“I’m fine, where am I?” Xiao Cheng Ya sat up, and glanced around .

“Do you remember what happened? How did you get injured and lie in the cave?” Bai Mo asked with a frown .

Xiao Cheng Ya nodded gently: “I remember that we went to help Yao’er that day . After we returned, I went out for a bit, but I’m not sure what happened, but I was followed by someone and ended up getting hurt . Oh right, did anything happen while I was unconscious?”

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